January 21, 2013


Such a lovely place to walk!! Wonderful captures for the day, Sallie! I do love being able to look up at the skies through the trees! Hope you have a great week!

Great post Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Spot on Sallie.
Eagles and osprey certainly pick what we think is a strange nesting place, but you can be assured it will be close to water for food.
Tops of telegraph poles here seem to be popular and so open also! I guess they want to have open eyes for any predators?
Excellent report, Sallie.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather: It rained early this morning!!! Wonders never cease. Hopefully it also rained in the bush fire areas, certainly has plenty of areas to choose from at present.

wow pretty wooded area.

What a beautiful area! Great photos as I can smell the pine scent right through the monitor!

What a beautiful area! I loved the whole experience!


Magnificent photography of a very beautiful place ~

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i can relate. i try to stay close to food, too. :)

What a magnificent forest Sallie. Great perspective in that second shot. The trees look soooo tall.

It was pure pleasure to visit this landscape through your blog. Thank you.

I often wonder why birds choose to make nests in some seemingly unlikely places, but I never considered proximity to food as a component. Makes sense! Love your shots of the trees and water. Sounds so peaceful; my kind of place for sure!

Meeting the basic needs of food, water and shelter since the beginning of life. I like that pine forest.

That is pure bliss. Lovely pictures.

Thank you for taking us on your walk! Did you see the eagles?
Ah hour walk without seeing another soul, would be hard to find in CA:)

Beautiful shots-and a lovely place for a walk!

lovely but those tall trees make my neck hurt!

What a beautiful place... and you have weather that I like too!


What a joy it must be to be able to see the eagles so easily as you take a walk.

Looks like a wonderful winter home for the eagles. Beautiful trees, what a lovely place for a walk. Thanks for sharing, Sallie. Have a happy week ahead!

Isn't it great to walk in the forest with no one around except you and the trees and animals.Great shots of the tranquil place. It is funny that the eagles prefer their urban habitat.

yes, it does look like a great place. :)

Okaloacoochee Slough Forest is just the place for me!! Such a peaceful place.

Love the look of the trees against the sky. Such peaceful pics!

Wow! fresh fish for dinner. How convenient to have food close to one's residence! :)

Looks so peaceful !

AWWW the perfect spot for them! Ive checked it out a couple of times so COOL to see.

Wow Sallie - those top two pictures made me feel like I was right there in the forest. I love all those branches backed by that intense blue sky.

Beautiful photos and so tranquil...

Yesterday, I looked at the webcam and just saw the two eaglets. The first one oepened a large "mouth" and the second one was lying there. I was very afraid for them. Happily tonight, Mummy or Daddy is back, feading them !

Aw, that could be the reason why the eagles nested on that area, so they could just easily fish :D nice place and I would so love to see those tall trees.

That looks like a delightful place for a walk. I like to go places where there aren't many people.

Sounds like a perfect outing........

Beautiful area Sallie..the birds pick out what they think is the best place.. I guess the eagles know where the closest fish market is... Michelle

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