April 27, 2010


Blue skies with big fluffy clouds, snow-capped mountains, clean blue water, herons (is that what they are?) and an island with flowering trees. AND, close to the kiddos! What more could a person ask for? Well, maybe pie and coffee.


Love the shot with the mountains in the background. Beautiful!:)

So beautiful.

ohh! that first shot looks quite appealing! Nice photos!

Beautiful photos. You have all the wonderful elements of nature: mountains, hills, greenery, water and wild birds.

Pretty scenery and photos!

I lived in Colorado for nearly 50 years....and the Spring snows are quite damaging 'cause they're heavy and tend to leave chaos. Then, not to mention the snows that last for months in winter. [the snow remaining on the ground that is]

I'm glad I moved when I retired to a tropical setting.

My WATERY WEDNESDAY...do stop by if you get a chance.

Sounds like a big contrast to Florida. I had a friend who has just returned home after spending 2 years in Colorado. The kids loved the snow.

I'm ambivalent about the upsell on my new home state. Reminds me of the Tom McCall billboards in Oregon in the 70's. But on the other hand, I'm certainly not a native, so I can't complain.

I agree that Colorado is so beautiful. I really like the picture with the heron I'm guessing.

I new instantly that these are not Florida photos. Hubby jokes that the highest point in Florida is a freeway overcrossing.

I love spring snow.. we had two days of it here last week.

Colorado looks as beautiful as I've heard it is... Fabulous.

I'd love to go to Colorado sometime. Sandie

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