March 30, 2015


Jenn Jilks

That's so funny!


I don't think we value our farmers enough. Those veggies looked delicious.

Jen Massey

your guide had me laughing :)
interesting tour :)


Wide awake at 23-24., I was delighted to read this interesting Blog.I had no idea about Florida farmland! The photos-and the farm food are lovely!

Photo Cache

That's a great tour.


nice way to get to the source of the good stuff. :)


What a great tour. More people should do these so they really know where their food comes from, other than the grocery store. And such an added surprise to take home fresh produce.

Lady Fi

What a great tour. And I love that sign!


What a fun tour, I love visiting any kind of farm.. The horses, cows and the dogs are all wonderful. I love blueberries, yum! Have a happy week ahead!


thanks for the fun tour! blueberries!! yum!
florida has so much agriculture...cattle, citrus, berries, tomatoes. and let's not forget the beer and wine makers too! cheers!


I want more time to concentrate on getting my garden more protected from critters so I can enjoy growing more.

Sharon Wagner

I don't want to be either. Thank goodness for farmers.

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful photos of nature and farmers !

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol


I sure hope the farmers stay around awhile.


Living on a ranch would be fun, but oh so much work. Hard to get a day off when you have critters to care for. - Margy


Love the sign and enjoyed the photographic tour.


Looking forward to getting our vegetables going and especially to blueberry season.

Peter B

Dog herding cattle... how interesting!


farmers do not get the recognition and respect they deserve. i always try to support the local farmers and markets, where everything you purchase is home/locally grown!!!!

funny guide and i LOVE the sign!!!!


It looks like a nice place.

Gail Dixon

You find the cutest signs. Looks like a fun tour. :)


Looks like a lot of fun and educational, too! We have a big blueberry farm here which makes some pretty great wines!


Perfect place!


You sure had a great day out :)
And learned a bit, too :))
Have a beautiful day



I love the sign, Sallie. I've never heard of those dogs before.


She was so right on what is there without agriculture:)

That must have been a great tour.


How great is that.

Tom The Backroads Traveller

In February I saw pictures of Florida blueberries iced over for protection when it was going to freeze. Tom The Backroads Traveller


It looks positively fun there!



We have a similar event in March, schools go in droves to it, since many kids have no opportunity other than the Agri-Day to see from where food comes. When I took students, I enjoyed the animals.


A very interesting post Sallie and I enjoyed the photos. Blueberries are my favorite fruit right now. I had no idea they could be grown in Florida.


The tour must have been great fun. I love farms. The best part of living here in Iowa is so many farms around.

Stewart M

Nice post - and a fine point about agriculture - although I wonder if people fermented natural fruit first!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Gemma Wiseman

There should be more tours available like this to help city people understand farm life. It could be a means of raising money for farmers too. A great experience.


And I like the fence with the horse also :))
Have a beautiful day and Happy Easter!


Awesome post! Love the sign (and its attendant comment! :-) ) and loved the photos of the blueberry patch and the ranch. What an interesting day that must have been!


thanks, sallie!


Must have been interesting to watch the horses and digs work together yo herd the cattle.

Karen S.

Great photos, love the dogs and all the critters best of all.


Dearest Sallie; What a wonderful farm tour how fun to see the demonstration of how the farmer herd cattle☆☆☆ Such a great experience watching dogs and horses work together; Oh, one of my dream, Sallie!!!
The sign is really true as well as your guide :-)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Funny sign! I think many German people wouldn't mind the naked part. ;-)


Hungry, naked, and sober....what's the fun in that! :)
What a great sounding tour.
I have one blueberry bush I get a handful of berries off if the birds don't beat me to them.
Thank goodness there are people out there who love what they do to give the rest of us what we love.

Ida P. Krause

What a great place to visit and learn about agriculture and ranching. I'm not sure about the "naked" part though!
Some nice fences and some good times.


I am so proud of my youngest granddaughter who is majoring in agricultural science. She would love this farm.

jesh stg

Looks like a fun outing! and the owner of the ranch has an awesome horse!
Happy Easter to you and your family, Sallie!

Reader Wil

Farmers are the most important people in the world. It is a pity that in Europe some silly rules for all farmers in Europa have to be observed. No matter if the live in North Europe or in the South.
Thank you for sharing, Sallie!

Hootin' Anni

What a fabulous tour and photo share. Like the humor with your guide as well.

Lavender Dreams

How true! We drove out to a blueberry farm a couple of weeks ago. There are all sorts of places here in Florida that people don't expect. They made blueberry wine, too! hugs!


I love the sign too and the farm photos


Great post. That tour sounds like fun.


The sign is so true ! What a nice excursion ! was certainly interesting and funny !

bettyl - NZ

Great post! It's so cool that the dogs and horses sleep together.


These extension services are mighty wonderful links to agriculture and horticulture. As you might imagine, Sallie, this is a nice little field trip I would love to experience. What a wonderful bonus to get some fresh produce.


Looks like a great tour. I love the cows and the horses. Happy Easter!


Hello Sallie, stopping back to say HAPPY Easter, thanks for linking up. Have a happy weekend!

Joe Todd

I just finished planting the "garden" only tomatoes and green peppers this year.. We should be getting red raspberries soon

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