February 18, 2013


Colin Huggins

Holy hell, those eaglets have grown. Must keep their parents busy with constant food. I think Eaglet one or two, whatever,"Hope or Honor" just might be thinking that camera looks tasty.
That chestnut with the white stockings reminds me of my first horse, at the age of 5, "Princess" who turned out to be an uncontrollable bronc, well bred with papers, but as looney as they come. What you call, "LOCO".
I rode her once after she was supposedly broken in, I am pleased to report that I was the first person in space. Sky high I went. No injuries, just pride badly dented.
That was my last ride on the bloody animal, we bred her, she had two foals, magnificent individuals, but equally as mad.
We ended up giving her to a drover, what he did with her and her two offspring, I have no idea. The old drovers were excellent horsemen, maybe he tamed her, maybe she killed him??
Interesting to see the people photographing the horses in the paddock. The pale horses may be palimoes??
Great blog again.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Still bloody raining here, wish it would go south where it is urgently needed with the bush fires.

Carletta's Captures

Continued envy here but so happy for you to have this experience. Mama looks pretty at ease for there to be so much company below. :)
Wonderful shots Sallie!


Sallie, how cool to be able to watch the eaglets and their progress. They have grown and I am sure they eat a lot. I love the horses too. Great shots!


Stunning and fascinating photos as always, Sallie!(I am just waiting for the dense fog to lift, so I can go out!!!).

My thanks to Colin and Sallie for their notes.

Stewart M

Hope the eagles keep doing well.

Little kids (and the larger kids!) had a good time on the boat.

Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Wow, they are growing fast! WHat a treat to be able to watch their progress.


I like seeing your eagle photos - the babies are really big now. Lucky you! It's been really windy here, too.

Pia, Sweden

Hi Sallie1
Sorry you couldn't read my words today. Wikipedia call my swans Whooper swans.
Something seems to be wrong here too, it took forever to load the pictures! But now I see them! Fun with the "singing" eagle. Must be interesting to see them live!
Greetings Pia

EG CameraGirl , Canada

Eagles are such magnificent critters!

Martha Z

It's amazing how fast they have grown since you first brought them to our attention! Those parents must put a lot of energy into feeding them.


Great photos of the eagle and the young ones. So interesting to see the horses and people so close to the nest. Those chairs look as if those people have been there a while!


Sallie, I'm beyond thrilled that you went to see the Eagles and their eaglets in person. Your photos are terrific.
I wish we lived closer!


Great post! Happy WBW!

Gail Dixon

These eaglets look like the same size as the ones here in Baton Rouge! I've been wondering how old ours are, so they must be almost the same age. I witnessed one stand up in the nest and flap its wings. There were about five other photographers out there with me and as soon as the eaglet started flapping, the cameras started snapping! Thank you so much for sharing these. Enjoyed your photos of the horses and egrets, too. :)

Carole M.

wonderful to view in person like you do; great photographs


The nest cam is cool. Birders are every bit as strange (in a good way) as geocachers.


Poor mom and dad ! The eaglets was more beautiful (and less hungry) when they were smaller !
When I look to the video I always look too to the people down. I wonder always if you are here or not !


It's been fun watching these eaglets. I'm always amazed how quickly they grow! Fish is good for ya!

Wonderful post!

phyllis oller

They are such amazing looking birds.I have only see a golden eagle here at my home in Pa.,those birds are so huge & awesome.
Mama looks very serious about watching her little ones,thanks for sharing,& sharing the area about the nest,I love horses,phyllis


Sallie, how wonderful!!! Amazing to watch them grow and what good parents mom and dad are. (I thing we've all ignored cries on occasion!) Then to see what is happening on the ground ... fun post! Thank you and Happy Critter Day!

Laura Hegfield

How wonderful that you have this view of this eagle family Sallie... so majestic. Wonderful, wonderful!


Great sequence of eagle shots.


Nice to see them doing so well..I don't see where all my comments are going...

Gemma Wiseman

The eaglets certainly seem to be demanding little characters! Already you can see their power growing! What an insight into their family life you have! Awesome!


The eagles are majestic birds.

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