November 25, 2013



great fun to see these photos! Don!t these little ones make good pets :)


oh, he's CUTE!! but glad you caught him and got him back outside. :)


How awesome! But what did he type?

Reader Wil

Amazing that you caught this little one ". using" your computer.lovely photos, Sallie!
Thanks for your visit and kind comment!


So cute! I'm glad you got him back out.


Well, I for one missed you, so tell that lizard to stay outside. Dianne


Oh my goodness, Sallie. Glad you put the poor little anole back outside where he belongs. You were missed! Glad to see you posting this week. :)


Awesome shots. That's a nice little visitor.


I'm glad you appreciated your little visitor and didn't freak out! I'm sure he is much happier outside.

Boom & Gary

He's a beauty!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.


Was Lizzy searching on the internet, maybe a dating website? LOL! Cute visitor and photos. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Sallie!


We missed you but we also understand that real life is more important than cyber-life. Love your little friend. I hope he didn't visit any sites that could give you a virus!

artmusedog and carol

Quite the computer company you keep ~ great shots for OWT ~ thanks, carol, xx


I'll bet you are busy getting everything back into living condition and being outside enjoying yourself!


Life Images by Jill

I had to laugh - it reminded me years ago when my computer at work didn't work. The mechanic came in and took off the back of the hard drive and there was a fried lizard in there (he looked a bit like your lizard). He took the lizard out and the computer worked again.
Have a great week!


What fun. I love seeing your lizard visiting.


Aww, he was just trying to keep zoo company and stay warm but he does make a great excuse not to blog :)

Jeannette StGermain

It's your blog, Sallie - you can do whatever you want to:):)
In my previous house we had 2 times (I believe) lizard visit - I suddenly saw him staring at me from the stove! I think we were both freaked out when I let out a scream:)
On and off I saw them in the yard.
Have a fabulous thanksgiving!


I would have been scared.
But good captures with nice lighting.

Joe Todd

Lizard ok snake no... Have a great Thanksgiving


Interesting shots!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Lizards must be also crazy at this computer age.


Is that your new secretary ? I had to laugh, it's so cute ! We don't have any lizards in Belgium it's too cold, but I saw them in Italy. Very difficult to take pictures they are so quick. Besides my cats who walk on the keyboard creating unknown programs I have no other user, lol !


how cute! Glad he's back outside again!

I used to love the lizards that came into our house when I lived in Malawi. Doesn't happen in Scotland!

Karen, Pixel Posts

How sweet! Probably just wanted to check his email!


Now this a first for me a lizard on the computer. :)


Sallie, next time let him do his own post and photograph of you :)


Very cute - but I am glad I don't have to try to catch it and get it outside - the ones around my house are very fast!


HA!! Sometimes we get these guys find a way inside its a hoot trying to get it back outside!


A computer wizard helps you take a blog break.

Beyond Zephyr

Wow..that was wild :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, Sally!


I like your new computer helper! cute.


What a sweet visitor! (Hoping Typepad will let me leave a comment...)


Here I am, using a mouse, and you are using a lizard. Great shots, Sallie.


Looks like the little fellow had a great time! ;)

PS: I was here yesterday too, but some error never let my comment to show up.


Hi! Very interesting captures. I wonder this lizard wanted to use your computer. Thanks for sharing.


Enjoyed seeing your little visitor. Great shots of this little cutie. Happy Thanksgiving :)

Penelope Puddlisms

Oh my gosh … a lizard on my computer would definitely be a photo op extraordinaire. This would be a rare find in my neck of the woods. :)

Phil (@anotherbirdblog)

Well it makes a change from having a mouse to hand Sallie!


Hi Sallie,

My goodness! Was he invited or did he 'crash' your laptop? I guess if you 'showed him the door' via the glass jar, it was the latter!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Dearest Sallie;
Wow, what a guest p;) I wonder the analist have learned a bit about pc(*^_^*)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

NatureFootstep Photo

lol, that´s fun. It looks really interested in your computer. :)


What a cut visitor ! Sure he has to work !

I stora drag

Hi Sallie!
I find your computer lizzard really funny!
That would never happens in my country! :)
Thanks for your comment!
Greetings Pia

Stewart M

I tried to link here when you first posted - but it seems not to have worked!

I think I said something about an advertising slogan - "even the cold blooded can use our machines"

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.


maybe he was trying to hack into your info!
I'm glad you let him go...

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