January 09, 2014



Very beautiful photos,Sallie!You live on a great place-I wish I could change my place with yours ;-).Our weather is really crazy at the moment.Normally we have in january deep winter but at the moment it is like in spring with mild temperatures.The first springflowers begun to bloom.
Have a nice weekend.


Lovely shots. I think weather has been odd all over the place.


The weather is definitely a trifle weird these days -- and I do love your captures of blue skies, colorful flowers and blue, blue water!! As you might suspect it's gray and gloomy here in Portland although not that cold. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Gemma Wiseman

Chuckling here about the working guy. What a pose. Love all those palms by the water and the presentation of the first two photos is delightful.

Photo Cache

I feel guilty too living in California when I see the news of the people in the other parts of the country being battered by freezing temps. However, we need rain here or else.


um, glad you said he was wearing shorts. ;)

i get it - warmth or cold is relative to 'normal'. :)


Love the Cypress in the middle photo, and yes, I found he guy in the yellow shirt. Thanks for your comments this morning. Yes there is a fine line between the two thoughts.


yellow shorts - what you see when you aren't looking


Like your surprise...he looks to be in a most uncomfortable position. Ho, how I wish I was in Florida right now. We are getting ice again tonight. Your first shot is beautiful...really a bit dreamy if you ask me...and the boats in the water...heavenly.


Pretty photos. You don't get too much sympathy here, with your low temps in the 40s!

Lavender Dreams

It will be nice to see that sunshine break through this weekend! It wasn't cold today but the clouds were thick! I'm not complaining though...we love it here! Hugs!


Pretty blue skies, Sallie! It is getting a little warmer here now..But, I would enjoy some sunny and beautiful blue Florida skies. Have a happy weekend!


Thanks for this brief warmup, Sallie. Love the swan pic.


Such pretty blue skies! We went from 20s yesterday to mid-60s today. Hooray. Glad to know the guy is working on his boat, I thought he was passed out.


Dearest Sallie,
Sweet scene with blue♪ Yes, I could see the man with yellow shirt working. Having a boat must inv I could see the man with yellow shirt working. Having a boat must involves maintenance work, doesn't it?
Oh, the swans in the Lake Morton made in tears a bit! Swans are the only bird I could enjoy watching in our city park where there is a lake. Since young, their legance in the water charmed me. But due to the bird flu we had in our area a couple years ago, city decided to kill them (sorry if you remember this story of mine). I DID wish something could have saved them.
Happy weekend ahead, my dear friend;

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I'll take your blue sky and warm temps any day over the polar north.

Lady Fi

How very pretty! (And warm!)


At least you have a blue sky ! we have wind and rain with this temperature !


"I wish I were here!" It is dawn in the UK Midlands, with a lovely sky, but freezing...My car is iced over.


Love the clear blue skies and the swans Sallie, I hope the weather gets better at your end really really soon.


Amazing for it to be so cold down there in Florida but still better than the poor people up north. Sounds like it is moving on now. I have friends visiting NY at the moment, I feel for them.


Thanks for sharing your "warm" photos! Any hint of warmth at this point is great appreciated!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Your door bell is ringing.

I have DHL my hot temperature to you right now.


And here, it's warm for the season. Snow is melting and everybody is praying for cold and snowy weather...


Love your blues...the last one is outstanding! Made we want to sit on the dock and swing my legs!


NatureFootstep Photo

well, that´s a sky I would like to see someday. Looks so great in your images. :)


IT was so cold here for a few days we had 12F overnight now we are getting buckets of rain!! Hope your weather gets straight soon, Im ready for Spring to get here!!

Laura Hegfield

Beautiful view Sallie… I heard from my folks in Delray that the rain has been really something, lots of flooding. I hope all is well where you are.


Makes me want to break out singing "blue skies, nothing but blue skies . . . " . Hope the cold didn't effect crops.


I know you got cold too.... Michelle

Joe Todd

Looks good. I'm really getting tired of the snow in Ohio. Hoping to be in your area Feb. sometime

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