January 13, 2013


EG CameraGirl , Canada

It all looks wonderfully fresh and delicious!


everything looks great. those peppers and strawberries. yum!

glad you get the best of both seasons' produce. :)


oh, and thank you for your sweet comment/compliment! made me smile. :)


I envy all that abundance of local produce! I sure miss farm-grown heirloom tomatoes.


You make me hungry! Your photos are beautiful!


Yum, I do like fresh vegetables. But the growing season at my elevation seems like it's about 3 days long, so I don't even try. I've never lived anywhere that oranges would grow, it seems so exotic to me!


These are beautiful. You have my hungry for the warmth that makes that great food happen.


Wonderful variety of quality vegetables.


Oh how I miss good produce stands. All so tempting.


Fresh produce locally grown is in short supply these days. But today, I braved the frosty temperatures and picked some leeks and kale from my winter garden. Your warm weather vegetables look so tasty. Enjoy!


How awesome to have such a variety at this time of year. I'd love to have all those healthy choices right now. The one thing I hate about winter is not having fresh fruit. Enjoy! :)

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA

Oh, my goodness, Sallie. You do make my mouth water. How clever of you to be there at this time and back up here in the blissful summer!


You sure do have the best of both worlds. The fruit and veggies look delicious. Unfortunately I don't live close to a market.


Wow crunchy and fresh. Love those!

Enjoy the great week Sallie.



fresh fruit and veg really taste different-I can get foreign pre-packed strawberries etc., but they are often unripe and hard.


Wow, everything look so delicious. Wonderful photos. Have a happy week ahead, Sallie!


We have been so fortunate to have some beautiful weather this past week!!! I love living in Florida. Thanks so much for stopping by my place and saying hello.

Rainfield (雨田)

Fruits in all seasons. They must be crazy.


The fresh produce looks so appealing. That must be a plus to spending the winter in Florida, having locally grown fresh produce.


Oh what a wonderful bounty! I think I would have to buy something every day! With all imported produce here, I am longing for a fresh piece of fruit that tastes real.


Yes, a strange mid-winder ! I miss a lot strawberries, perhaps, the fruits I prefer with the rasberries too...


Lucky you - it all looks so fresh and delicious!


Ah, you do have all the goodies!! All the fresh fruits and veggies look delicious and what terrific captures for the day, Sallie! Lucky you indeed!! Have a great, tasty week!!


Yum! Fresh is definitely best! You have chosen a couple of great places to live.

Boom & Gary

Looks good!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Beautiful shots!
All the fruit and vegetables look so delicious!
Have a great day, Sallie!

Clair Z.

So beautiful, so tempting, so healthy!

Photo Cache

i'm craving for juicy red tomatoes. lucky you.

NatureFootstep Photo

ouch! Isn´t brunch enough? You want to ad dinner? What would that be? Brunchinner?

Mickie Brown

Sallie, You've definitely got this down--- you know just where to be in each season! The fresh fruits and veggies look wonderful, and you are so right--it is hard not to buy way too much. Enjoy your lovely weather--it is 18 degress here! Mickie ;)


They look so fresh and yummy.

Sally in WA

Reminds me of the fabric I picked up this weekend to eventually make a canning jar quilt. Each of the 20 pieces of fabric is a fruit or veggie.

How lucky you still have access to this all winter long.

Lavender Dreams

I think the strawberries are the sweetest they've ever been this year! We need to drive out to the groves to get some citrus...SOON! It was 82 here today...glorious! I loved your comment today...I'll try not to call you Baby Sally...I'll TRY! heehee! Hugs!


That's it, I'm moving to Florida.

Martha Z

I do love the Farmer's market all through the year. Now it is mostly potatoes, winter squash and cole crops. Oh, citrus of course for Placer county is prime citrus country. Unfortunately we have had a week of nights in the 20's, not good for our local citrus growers. I still have one tree that is loaded with not yet ripe fruit. I've covered it and am hoping for the best.


Oh well, Sallie. I'm very happy for you, but pea green with envy! It snowed here again today......


It does look delicious! And it reminds me I need to buy some more fresh stuff. :)


This makes me want a salad for lunch! Wonderful, colorful shots. :)


Jammy... its look so delicious, Sallie!
love the colors...
Have a nice week and warm greetings Anna

Mary Howell Cromer

Looks so pretty and oh so good for you!


Those strawberries look so juicy. You do have the best of all possible worlds in your choice to winter-over in Florida, and head to the Northwest come spring.


I love fresh produce and your mosaic looks delicious. It's funny I just have a post today on Calcium from fruit and vegetable :-)

Visiting from pret-a-vivre.com

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