April 21, 2013



This looks like such wonderful fun. I love the spots of color. Great shots and I love the sign!

A Garden of Threads

Looks like a marvellous place to spend the winter. Good luck with the renos.

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Oh looks divine ~ love mosaic photography ~ ^_^


love that! 'boat-by'. :) some of those places are VERY colorful.


I love the variety of housing found there. It's all very colorful! Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy the week.

Lavender Cottage

A nice place to winter and many colourful places that look cute.


All the photos are fascinating-but I love the last sign!(By the way, I woke up very early, and put the central heating on!It's about 3c in the UK Midlands).


There is a large variety of houses there and in Florida. Hubby, his cousin and I visited some the first couple of days of vacation. We were quite taken with the city of Venice. Love the mosaic, have a happy week!

Dina J

Looks like a beautiful place. I've got to get down there and visit. At least to see the burrowing owls near there.

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

The birds also enjoy a sunny day.


lovely riverside photos, I love the last one


Wonderful photos! It reminds me of our vacation in Florida years ago, and I loved the humor in the last shot. Have a great week :)


Great mosaics! So many choices of where to live. I'd prefer to live in that little brown place on the water!


That's certainly very interesting to see all these different architectural styles !


und die Pelikane sind überall dabei :D
LG vom katerchen

Mama Zen

What a gorgeous place!


Love the colourful houses. :-)


That does look like such a terrific place to spend time -- particularly during the winter!! I do love your captures for the day, Sallie! Hope you have a lovely week!!


Lovely houses and so exotic pelican to me :)
Greetings from Finland among melting snow and ice :)


So bright and summery! Love them. ☺


Loving all those colors, especially the pink stairs! Can't wait to see pics of the cottage reno when you're done.


Lovely images! Thanks for your comment.


What a great idea for a post. I enjoyed seeing the different places and ways people live in this beautiful region.


So you're a Snowbird! Lucky you. Have an enjoyable trip home.


I love the photos, I could even feel the warmth of the sunshine. Oh wait the heat is from my laptop.


What a lovely (and warm) place. I love that last sign!

Lady Fi

It looks heavenly!


Looks very lovely, you definitely had a great outing!

Photo Cache

I love colorful houses.

Luna Miranda

fabulous shots, Sallie! i love the colorful chairs and buildings.


The colors of the buildings and the chairs and the pink railing in that one shot sure speak warm climate and happy times.
I remember when my son went to Florida on a school orchestra trip he came back in awe of the pastel color. When he got off the bus he saw me wearing pastel colors and laughed. :)


Forgot to say I LOVED your title! Touche!

Reader Wil

I sometimes forget that the USA is so large and not just one country, but a collection of many countries, like we have here in Europe . The only difference is, that everybody speaks English in the USA, whereas every country in Europe has its own language and own culture!
Your photos were taken in California, weren't they?
Thanks for your visit.


Hi there - I wonder what abnormal unsafe operations for a pelican are?? Diving into concrete?

Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: Very nice picture - even if my comment is silly!

Gemma Wiseman

Certainly a colourful, multi-styled living area by the water! Love the light too!

Boom & Gary

"Wow!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Fantastic photos:) Greetings


Hi Sallie, Thanks for stopping by.
I love viewing homes from a boat and imagining what they look like inside; there is such a variety to see.

The pelicans make quite a group, they call attention to the sign very well!

island wonder

Great photos! We have friends from Fort Meyers visiting us now. Great place I hear.


They all look beautiful! I'm betting that living that close to the water is pretty pricey.

Reader Wil

Thank you Sallie for the right information. I should learn more about the USA,


Ha! I like the title of this "boat-by", that's very creative of you Sallie.


When we lived in Ft. Lauderdale, we'd visit southwest Florida often and have stayed on Ft. Myer's beach on several occasions. I even remember when it wasn't so crowded. The last few times we were there the traffic was backed up from the bridge for 4-5 miles!

Joe Todd

Sounds like "work ahead"

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