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January 03, 2012



Whatever kind of heron that is, it's a beautiful bird! Great photos!

Boom & Gary

Beautiful shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Fantastic shots. That heron is a beauty!


A beautiful looking bird.

Mama Zen

Great shots!


Wonderful captures of the herons Sallie!
I never know their names but I'm always excited to see them just the same.
Beautiful words for the New Year.


These birds are magnificent-great shots Sallie!


Lovely birds to see Sallie..
Happy New Year xx


I know it isn't a great blue or green as we get here....


Happy New Year Sallie! Thanks for taking us along with your RV, seeing those places we have not been.

I have never seen this tri-color birds too!

Its been a good year, for me too, and I hope to get more active outdoors.

Wishing us good health for the coming year!


i'd have guessed a tri-color. :)


Hi Sallie, I would say it is the tr-colored heron. They are beautiful birds. Great sighting!


Great photos and beautiful birds - whatever they are called!


Great atmospheric shots of the herons Sally. Sorry I can't help with ID's, different continents have different types of herons.


Awesome shots...at first I thought it was a green heron but then I saw the shot with that long neck-----must be a tri color...GREAT BIRD!


I don't know the US Herons!
It's a gorgeous Beauty though!
Nice catch! :)
I love it when they look one moment like they have no neck at all and then, voila, they look like a whole different bird altogether :)


True beauties under those blue skies! I always love watching your shots and all those wonderful views that are so far away from me, that I may never be able to see in person..

Thank you and Wish You and Yours a Beautiful 2012 :)


Beautiful captures, Sallie.. especially love the Tri. Down right cold here.. Key West beckons.


Agreed Sallie, I love it when parks and nature areas are integrated into cityscapes. It surely softens the view and given the bio-diversity of Florida you never know what your going to see.
Cheers to you this new year, many blessings!

Mary Howell Cromer

I get skunked on bird names too. I will look at my photograph, look in my field guide books and some look really close, but not quite and so I ponder... Your images are delightful though!

Clair Z.

Those are some fine birds (you can tell I'm no expert!). Happy New Year!


I can't identify these birds, Sallie, but how I wish I could see them up close. Beautiful shots.

Pat Ulrich

Great find -- the tricolored heron is such a lovely bird, and one I have yet to see in person!


Hi Sallie, I love all the herons you posted here:)
Happy New Year with many great photos to you!!!!

Magical Mystical Teacher

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Great heron shot!


I'm not too good with bird names either. I just know I love them! Nice pics Sallie...

Larry Jordan

Nice shots of what looks like a Tri-colored Heron to me Sallie!

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