December 16, 2012


Johanna @ The Zigazag Mag

Love the sentiment and also your beautiful flower pics. Thanks for sharing :)


Beautiful flowers-and the wishes they bring for a safe and happy world.The water lily photo is superb, Sallie.

Life Images by Jill

gorgeous gorgeous - particularly love the creamy rose bottom left - this is definitely my type of image. And beautiful sentiment. I wish you and yours a joyous and safe Christmas and 2013.


Sallie, lovely words and beautiful images. Thanks for sharing! Have a happy week ahead!


Lindo mosaico! Colorido e vibrante!


Your flowers are so beautiful and the days so dark sometimes !
I think I have prblems with my e.mails ! Did you receive the last one about cookies and books ? Have a nice week !


these are beautiful, sallie.

Pam :)

Breathing in deeply with eyes and mouth wide open in awe of the beauty I see but can't quite smell.

Thanks for the lovely flowers to brighten my day, Sallie.


Gorgeous mosaics. Valerie

Jenn Jilks

Beautiful photos. We have to live in the present.
Cheers from Cottage Country!

Boom & Gary

Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Very lovely flowers.


To happier times indeed, Sallie!! Beautiful, colorful flowers and wonderful captures! Let us all focus on the beauty around us during these difficult days!


Beautiful flowers and a perfect wish.

Lavender Dreams

How lovely. It's a blessing to have flowers blooming here in Florida year round. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Happy holidays!


Thank you for these wonderful reminders of the beauty around us!
Lovely shots Sallie!!!




One ony has to look in the right direction to see something beautiful. Thanks for reminding us of that...

Sally in WA

Touching words and pictures, Sallie.


Thanks for the beautiful flowers.


What a beautiful wish after such a senseless tragedy. Lovely shots.


Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all live in harmony.
The coffees on my post were cappuccinos. I always have half strength as I find coffee too biter otherwise. so I usually get a different pattern to Bill so they know which is which.


What stunning arrangements they are as well. I loved your recent comment on my photography blog about Spock! guess what my husband has also started to take a bit more interest, if you cannot beat them join them maybe. :)


Beautiful blooms. Love the dewdrops!


A bleak morning here, Sallie; rainy and cold, but not cold enough for snow. We are breaking records for no snowfall in December and 40/50 degree temps. Odd weather. At any rate, your flowers whisk the bleakness away and your words give us something to hold on to.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Such beautiful photography! It has been a very sad time here lately since the tragedy in CT, and seeing beauty is soothing to the soul,


Gorgeous! Those flowers do the heart good, such a wonderful variety.


Good thoughts going on there Sallie. To answer your question, bird ringers/banders have to train through thousands of individuals and many, many species before they are allowed to work alone. While undergoing training they are supervised by a bander/ringer with many years experience.

Mary Howell Cromer

Beautiful for in all ways~


Your photos are amazing, so beautiful!

Johanna at ZigaZag

Gorgeous photos and a wish worth remembering and following :)

Gail Dixon

I wish that too, Sallie. These are so pretty and well captured. It saddens me that the world has so much beauty, yet evil persists. Hard to comprehend...


Gorgeous photos, perfect for wintertime like this and events that can't be understood.


Thank you for sharing these with us.


Pretty flowers and lovely words... I am wishing for the same.


Beautiful flower captures, lovely words. I wish the same. I can't even fathom the events of the past few days.

Carole M.

even though I adore COLOUR, the first collage with the similarly toned soft pastels is really beautiful


A delight for the eyes !


Glad there are still beautiful flowers to see during Winter. Happy holidays!

Stewart M

Hi there - we live in strange days - some of the things hold dear to their hearts seem unbelievable. I hope that you and your government can find a way to make things better for the kids of your country.

Here in Australia we had a similar incident a few years ago - assault style weapons were banned within weeks. It seems like a reasonable first move.

Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: you are welcome back at any time!


beautiful flowers and captions. great captures.


beautiful post
a wish for the world

I also saw the news piece you mentioned on my post
I also saw another where someone suggested 26 acts of kindness, one for each of the dead



Hi Sallie, Beautiful flowers and a worthy sentiment. It's too bad people have such a propensity for doing the wrong thing...

Blessings to you for Christmas!


all beautiful flowers. But...my favourite is the blue waterlily. Is it from yoru trip?


Hi Sallie,
I liked seeing those fragile flowers on a bitter cold night in CO. It will go into minus digits tonight. We finally got snow - over 2' in Breckenridge in the last few days. I think winter has finally arrived! Happy Holidays to you.


Gorgeous shots!

Rambling Woods

sigh..yes and by spring I hope to be cancer-free and on to my garden..


The flowers are gorgeous. Yellow roses always make me think of my mother who loved them so much.

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