January 10, 2014


Super photos of the turtles Sallie, I miss the ones around here. They are hibernating till Spring I guess. I might be following suit soon :)

they always make me smile! :D

Magnificent photography of the beautiful turtles ~ carol, xxx

Look at those claws! What zoom are you using, Sallie - great shots. So bitter cold here in the mountains - no turtles!

They sure got their necks craned up.

Nice shots.

I love turtles, Sallie, especially when they are sunning on rocks. These are great!

Funny critters and a great series of pics.

Not Everest but just as crowded.

It's my first time seeing rock climbing turtles. The turtles I saw are kept in ponds and well fed by visitors.

You certainly keep on the watch for the unusual:congrats!!!!!

I always enjoy seeing turtles.. I can not wait until spring.. But, for now I will enjoy your critters. Thanks for sharing and linking up to Saturday's Critters..Happy weekend!

How cool to see the turtles!

What good little climbers … their very sharp toenails must help a lot to get them to the top!

I love turtles. You took some great shots.

Wonderful moments captured timely.

ja er ist der GRÖSSTE..:D

LG vom katerchen

It looks so difficult for them to climb, but they are decisive. Maybe they are sunning themselves.

How entertaining to watch them get on the rock. I tried to watch one yesterday and he was going too slow about it and I lost patience. These are marvelous photos, too!

Beautiful shots! It's hard to believe that they're such good climbers.

Neat critters! I love turtles, great captures.

Oh love them!

Courageous animals. I admire them !

Mountain or rock, it's nice to be king of something!

Dearest Sallie;
Your captains are lovely; well done "king of the rock"(^_^)v Wonderful zoom for the "SATURDAY CRITTERS"
In Japan, turtules called "Trachemys scripta (they have red ears and get rather big when grow up)" are used to be sold a lot at the festival stalls. Due to their high fertility, we see them a lot in the river and the pond now. (kind of bacame the trouble now)

Sending you lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

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