January 22, 2014


LOL! yeah, that would've taken me a bit to figure out the word connectivity, too. :)

This is a very good find. It took me a bit to figure it out, too. I wanted to use "eat" with one word, and "longer" with another. Now I just want to take a nap! :)

It's so much funnier without the eat and longer. :)

Clever sense of humor!

I figured it out straight away, but it is priceless!!!!!!

Not a bad idea. I loved the sign.

Cute sign, fish is supposed to be healthy for you. Have a happy day!

It's so nice to get fresh fish and lots of good veggies and fruit here in Florida! We love it...not clams though! heehee!

why not clams :)

They can keep the clams and oysters but I'll take all the rest. Love me some seafood. Another fun sign. You know how to find 'em!

Ha Ha!

Sounds like good common sense to me, Sallie!

What a neat place. I would love to eat here. Like the way they have written the menu items.

I would have been a while figuring it out too!

I love good, fresh seafood, but unfortunately we live a thousand miles from the sea. The sign is both fun and funny,

What a fun sign!

Fun sign, Sallie, and I'm glad you explained it - didn't get it either, though it is obvious once you know.

unusual way to advertise seafood!

That's cute, I'm not a big fish eater though.

I wouldn't have gotten it if you hadn't told me. Good catch though for fun signs!


That's so funny! You find the best signs!

Great find as always! That is amusing! Even I wouldn't have figured that out, so you have some company. ;)

I don't understand well this meme, Sallie. But I'll be happy to eat fish and crabs and why not clams with you ! Have a happy saturday !

That is funny enough.

Hi! Nice capture. I also enjoyed your former posts . Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Ha, fun signs.

This cracked me up. Like adding "in bed" to every fortune cookie. Life if is so short and beautiful, we have to laugh!

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