May 06, 2010



Beautiful shots. The first shot is spectacular.


Fantastic and awesome skies Sallie.
Have a great day and weekend.


Awesome skies with those birds flying high and so free! Happy weekend!


Sylvia Kirkwood

Terrific, Sally! Love that first shot in particular! Awesome capture! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!



Oh my goodness, what a GLORIOUS capture! Incredibly beautiful!!!


Wow, what a glorious capture.

Thanks for the nice words you left on my site. I had been down early in the year and somehow skywatching has helped me get my perspective straight.


Great shots! The top most made me breathless.


Beautiful shots, I loved them all!


OMG! I love them soaring! I see one giving a kiss! What a marvelous sky shot!

Chatty Crone

You are a great photographer - love the sky with the birds soaring around. sandie

J Bar

Magic shots.

Lady Fi

What great photos - playful and gorgeous. That first shot is stunning!


The silhouetted geese are magnificent against every backdrop of gorgeous skies you've shared.


Beautiful photos, - the first one really spectacular Sallie. Your travels are a wonderful way to open your lives and deepen your experiences.


A beautiful place and awesome set!


Magic pictures of the birds in flight at sunset.


Beautiful captures!

Joe Todd

Thanks Sallie Always enjoy your travels/posts. I've just about have the garden ready for planting.So between the garden/golfing I've been away from the computer more than usual LOL Have a great weekend

Margot  at Joyfully Retired

I blew each picture up and just stared at each one. Incredible. I see why Bosch is a favorite place. I'm sorry to say we've never been there. That has to change. This is too beautiful to miss. Thanks for sharing.


Have not been to Arizona, but have seen the Enchanted Highway sculptures in No. Dakota. :-)



Those pictures are amazing!!


I love the silhouetted birds. Gorgeous!


Amazing scene you have there. Beautiful photo.

Louis la Vache

What a beautiful Sky Watch image!

«Louis» thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo!

Diann @ The thrifty Groove

That is totally cool!


beautiful shot! I went to North Dakota for the first time a couple years ago (last state on my list, been to all of 'em - so ND has a special place in my heart!). Sounds like you had a lovely time there! really love that sky picture!

Wanda Lee

This is just breathtaking; love the scupture of those geese as well!..,


Hi Sallie...

My friend, it's soooo good to see you! How are ya'll doing? I was just tickled pink to see that you linked up for Sunday Favorites this week! What a great post to reshare...beautiful photos! I have been to several place in New Mexico...sooo many really beautiful places there! I'm sure that your bird watching journey was fabulous! I do love the bird sculpture on the Enchanted Highway...quite unique! Of course, I love stuff like that! I have never been on the Enchanted Highway!

Well my friend, so good to see you today! Thanks so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites...enjoyed your great post!

Have a fabulous week, Sallie!
Chari @Happy To Design

Nishant Singh

Amazing picture especially the first one.. great capture :)

Neha varma

Hi Your Work very Good . I Like And Appreciate Keep it up .

Thanks Ragard
Neha Varma

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