November 19, 2012


More photos-thank you! A lovely surprise, when I checked my emails etc. this morning!

There nothing happier the a duck in mud - or something like that!

Glad you liked the garden posts - I like the way our nasturtiums have run a bit wild - they pop up all over the place in that bed! I also like the way that bed keeps us in fresh salad all summer long!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

They look like mallards, but I can't be certain. I think some ducks stay all year here in Southeast Michigan, but they are much quieter than in the spring and summer

The lack of water is sad for the ducks, here the situation changed drastically as you probably heard. From no water to far too much. :(

Better them than you, Sallie.. mud is soo mucky ~:)
They look like a pair of American Black ducks.

They're definitely mallards. Male mallards' heads can sometimes even seem purple in certain lights. Plus there's a lot of variety in many populations of mallards as they interbreed with other species and also some mallards have been domesticated and bred for certain colours and then they get back into the wild and breed with wild birds. (I'm writing all this from a UK perspective, but it's the same species either side of the ocean and the situation is likely to be the same over where you are!)

They look like mallards, but I am not a duck expert, I just love ducks! I like the white vignette in the first shot.

very cute. we finally have two mallard drakes on our pond again. hopefully they'll stay the winter.

What lovely photo's. I can't help you with the mallards.

Great photos of the ducks and nice to get that close to them - even if they were in the mud.

no matter what kind of ducks they are...they sure do look happy (and probably glad they're not turkeys!)

great shots!!

I'm with Crafty Green Poet Sallie. Mallards can be very variable when they start to interbreed with "farmyard" or "park" ducks which are themselves an amalgam of different ducks. it's all a bit troubling for us bird watchers who like to put a name to everything.

Definitely mallards. Nice shots while they were still nearby.

Great shots Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

I detected a faint green shimmer on the male's head. I do believe you were correct in assuming they are mallards. It's funny how light plays with colors like that. Beautiful shots!

Mallards all the way. Cool birds to see anytime and anywhere:)

Cool shots of the Mallards, Sallie! I think they stay around here year round. Have a great day and a Happy Thanksgiving!

They are beautiful pair! Happy Thanksgiving!

I love your ducks in the mud shots.

Beautiful shots, Sallie!

A lovely couple. I wonder what they are thinking.

What a lovely creatures to watch.
Have a nice day:)

Oh yes Sallie they seem so contented just being there!

Nice shots!

I love the warmth of the colors on these feathered friends Sallie!

A lovely, contented pair!

Very nice images of happy ducks. They find a lot of food in the mud, so they're probably quite content. These are Mallards. The male sometimes goes through a period each year from late spring through the fall where the bright green fades and can sometimes almost appear black. He'll brighten up soon to his more familiar coloration.

They remember me the little children who like,so much, walk and jump in the mud !

They look funny!

Mallards Sallie..I spend enough time looking at them here to know and you know how much I love them. Everybody got some cracked corn for Thanksgiving.. I hope yours was good too...Michelle

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