June 17, 2013


Boom & Gary

Great review!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


It looks like fun. I expect they can hold their breath for quite a lot longer than i ever could.

Photo Cache

it's fun, especially if you have a little umbrella drink while you're watching that :)


Definitely a tourist trap (I would say!) but it looks to be great fun!


Sallie, it looks like a fun tourist trap! Loved the photos, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week!


too cute! somewhere in texas, they had a live mermaid show. a guy i worked with married a redheaded mermaid. :)


What a great idea. Oklahoma has bought a tourist trap or two also. I think that is a good idea. I love your pics. They have a nice patina to them.


How fun!! And what great captures for the day! Thanks for sharing!!


You were a kid again! I never knew Mermaids have different colored fins!


I have always loved the idea of mermaids. I would have enjoyed this as a little girl and probably still would. Your second image with the 'mermaids' and the bubbles facilitate the fantasy!
Your trip is off to a wonderful start.


This is really wonderful experience.


It's funky, yet cool.

Lady Fi

Ah, so mermaids do exist?! :-)

Name katerchen

Sallie was für schöne Bilder von den NIXEN :D :D

LG vom katerchen der einen schönen Tag wünscht


I was not sure mermaids exist but now, I know it's true ! Thanks to you, Sallie !


A wonderful beginning to your trip! Enjoy yourselves.


Great and cool photos!


How original ! but I wouldn't want to do this job, being in the water the whole day, lol ! Especially I don't like to be under water !


I'm for anything that preserves history. It looks a pretty amazing show too.

Stewart M

This has to be one of the strangest things I have ever seen! Its too crazy not to be wonderful!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Hi Sallie! We drove over there a couple of years ago, but they were just closing, so we took a bunch of photos and left. I posted some of those photos on our Florida Fotos blog. It looked rather run-down and scruffy then. Better go back and see if anything has changed.

Thank you for your very kind comments and I hope that you are having a great time "on the road again."


Your pics are great Sallie- glad you two stopped and enjoyed the show.
Be safe out there!


Seems like a magical place for any age group - it's very purpose might be for us to enjoy the gift of wonder calling at us to believe in magic...maybe not the kind of magic we once believed in but the magic that comes from kindness, compassion, and care. It's a great reminder for us to spread just a little magic ourselves. Great post, blessings to you & have a great week!

Allie @ Framed by God

NatureFootstep Photo

wow, how fun is that. I woudl have loved to see it. You got soem great shots too. Thanks for sharing.

Dina J

I grew up going to see the mermaids there. We used to go when we came to visit my grandparents. When I was in grade school I used to tell my Mom I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up. I used to practice holding my breath. Some things turn out for the better though.


Now that looks like a show I would LOVE to see. The mermaids look so "real", lol.


Fun shots. I used to want to be a mermaid.

orchid Miyako

Dearest Sallie,
I wish I could see the show; your pictures are SO beautiful♡♡♡ The mermaids look really lovely and I remember I wished to see the ocean becoming mermaid when little p;)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Lisa Hermanson

Loved the mermaid photos - funny you should mention, it was my Dad James Lewicki who did the mermaid painting for Life magazine, part of the American Folklore series.
Best wishes,
Lisa Lewicki Hermanson

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