November 15, 2012


The yard(?) looks lovely. I always try to have ever-green plants in the garden.It's like having flowers all year round, with the variegated leaves!

Lovely leaves!

There is a kind of floral presence in coleus leaves! These are so lovely!

I think they bring lovely colour to the garden, beauty in everything remember. I also like very much the series of photos in the last post.

Yes, it's lovely to have variegated colour to complement the single solid coloured flowers and leaves. Fascinating water feature too!

this herb is versatile--lots of medicinal uses, it's colorful and the flower is very pretty.:p

I've never seen this plant before. I wonder if it would grow here. The color is nice. :)
Happy Friday!!

They are beautiful though not as colorful as flowers.

Lovely photos, i always like coleus leaves,

Always loved Coleus plants, but they are all frozen here this time of year.

Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.

I love the color of the leaves, gorgeous.

great photos....absolutely love that 'water feature', and this is outside your mobile home!?
I admire your adventurousness in living out your dream....

as pretty as any bouquet could be. :)

Coleus is such a beautiful plant and the color on these is gorgeous. Those lime green leaves streaked with red is so dramatic.

Oh, your plant is really beautiful!
Have a nice week end!

Love the variety of colors for coleus. My neighbor grows them by the pot full.

Nice shots, Sallie. The fountain really adds to the beauty; plants and water belong together.


So pretty, especially with the water feature! I may have to plant some coleus next year. :-)

Certainly one of my favorite plants for pots in the yard...Easy to grow from seed too! Love the one you have shown, the outlined leaf is really sharp looking!

Wow, the coleus is very pretty. I like the colors. Have a great weekend, Sallie!

I love coleus and they come in so many different varieties. These are very beautiful.

I love the coleus because it is easy to grow and maintain and thare are many colourful varieties to choose from.

Nothing is quite like coleus come late autumn. Ours just finally wilted about a week ago when we had a hard frost, Sallie. It is good to see yours here.

I prefer Coleus in plants to mums this time of year. Hopefully I will remember to plant some for next autumn's display.

Oh, what a gorgeous splash of colour!

Very nice - I've always wanted a water feature in my yard.

I am so loving their colors, a magnificent combination of purple and almost yellowish. Do you know if they have medicinal purposes?

Lovely..it is getting hard for me to find flowers, but I love the look of leaves too

Beautiful! Will you be going back to Florida soon!


Hi Sallie, coleus are always very colorful and beautiful plants in any garden, just like the caladiums. I also have one in ours but it doesn't give maximum beauty as my mother cannot give it full care when I am away. But at least there are some colors.

Your coleus are gorgeous.

Love the color. Most of the coleus I see around here are red.

Calendula Officinalis

i've always really liked the coleus. they come in so many colors...yours is beautiful!!

happy sunday!

oh...i forgot to say...i really love the 'waterfall'!!!!

Those coleus leaves are beautiful! Coleus comes in so many colours now!!
And I love the geese, especially the photo where you changed the colours! Right now, I think they are strengthening muscles and eating to build up their strength. They don't need to leave early on my account!!

Gorgoeus! Thank you for sharing these and have a great week.

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