March 31, 2012


I love herons and egrets. Some of my favorite birds! They look lovely here.

Gorgeous creatures. We get a few Blue Herons here in the summer but the other's are strange to me.

Wonderful shots of the beautiful birds. You have such a great place for birding.

really like the pink legs and bill of the ibis.

You must be a practiced stalker. Excellent.

Wonderful and peaceful shots, Sallie; before reading your blog, I don't wish to visit Florida. But now...

Beautiful ! For the moment due to the bad weather I couldn't bird "stalk" !

The Great Blue Heron is my choice-but they are all lovely to see!

Wonderful shots! Well stalked - or should that be 'storked'?

Hi Sallie, fantastic series of birds and photos. The White Ibis is cool looking. I hope you are having a great weekend!

Well Sallie.

Here in Brisbane, the Ibis species of bird are a "suburban serial pest". They are the scavangers supreme. Our variety look a bit different to what you have shown, but your birds as shown are in a swampland, not in city parks or all over the CBD!
The Brisbane City variety are being "culled", with the help of an eagle and other methods. The mess they can make is unbelievable until seen. They have a great liking for the horrible products of left over MacDonalds! With their long beaks they can even remove the MacDonald's bags out of rubbish bins and carefully obliterate the contents.
Hopefully your variety at Corkscrew are better behaved??? One can but hope and pray.
( I think I'll have nightmares tonight (9.00pm) thinking of this blog update of your activities) ha ha!!!!!??????

Great shots, welcome to Sunday Stills..:-)

Very nice group of water birds. Welcome!

Great shots, those are lovely birds.

Pretty Cool!!! Great shots!


Love the Ibis shots, dont think I have seen one (or if I did dint know it, lol) We get blue herons here but otherwise I dont think any others.

Your stalking paid off beautifully!
I'm thinking I should stalk a couple of local wetlands where heron are known to visit.
I was sitting at the computer yesterday and I can't be certain but I think a heron flew across my eyesight. We only rarely see one at a farmers nearby pond.

Very nice!

Pretty cool "stalking" birds! The ibis looks pretty in pink "legs!

They are such patient hunters...

Lovely shots Sallie -- Love the birds and of course the birders too! ;) Wish you a happy week ahead :)

Hi Sallie, you captured the white ibis and egret stalkers in the act perfectly.
I'm sure no birds harmed in the shooting of this lovely mosaic.
Have a happy day.
cheers :)

Tick, tick, tick! We've got them all downunder, but they look slightly different!!

What a fun post. I always admire anyone who captures a bird "on film" as I have yet to do so well.

Like your post and I like the title. ^_^

Spring Flowers

SO much fun stalking water birds and seeing them in their watery environments. I rather envy them.
Have a wonderful week.

These birds have much more patience than do I.

Aren't they pretty?
Some are a nuisance, like geese. Share the world, though!
My Happy Birthday Boys!

Successful stalking all round.

Beautiful birds and great photos. V

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