September 19, 2011



I like hearing about the foliage in different parts of the world. I agree with you about the school buses. When I see those I start thinking about warm sweaters, apple pie, and hot soups.


Beautiful mosaic with wild flowers.

Sylvia Kirkwood

School buses do indeed tell the story, don't they! Big yellow calendars on wheels! Love your collage of flowers, Sallie! Hope you have a great week!



I so look forward to the autumn glow, and the apple harvest here at some of the orchards. Although I see the early for in the morning while driving to work, I think it is magical.

Boom & Gary

Interesting post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


I love this time of year. The weather is better and you can't beat the light.


Great shots to capture the in between seasons. I love this time of year.

Kay Davies

Beautiful photos, Sallie. I love autumn and spring.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


pretty collage. :)


The mosaic is great, cattails are wonderful! My dad used to cut them down and let us burn them, which I passed to my sons.


You told a good story about transitions here. My one rugosa rose is reblooming, now that the weather is a little cooler and we've had a little rain, but most things here are as you describe them.

I made and canned about 2 gallons of apple sauce in the last two weeks....


Fall has definitely arrived here too. Nice shots!


You've captured some little remnants of summer and early fall that might go unnoticed by some. It's those little things I'm searching out because with fall only four days away I know the weather will change fairly quickly. It's good to notice the small wonders while we can.
Those apples may not have been cared for but they look delicious.


Beautiful shots. Love the collage too.


Love those old apple trees. Probably varieties that no longer are grown. I would munch them as I walked along, what's a worm or two , they've only eater apple too . . . a worm is healthier than chemical sprays any day.
I like your changing season.

J Bar

Beautiful shots.


Nice one, Sallie. Why can't you eat the untended apples? For me, nothing beats (ripe) fruit right off the tree.

[I'm not sure what you're seeing in red on the first street hawker that you might want...? On his head under the cap he has a red towel for protection and to absorb his sweat. With the scorching heat here, it's more typical to see hawkers and kids wear towels on the back of their necks.]

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - nice set of pictures - have to say that the apples look tempting even if they are not market grade!

Cheers SM


Hi Sallie.. yup, you found me at a new shack.

Yellow buses and fading cattails are a good sign that Autumn is just around the corner.. it might take a lil' longer here in sunny south Florida as you are well aware, so staying put in the beautiful north west- Oregon is a good idea for now.

hugs and happiness :D


Beautiful! It is a quiet time in nature, for sure, just waiting for those fiery colors of Autumn to burst forth.


It looks like that Oregon and Hautes-alpes are the same ! Here too the roses are blowing yet and the apples'll be soon picked. The mornings are cool and the afternoons hot... and the first snow felt down next sunday at the moutains tops.


Wonderful mosaic with some lovely flowers in picture! Hope the apples too arrive in the market soon :)

Mickie Brown

You are right--the hot weather "did in" a lot of the flowers this summer. Many of our trees lost most of their leaves too, so we won't be having a "colorful" fall this year either. I'm glad the cool weather has finally arrived--a much needed change! And, you are so right too--the beginning of school is also the beginning of Fall, at least in our minds. Well, keep your camera handy--there is always "something" around that is interesting or beautiful. Have a nice week, Sallie. Mickie :)

Jackie from Yorkshire

Nice shots, the apples might be good in a pie.

Autumn is definitely here in Yorkshire, it has been so windy and the leaves are being blown off the trees already, some tree branches have fallen too. I've collected conkers from our Horse Chestnut and put them in the freezer, I'll plant them out later. Love growing trees.

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