April 28, 2012


i like that first 'panoramic' view! :)

yes..birds equals poo...lol

We have a robin nesting just above our back door. I love watching the progress - hate the mess on the door.

You mean that wasn't paint trickling down that post? I love the fake birds. Ingenious!

Here's my CC:



Well, well - ingenious, the idea of the City of Long Beach California! I might suggest this option to my Brisbane City Councillor, pity I can't have patent rights ( ha ha).
That would remove the suburbia scavanging Ibis and crows from the CBD of the city of Brisbane. When it comes to leaving "deposits" and not of the monetary variety, these two birds species are experts! Hmmmmmmmmm. Food for careful thought. Delete food, I think, and substitute ideas!
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: Sunday 29th. 7.30am.
After 36 hours of constant downpours, blue skies again.

The swallow like to sit on the post of the umbrella over my patio table, keeping lookout over the nest box. You can imagine what it looks like!

I like gulls, as long as they don't treat me the way they treat the poles!

Great shots, Sallie. The idea of the fake seagulls is very resourceful and keeps the poles clean. It just doesn't look right though...

The gulls are screeching on the lake - I love that because it's a sign of spring.

And I love seagulls ! Not bad a fake seagull on the top, but is it really useful to keep them away ? They are very intelligent and one of the best thief amongst birds ! One once dived on me and took my sandwich, lol !

the first photo is lovely, the sparkling sea, the variety of birds.

The fake gulls are an interesting idea, they might keep real gulls from perching in those specific places, but i would have thought they would attract more gulls to the area as a whole?

I love to watch gulls. They must love me too because I've been with friends several times when the gulls excrement has landed on my companion but not on me. Good shots and the fake gull is too funny.

Love that first shot!

I like birds, but I understand they can be a nuisance. I love that fake gull in the last shot. Gave me a laugh! :)

Gulls are interesting and cheeky birds. I like them. Great pictures!

I have loved seeing your birds and I enjoy visiting other blogs that feature birds. Your photos are really very good!


Brilliant mind that came up with using the fake bird.

Between my swing and my big wooden flower basket I am always cleaning up those white stripes.

I just wish they would take to the birdhouses as easy as they do the perches.

Great shot of the birds!

Hi there - the fake gull is great.

Mind you, I have to say getting upset about what seagulls do when you live next to the sea seems a bit odd to me! It's a bit like complaining that the night is too dark!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: Glad you like the "wordy" Kangaroo Island post - I'm working on a second one. SM

Sometimes I wish I could sit like that. :) :)

Great capture of the sea birds! I love them too, such adorable creatures :)

Fantastic post! You always write about the most interesting things, and I learn every time I stop by. Fake birds - who knew? Like a scarecrow, sorta.

great idea and a gorgeous view!!

Well, I'd rather have birds around than clean posts or walls,but that's just me!:-)

I like your post, it reminds me on vacation at the beach. Very nice! I know fake birds for doves. Same problem.

Hi Sallie, I love the first shot with all the birds lined up on the wall. Nice variety there. And the pole with the fake gull is cute! Great post.

Nice pics! You are right about birds and ocean. Built them a place to sit and they'll sit on it! Long Beach is the city I was born and raised (mostly) in.

Beautiful captures, Sallie. Leave to theatrical California to charge for pole sitting.

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