December 10, 2012



What great photos. A lovely wall tableau for the Airport. A clever link to aerial photos too!


Very uniquely done.


Those are terrific! And what a great design for the airport! Love all of those "flying people"! Great captures for the day, Sallie!

Boom & Gary

Great idea!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Colin Huggins

Interesting Sallie.
So only ticketed domestic flyers get to see these murals?
I don't think Eugene is an International airport???
Here anyone can at the Brisbane, Sydney etc domestic terminals enter into this area, but they also go through security checks. All the food outlets, bars and shops are in this area, so visitors to meet or see off friends, can go right up to the actual gate. Naturally at the International terminals, this is not allowed - ticket holders only.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: Yesterday at 11.00am the flood gates of the clouds opened - it bucketed down for at least 90 minutes, not the windy stuff either. Then it drizzled and best news it reached the bush fire areas, a great relief for the crews.


What fun. I love it.


What a unique painting for a airport wall.. but where were you, Sallie?

Clair Z.

Great post, Sallie. What fun for the original models, but what a shame that our security measures make such a fun piece less accessible.


That must make travel a whole lot more fun. Have a great day.


very unique and great post ~ so creative ~

(A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMusedog and Carol ^_^


They must put a smile on everyone's face that walks passed them.


How cool, what a great idea for a decorating the walls at the airport. The flying people cutouts are cute, thanks for sharing. Have a great week ahead Sallie!


very cool and fascinating photos. i love those flying people.


Gosh - at first I thought you were levitating here in FL, Sallie!


they do make it look easy! very cute display!

Sally in WA

Cool art! I'd love to see this on one of my trips.


Very cool--and a lot of fun!


Very interesting "flying" people and a great way to make the walls in the airport a little different.

Rambling Woods

How cute they are..I hate flying and used to love it..


It's a shame the town's people can't see it.
I love it! Reminds me of my dreams as a young girl. I used to dream I could fly. Haven't had one of those dreams in a very long time. :)


I love this! Wish my flight to South Africa could be so easy.


Very unusual, but pretty neat! Welcome back to the Sunshine State. Judy


Oh, I love the joyfulness of these!


This idea is unique! For a moment, I thought this was something that was happening for real!


A bit more exciting than the average airport where all they want to do is to relieve you of some cash at the "duty - free".

Emille/Jesh StG

No window seats - oh, too bad! The art installation -such fun! No art that I can think of in LAX (Los Angeles), maybe because there are lots of stores and eating places, before you go through the luggage check.)


Wow! That is very interesting and fun, Sallie.

I've just been listening to the horrible news coming out of Portland. I hope everyone is safe that you know back in Oregon.

Joe Todd

Thanks Sallie... Makes for a great post.


I'd love to fly like that, but it might get a little cold! Great find... I love it when public spaces get creative like this.


Great photos!! I love these photos very much because all of flying people look happy and enjoying to fly! I wish I were one of them.


What a wonderful idea ! I like a lot airports (but not Roissy in Paris which is the most unpraticable one I know !)


That sure is an unusual art installation but so neat for an airport. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to fly. I would love to be around when teleporting is invented.

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