November 07, 2011



Fabulous landscape with the snow covered mountain.


Yes taking wrong turns, turns out to be something different and you did it...the view is breathtaking. Keep warm!

Carol (artmusedog)

Awesome photo ~ enjoy visiting with your family ~thanks,namaste, CArol (A Creative Harbor)


Sometimes going the wrong direction is actually the right thing to do! Have a safe trip, Sallie. More snow due here in CO. Enjoy the coast for me!


Washington state is beautiful, any time of year, but that Roadtrek may get mighty cold if you don't head south soon.

Sylvia Kirkwood

My, my! That does look familiar!! Welcome to Washington, Sallie!! Hope you have a great visit with your family! Enjoy and stay warm!



Your Mount Rainier photo is awesome. It looks like a lot of snow for this time of year. We visited here a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. I'll be following along to see how you get from Washington to Florida.


Such wonderful posts and shots, Sallie. What a wonderful time I've had catching up and seeing your "wrong turn". What do geese really know anyways? ha!


Nice post and lovely pic. Thanks for sharing


That is taking the long way 'round to get to Florida, but what a view while there!


Hahaha! Do you know how many wrong turns I made? It brought us great pleasure and great photos too.

Have a great time with your family. It is getting cooler here too.


Have a wonderful time with family, it looks as though you are in an area of great beauty. I love the leaves in your previous also.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - I don’t think it was a wrong turn. Visited that part of the world a long, long time ago. Each time I see a picture of that mountain I want to go back.

Cheers - Stewart M


Your world looks mighty fine to me! Have a delightful visit with your loved ones, Sallie.


well, glad it was for a good cause! enjoy the crispness in the air!

Lady Fi

Stunning shot!


I'd always take the turn toward cold rather than hot. :<)

Jackie in Yorkshire

Beautiful Mt. Ranier, brings back the memories of driving back and forth from Yakima to Tacoma and Seattle when we managed a motel in Yakima. We took the mountain road as often as time off allowed, to visit friends in Tacoma, and a day in Seattle. We even named our Malamute pup after Lake Tipsoo, due to his early 'accidents.'


Yep....I recognized it, and this shot is so pretty. My son on Bainbridge called and said he was coming east on business and would be FINALLY coming home for part of a week. I am euphoric.How am I going to be able to wait. Sorry I all miss his wife and 2 sons, but just having him is more that I could dream of. His brother is only an hour and a half away so I know he will come, too. Now, if only we can get my Mattie here from MD...then we would ALL be together. We are coming out this summer. I am going to force myself back on a plane cause I just have to see the new house and barn on Bainbridge. Take care and stay warm. hugs, genie


Looks like a beautiful place to go in the wrong direction for and always good to spend time with family.


A beautiful mountain ! It looks so serene ! Here, snow fell too ! I like so much white summits and golden mountains !

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