December 13, 2012



I hope there won't be any bigger damage and that you will still get flowers in the spring.

Colin Huggins

What an interesting tree with all that moss (??) growing on it. Your daughter must be a bird lover as well as a good leaf raker! The bird houses in the tree. Any occupants yet?
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Friday 14th 6.30am.
Presently fine and cloudless - blink and the clouds will appear. That's what it is like in the summer months here.


you were a HUGE help w/ the chores. :)

we had a false spring, too, but it enabled some of the trees to push out a few leaves after blossoming again.

Carole M.

I really love the pussy-willow photograph


Lovely images, Sallie! I really love that big tree in the photo with your daughter. I am glad you had a great time in Oregon!

Gail Dixon

I remember the rhododendrons well on my last trip to Portland. They bloom so profusely there. I cannot get over the size of that tree beside your daughter; it is mammoth! When old man winter hits, those plants are going to be sorry they tried to bloom. :(

Lavender Dreams

We've had mild weather here in Florida so far! We love it! Enjoy your week and Happy holidays!


Beautiful shots. That happens a lot here. The false spring flowers get frozen but that's beautiful too.

Pam :)

I haven't seen pussy willows and rhododendrons in ages. That is one whopping black walnut, I love the moss! You did a fabulous job of helping your daughter, Sallie.. well done my friend ~:)

Pam :)

me again.. after whopping black walnut add a (tree)
or everyone will think I'm a nutty nut-cast :)


Nothing normal about weather, unfortunately.


I love the pussy willows. Haven't seen them for years!


Those are lovely shots! I hope the buds survive!


LOVE that moss covered tree! Narnia or the Hobbit come to mind. :) I have never seen a walnut tree that big in my life.
Lovely shots Sallie!


It must have been nice to spend time with the leaf raker.


What strange flowers at this time o the year ! Nothing like this here. Cold and snow are present and the birds back home near the feeders...

Stewart M

Im also very willing to help in the green by providing photographic evidence of other peoples work!

My busy week was really caused by my failure to look at my own diary!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


We haven't seen those false starts for year or two mainly because we've had "proper" winters. It would be nice to see shots of that huge old tree when you get back from all that sun and warmth.


We experienced the same until winter recently burst forth with severe frosts. I hope the gales did not reach you? My Internet was off from teatime yesterday until 09-00 owing to "weather"!

Rainfield (雨田)

I have rains keep falling.

Is it also a false "winter"?


Such delightful captures! I will keep my fingers crossed for what the leaf raker will have to say :)


Beautiful photos!
The weather is so strange these days.
Here we have new snow records.
Have a great weekend.


Our plants in our garden in Italy were behaving in a similar way in November. The world weather is strange!

Luna Miranda

the tree looks really ancient! pretty buds in the top photo.

ken schneider

Here in Florida the maple buds are swelling even before all the leaves have fallen. As you know, our flower (and vegetable garden) season is just getting underway.

laura k

i LOVE the pussy willow picture!!
at first glance i thought they were frosty buds!!

we have ONE azalea flower blooming!! they don't usually bloom until march!!

Sally in WA

Wow! That is a huge tree trunk. Glad I don't have to rake those leaves!


The pussywillow is amazingly gorgeous.


It seems that the weather went mad in the whole world ! We too didn't really have an autumn, the leaves on the trees stayed green until mid November before a strong wind blue everything away. It also was very warm for the season.

ann nz

puss willows are Chinese new year plants for decoration. Far,ers will cry if they bloom too early/

Red Nomad OZ

The detail of your first shot is awesome!! And I'm with you on the 'helping-by-photographing' thing - that's the best, if not ONLY way to do it!!!


The weather patterns have been very strange these past several years. Come what may, kids get to do the raking,itingin though!

Modern Mom

Lovely photos.

Rambling Woods

It shouldn't be raining here now near Buffalo NY...the lack of snow led us to a very dry summer..here is hoping..lovely flowers Sallie...hugs.. Michelle


Gosh, your daughter looks like I did before my hair turned white. :<)


global warming it seems. :(
Welcome back. Looking forward to see a lot from the trip soon :)

ann nz

Puss willow is a Chinese New Year plant, I wonder if this is too early for them.

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