January 15, 2014


isn't he beautiful!?

Oops! I have not posted an alligator yet this year. Aren't they cute critters? When we first moved to Florida many years ago we took a trip to Key West with friends. There was a place on the key with the small deer which had a pond called "Blue" something or other and in that pond lived a very large alligator. I remember it came right up a small concrete pad about 2 feet from us and the woman we were with began feeding it popcorn. I was too ignorant at that time to know what danger we were in!

Wow! to see in the wild!

I hope you had a really GOOD zoom lens on for these photos Sallie:) My son, who lives in the SE now, says he saw his first alligator in the wild as he crossed over the Mississippi River on his trip to his new home.

Of course its a picnic spot, if you are an alligator. Dianne

Never trust those guys!

Beautiful creature, but I wouldn't want to picnic with him. I'd be afraid I'd become the picnic :)

No, I do not think I would want to picnic near the gator. He might want my lunch, haha! Great shots!

Sometimes it is good to follow the signs! ;) Gorgeous shots!

Well it would be for the alligators

May be a picnic site for alligators :)

Wow, beautiful shot. This one looks like a young'un. I have seen warning signs about not feeding the alligators, but not one warning about where not to picnic. Good to know for those out-of-towners that may not realize. :)

I think I'd take that advise. I don't like that guy's smile!

"Don't disturb my beauty rest" this guy seems to suggest quite convincingly. He definitely seems to like his personal patch.

I'm not eating lunch there! I've never lived anywhere with alligators, although I have seen a couple in the wild in the Everglades.

Eeek! Count your fingers and toes! Great photos, however! :-D

That sign is certainly necessary.

A very useful sign.

Whoa...forget the picnic and run! The alligator has the right to his/her habitat before us human :-)

Love that shot of the alligator. And although alligators obviously DO picnic by the shore, perhaps that warning is for us and not for them? ;-)

awww what a cute little baby :)

That would be a nice "Welcome" picture at our house door, lol !

Dianne had the same thoughts I did - good for the alligator.
Terrific photo Sallie!

I would be moving quickly if I saw this sign anywhere. What a find! genie

unless you want to be the picnic, I guess not… great photos Sallie!

Dearest Sallie;
Wow, I am surprised or smiled reading the comments calling alligator "beautiful and cute"(*^_^*) For me, a swamp is NOT a good place to have lunch as you said; if I need to face them. But deep in my mind, I wish I could take picturs like yours p;) Zoom, right?

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Beautiful ancient creature...but I don't want to eat with him either!


Great shots. They are amazing looking animals but I'd be nervous about getting too close.

I wouldn't dream of having a picnic near those!!! Excellent images.

I hope he was a pretty good distance from you! Great shots!

I am assuming you used a zoom lens, right? ;))

Happily no alligators in our backyard ! Just cats, sometimes unknown dogs and for a few day a little grey mice. I prefer !

They're interesting from a distance. I wonder if careless picnic goers ever toss food to them?

Great shots of the crocodile.

Woww beautifull alligator!
Have a nice week end.

They're interesting critters and quite scary too.

I need to get with it and post one soon. I see more signs than alligators...but they are there! heehee! Have fun!

I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!

I´m not too fond of them.

Could.not.live.there. :<))

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