January 11, 2014


Hi Sallie, thanks for linking up again with Today's Flowers. Your orchids are gorgeous, love the framing.

They're so pretty and feminine. Love the soft color.

can't beat those neighborly views.

It is my considered opinion that you ought to frame and hang that 2nd photo! So gorgeous!

Very beautiful - I don't think they'd look like that in my climate. And I love your turtles from the previous post.

Wow, the orchids are beautiful! Lovely images, Sallie! Happy weekend!

I would not pass those by either.
My friend John is an orchid and African violet judge as well as for some other flowers and has the most amazing orchid collection.
So nice to see you enjoying life Sallie.

How uplifting...

Absolutely beautiful ~ (A Creative Harbor.com)

I've never had any luck with orchids but they sure are beautiful.

They are beautiful and I can see why you would always have to make a stop there.

These are just lovely! Such gorgeous colours.

oh they are beautiful

They're gorgeous! I love all the different shapes and colours.

Beautiful! I LOVE orchids and LOVE the 'romantic' feel to your photos:)
Big windstorm in NW Oregon today--but we had enough of a break to make a little sightseeing trip in between the two 'halves' of the storm:)

Beautiful orchids and a great climate where they can grow outside. They do over here too but take a fair amount of looking after and pampering! The orchids I really like are the tiny native orchids most are perfumed and take much less looking after.

Orchids are remarkable flowers - good news that the cold snap did not do for them.

Some of the images from Canada and USA are remarkable at present.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

I am seeing a new shoot in my plant, hope it soon grows to a flower stick. Lovely blooms in your neighbor's garden.

They are so beutifull ! I grow orchids (just three of them !) at home (inside of course !). They are blooming and blooming and I don't understand why : here the atmosphere is very dry and the sun bright.

So gorgeous! Love the colour!

Beautiful I love the colours :)

Those are fabulous colours.

I can only imagine this bounty of blooming! I am eagerly awaiting my indoor Narcissus bloom - any day now.

Beautiful . Nice color!

Oh Sallie they are gorgeous! What a delight to see summery colors blooming in January. Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

great captures of the orchids. beautiful colors!

The orchids are gorgeous.

Beautiful orchids, very pretty.

Such vibrant tropicals to see tonight, Sallie. I would stop in this yard as well.

Thank you for stopping at this yard with your camera, the flowers are gorgeous.

Wow, those are beautiful. I love the deep colors.

No wonder you can't stop - that is a beautiful display of colour!

Beautiful orchids--what depth of a rich color!

this is a great place to stop and admire the beauty. :)

OH!!!! Those are my most favorite orchids. And to think you can just go SEE THEM!!! I adore those!! I guess I should stop I keep on saying the same thing over and over!


Wonderful photos! So beautiful! Great shots!

Beautiful montage. Dianne

Those are beautiful orchids! I love purple and these are just perfectly gorgeous

Magnificent floral photography ~ what color and texture ~ divine ~ carol, xxx (A Creative Harbor)

How glorious!!!!

Now that is some nice local scenery!
Very pretty photos...

Love that second shot!!!

Dearest Sallie;
OMG!!! You've made me wish SO HARD to be with you for your walk, my dear friend☆☆☆ How wonderful to have such a neighbor and let you take photos. Surely, thanks to the greenhouse climate you have♡♡♡
My naming for the blog was just out of a whim as I had a small orchid pot (gift from a friend) at my house. But now I really fonfd of this queen of the flower(*^_^*)

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

I know it is so early, but I am so ready to see colours like this, what a beautiful delicate flower, so, so pretty!
I was not sure what you meant on my blog about getting a long comment. I got one, but it was not necessarily long, a sentence, or two and also one that said test. :) Happy week~

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