October 12, 2012



Beautiful shots of these lovely flowers Sallie!
The first shot has a dark romantic look to it that I like. :)
I love hydrangea and had a lovely bush when we moved here that didn't survive. Another one is trying to pop up in my backyard but the deer love these so I only get to see the blooms underneath that they miss. I think we're going to put up a little fencing around those flower beds this year.


I love the many faces of hydrangeas depending on the season.


what a wonderful entry!!

after reading this, i looked at mine. they are wearing a beautiful shade of autumn red that i probably would have missed. your images are so pretty!!


i am really liking these plants/shrubs. wish i had some here (and the chutzpah to keep them growing).


Wow - love both the photos and the message!

Sandy Carlson (USA)

These are very beautiful. Thanks!


Lovely colors. Especially as I'm looking at snow here.


Gorgeous photos. Hydrangeas are so photogenic! I've never seen a red one--did you tint it?!!


those flowers area really a delight, arenĀ“t they?
Glad you like what I do. Nice to see your work too. :)


They look beautiful especiall with this black shadow !


Budding, blooming, withering and so on. I think each phase of a flower life has different beauty. The fading flowers on the first photo are subtle and elegant!!


Beautiful post, love to see those gorgeous blooms.
Hydrangea is one of my favorites, but so far I've no success growing them in my garden.
Hope you're having a great weekend, Sallie.


They are lovely and the colors are pretty! Beautiful images, Sallie!


They are pretty in all their forms. Fun photos.


Your hydrangeas are very pretty. The ones that are green tinged with pink on the edges are awesome. My pathetic little bush barely produced any blooms this year. I'm hoping it was because it was in its first year.


Spendid flowers, I like all of them. In west of France (Bretagne) they are often blue. I like a lot the ones which change their colours from Spring to Fall. I had some of them in my house in Alsace but can't plant them here : too much sun and dryness.


Lovely flowers. Beautiful colors.


Lovely to see in October! Here, it's 8C, cold and wet-I had the heating on all night....


Still beautiful Sallie, I love hydrangeas. I love to dry them too.

Ingmarie We/Refugium

Me too love hydangeas. Lovely photos.


They look good in every stage.

Stewart M

Nice pictures of these flowers - my mother used to grow them.

Really like the orange sunrise - worth rushing outside for.

Stewart M - Australia


Hmmm, I think that I'm going to have to rethink my thoughts about fading hydrangeas.

I like the way you think.

Luna Miranda

i love your hydrangeas, especially the green buds with a faint tinge of pink. my mom tried to grow it but was not successful.

visiting from Today's Flower: Heliconia


beautiful! Funnily enough you're the second blogger I've visited today who's posted about autumnal hydrangeas! They are particularly lovely!

laura k

aaaah, beautiful!! i especially like what you did with the first photo!! very nice!


I am learning to appreciate hydrangeas! They are a beautiful plant, after all!! I think my favourite photo today is the first one, but I can't give you a reason...


Beautiful photos, Sallie, - love the ones with the vignettes. We have left all our hydrangea's behind in various gardens so it's a real treat to see your lovely pictures.


Nice flowerpictures , from your garden ?


These are all so lovely Sallie, thanks for sharing them. Have a great week!


Great photos of the hydrangeas. They are beautiful flowers and I haven't seen them for ages - they don't like all the heat where I live.

Jenn Jilks

We're losing all of our flowers. Time for sleep!


I love hydrangeas. My pinkie winkie actually bloomed a little this year. But yours are much lovelier and better established. :)


I got some photos of mine today! They are not as pretty as yours but I was still happy with them. I would have never thought they would be such pretty images, this time of year!

It's so nice, the ideas we gather from others! Many thanks!


VERY pretty photos!

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