January 13, 2014



Reading your blogs is like having a modern day Audubon at my fingertips, Sallie. Your photos are spectacular. The limpkin may not seem the showiest of the birds in Florida, but, to me, this bird is so exotically beautiful and your shots equally so.


love these snail-munching birds. i've only seen them in blogland. :)


What a unique bird--I really, really LOVE it!!


Never heard of them before! Thanks!
Really nice photos of this handsome also.


Wonderful, as you say, spikey feather pattern. Did you join them for a little escargot?

Lady Lilith

What a beautiful bird. They look like they are really enjoying themselves. Thank you for sharing.

Lady Fi

What great shots of this pretty bird.


Superb close-ups of these strange birds! I love all the detail!

Phil (@anotherbirdblog)

Those are great pictures Sallie. I remember seeing Limpkins in Africa but nowhere near as well as your pictures portray.


Fabulous shots and a interesting bird. I like its feathers too.


Dearest Sallie;
Oh, I've noticed the spiky looking feather patterns the limpkins have♪♪♪ It was so suprising they eat snails; the shells can be digested, I wonder(^^;)
Wonderful close-up of the rare bird, I DO adire your skill, my friend, And my blog life is always makes me wish to have more rich nature neighborhood, haha.

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Sallie, the Limpkins are cool birds. Great captures of the Limpkin and its meal.


Great picture of a great looking bird.

The whole WBW thing owes a lot to Dave (?) who set up the original - but he seems to have stopped blogging.

110+ degree day here today - way too hot!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Ajay Kumar

Beautiful captures of the bird!


Well, I'm impressed. Your photos are superb and I don't believe I've ever seen this bird before; at least not around here. So, thanks for that. This guy has a certain charm about him. Well, probably not so far as snails are concerned. I wonder with their taste for snails, if they're French? :)


An excellent job on capturing these fellows. They have to be a Florida bird as never saw anything like them in Texas.

Findlay Wilde

Just look how sturdy it's legs are. What a great bird. From Findlay

Karen, Pixel Posts

Terrific shots of a bird I will never see in the wild. Looks like they are eating well!!

Bird Guide

Really nice collection and so hoping to see one in Costa Rica in February, all things crossed. Peter (Bird Guide)


A beautiful WBW post! Nice to see!


The limpkins are great looking birds. Fascinating post.


Super looking bird. I like the spikey look too. MB


Great photos, is interesting to the snail eating.

Hootin' Anni

I love it!!! Great photos!!


What fascinating feathers. I'm sure I have seen them, before I began to learn names. We lived in south Ga and Dad logged in the okefanokee before it was partially preserved (in the 1940s). I also lived in central Florida for 3 years as a young adult. Thanks for the nice photos. I have much to learn about water fowl.


Sallie, great post and photos of the Limpkins!

I'm glad you were able to visit the Circle B! Being there at dawn and hearing all the Limpkins start screaming is a unique experience!


Your close photos of these birds show their beautiful feather patterns so well. It is interesting that they have such a restricted range. Any ideas why? and do they only eat the one kind of snail?


These remind me of our white ibis, but the limpkin's bill is not as curved. This is a beautiful bird and you got some awesome photos of him!


What a beauty and I love these photos Sallie, they're brilliant!


What fun birds. What huge snails! Outstanding shots!!!



I have not heard of this bird..... Cute....

Brian King

Oh, wow! These are awesome! Such fantastic detail!

Gemma Wiseman

Those feathers seem to be very short and multi-layered to get that spiky pattern. An amazing sight. Grand photos.


Hi! Nice captures. There are many fantastic shots. Reading your explanation,I understood that the last photo is very rare. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Howell Cromer

Very nice images and it looks like it would be a very sweet bird to watch and photograph, for so many seem so aggressive. I like that you were patient and got an image without food in it's mouth... Have a great remainder to your week~

ken schneider

Nice captures of the Limpkin. It is so characteristic of the Everglades and swamps of south Florida. I've not yet seen one eating a snail.


Lovely Wader, I was lucky enough to see them in Venezuela a few years ago.

NatureFootstep Photo

I have only seen the Limpin once. It was in CostaRica. Your images is very good of that lovely bird. :) Thanks for sharing. .)


A lovely series Sallie!
The third photo is my favorite - his eye, his full beak and a hint of that foot breaking the water.
I don't know why but whenever I hear limpkin I think of that very old Don Knotts movie - The Incredible Mr.Limpet. I may have told you that before.

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