January 25, 2014



Sallie, the Armadillo is a cool critter. I am sorry I missed seeing one while traveling. So, I appreciate seeing your cool critter and photos. Thanks for linking up to my Saturday's Critters. Have a happy weekend!


Fasconating photos/creatures. They seem quite small-and look as if they're wearing knitted coats...


yup, i knew that about the leprosy bacteria. whenever my pups bring up pieces of dead ones, i'm always careful to handle with a towel or gloves and get them into the trash.


They're interesting critters. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Karen and Beep

What an interesting creature, and how wonderful to see one in the wild!


I always see them dead on the road. Would love to get photos of a live one. Fascinating facts; did not know one could get leprosy from them, nor did I know the name meaning. Always learning something! Great set of images!


Greay shots. I have never seen it before.


Fascinating post. I've never seen an armadillo or if I have it was so long ago I forgot. Great photography.


They look so prehistoric. Also, remind me not to jump vertically!

artmusedog and carol

Great shots of the Armidillo for Sat. Critters, ~ thanks for visiting ^_^



A fine post about an interesting creature. Thanks. Dianne

NatureFootstep Photo

Great shots of a very special species. It is so sad they are becoming roadkills. :(


I've gotten pretty close to these things here in the woods near Ocala. I didn't know about the disease potential, so thanks for that. Interesting creatures for sure!


Great photos!!! I have never seen an armadillo, they are amazing looking animals, so prehistoric almost.

Stewart M

Great animal! For some reason, Armadillos became a bit of a "theme" animal in a number of my junior science classes - it was the cause of much hilarity!

I really want to one!

Like the jumping in the air bit!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


That's awesome - I've never seen one in the wild. Maybe one day...


Great photos and very interesting information! Have never seen a live armadillo out in the wild.

Lavender Cottage

We saw one in Florida years ago but I didn't have a camera with me, and of course it was film back then. They are rather prehistoric looking, thanks for sharing the info about them.

Lady Fi

Such sweet creatures - very pre-historic. When I travelled around Brazil many many years ago, people were selling these poor creatures at the side of the road as pets!


A truly amazing animal! I had no idea they lived anywhere outside of Texas and that they could transmit leprosy to humans. Yikes!


It's true it doesn't look very cute ! but what a luck you had to see this guy in life !


Dearest Sallie,
Wow, you educated me a lot about armadillo today, which I had no knowledge about like others said ☆☆☆
You sure need the zoom for the sickness danger. I might and want to get close to see or touch the LOVELY PREHISTORIC creatue:-) And glad to learn armadillo comes from Spanish 'little armored one'.
I wish you will have a WWONDERFUL Sunday;

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Hi Sallie, I did not know that Armadillos could infect humans. Great shots and info, thanks I'll steer clear.

Your right we are lucky to live here, especially in wintertime.
Warm hugs :)

Rainfield M Penang

There are many different types of critters in this world.

They may look funny.

But we are too, in their eyes.


My goodness, so many amazing facts about these prehistoric- like animals! They seem to live a quiet life, (guess you can't get TOO rowdy with your head in the sand most of the day!). Wonderful photos of these creatures in characteristically routine mode! Thanks for a very interesting read!

PS: Thank you also for your very sweet comments on my previous post.:-D xo


I agree ! What a strange animal ! You was lucky to see it !


Wonderful post and great photos!


It sure is an unusual critter. Shares diseases eeeew.


This brings to mind my favorite novel, A Prayer for Owen Meany. Love it!


Gosh, I didn't know all those things about the armadillo - I didn't even know it was in North America. Good that you are war about getting too close, Sallie.


I have always thought these were cute, in a strange sort of way! Loving your photos, Sallie!


Your photos are great, Sallie, especially that middle one. I did not know that armadillos could carry leprosy. Interesting fact.


What a neat animal.... I did read the king solver book, but found it sad..... Michelle

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