November 03, 2016



Hello, pretty images from the farm. I like the Stellar's Jay and the Scrub jay. The first image of the barbed wire is one of my favorites. Love the mushrooms too. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!


Lovely countryside, the birds, oh, they are so attractive.

artmusedog and carol

Transition time for you??? ~ Lovely fences shots! and other great photos too ~ thanks,

Wishing you a week of your choice ~ ^_^


To take pictures of fences I would have to go to the country side where cows are behind fences. People are more behind hedges or wooden fences. We still have warm and sunny weather !


Hello!:) Lovely views behind the barbed wire, and creative barbed wire fence shots. Lovely Jay photos, and mushroom images, which are sprouting up all over the countryside over here too.

Penelope Postcards

Your mushrooms (pictured) certainly deserve the title of flowers. Like most things in life, the beauty of a bouquet of fungi is in the eye of the beholder. :)


I understand that "we" thing...usually its Terry and I'm there as backup sort of!


Lady Fi

Such pretty scenery and lovely fall colours.

ellen b

Woohoo, glad rain let up so you could walk about the acreage! We are finally getting a sun break right now. I should probably put some rubber boots on and get going on the rest of the leaves. The fungi have really come out this year. I think the different varieties are so interesting. Decorative fences around large properties like this would really cost a bundle. Yippee for barbed wire and fence posts. The blue in those birds is so nice. I enjoy seeing any color of bird instead of just the black crows that are always about! Have a good rest of the week.


Great shots from your property. I like the shots of fungi.


They may be common birds to you, but I think they're pretty and different! Love all the funghi too. :-)

Ida P. Krause

I like your country fence shots. Great perspective and such a pretty area. Cute birds & the fungi were fun. I've seen lots of fungi all over town here as well. Must be from all the rain the PNW has had lately.


I spent a lot of time on farms in Minnesota when a youth. Loved every minute of it...well, except for shoveling manure, perhaps. This looks like a wonderful place to wander around, get lost (purposely) and just enjoy Mother Nature at her most benign.


hehehe, we are 2 peas in a pod because when i say we, i mean chuck ;)

beautiful images, it looks like a nice place to wander around, camera in hand!!! great captures of our feathered friends!!!


Great photos especially of the farmland. Barbed wire might not be the most artistic addition to a place but it certainly does a good job! The fungi are pretty.

Peter B

Looks like a beautiful piece of property!! We have both Stellar and Scrub jays here in S CA too, but I only see the Stellar jays up in the mountains and the scrub jays at lower elevation. They are fun, inquisitive birds!


Good shots.


What a pretty farm! I can see where a barbed wire fence makes more sense on the back 40 than a large decorative fence would.


i'm glad you have a country place to get out to. :)


Good day to go out to the farm; is it far away? We had a sunny day here on our little piece of the country life. I was not in the mood to do much so I piddled all day long, sometime its nice to piddle!
Love the jays!!


What a sense of purpose and renewal comes from being in the countryside. You have some great photos of the fencing, Sallie. and I love the deep blue sky and the blue birds. I have a bluebird box here, but, never any birds. :(


I am so glad you went along and zeroed in on the photo opportunities, Sallie! Lots of beauty around. Thank you so much for sharing it.


Fabulous photos! So many interesting things to see and take pictures of. I love the birds, but that barbed wire is bringing up a bad memory I have from my childhood. I still have the scar on my leg to remind me too!


I like visiting people out in the country. They don't know how good they have it sometimes. Although I'm glad to return to the city.


i like your unique fence images Sallie.

Dancin Fool

Lovely sunny sky there.


pretty shots ! thanks so much for your nice comment :-)

Nancy Chan

Lovely post. I love to collect wild mushroom photos too. I think they are beautiful and interesting too!

Terri@Coloring Outside the Lines

Nice walk about in the country. Lots to see.


Interesting Blog. And fungi are fascinating.


nice place and so cool to see much fungi. They ahve been rare this season as it was too dry. Only now some late ones comes.

David Gascoigne

It's great to see Steller's Jays and Western Scrub Jays again. I only get to see them on infrequent trips west and they are both wonderful birds, gregarious, cheeky, bold...great birds to enjoy. Thanks for sharing them with me, Sallie.


Nice and green, Sallie.
The mushrooms are quite photogenic :)
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)


I love my jays and your fungi... we had a lot of needed rain here... Michelle

Hildred Finch

Lovely photos Sallie, - covering all your bases in one beautiful fell swoop...


Hadn't heard of the Stellar's Jay until now. Interesting looking bird.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Wonderful blue skies and blue birds! And you still have beautiful autumn colours to enjoy. :) Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely weekend!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Lovely countreysidde, birds and mushrooms


Hello Sallie, I love your pretty jays! Lovely images. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


Nice pics!! And I had to laugh when I read, ' And when I say 'we', I mean Bill.' That sounds very familiar. LOL


Fungi, moss and ferns are incredibly interesting. I loved studying them. Such variety.


That is such beautiful countryside - lovely photos of it. I like the barbed wire fences, indeed fences are very important out in the country. Have a wonderful weekend!


It rains days and nights.
But I miss to mushrooms recently.
Either due to these rains or my busy schedule: my eldest son is going to get married this coming December.


Dearest Sallie; How wonderful you have your lovely family to visit and photo taking opportunities as well♫♫♫ Made me smile a little with the way expressed :-) Interesting to read about Barbed Wire with seeing the wide area.
Great scene it must have been finding 'two Jays in the blue blue sky' and I love the collage♡♡♡ Also the one with mushrooms is WONDERFUL♪ I've never seen these in the road side. So amazing to read 'everywhere all over the property'. Have a wonderful weekend, Dear friend.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Those are fine looking birds!


The farm looks so beautiful, Sallie ! And the blue birds too. Jays, here, are not so blue : just a blue stripe in a light brown plumage.

Stewart M

Never miss a photo opp I say! Love that Jay.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Love the bird with the berry in his beak You live in a nice place. Love the fungi as well

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

That very first part of your narrative cracked me up!!! Thanks for the laughter....and I so know just what it means.

The jays are pretty. We don't have any BLUE jays in our neck of the woods so this was a true treat for me. [we have the green jays but they are quite scarce]

Your bird photos are outstanding!!! And loved the property fencing too.
Thank you for stopping by to add your link to this post for us birders this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'. It's always greatly appreciated.


lovely photos and such handsome jays


Hi Sallie, that jay is simply STELLAR!!!

(sorry, I'll show myself out.)


bettyl - NZ

You were right that it was a photo op! What gorgeous photos and your mosaics are so well done, too.

riitta k

Great views - the bird is hilarious!!!! Have a lovely week!


Beautiful property. Great shot of the black bird with the berry.
Have a great week!


Lovely shot of the bird with berry - I wonder if it would eat it then or store it. The fungi do look like flowers, it's good to use creative licence sometimes...let's have fun! Have a great week Sallie!


Nice to have a hubby to do things for you:) The blue Jay you share with SEASONS - thank you so much - is just like blue Jays are - bold and chatty -except when they have something in their beak:) The mushrooms are so abundant here. Now we built the barn (studio) and the trees are cut, the mushrooms have disappeared.
Enjoy your thoughtful comments every week, Sally! Before I forget, you referred to my painting of the bouquet of your daffodils, I made it my profile pic for LinkedIn:) (a site for anyone who has a job)


Those bluejays are so different from the ones around here. Aren't birds just wonderful! What animals do they keep in with the barbed wire? There are occasional remnants of old barbed wire fencing in our woods and we've had to be careful over the years that the dogs didn't get into it. The stuff is often part buried in the ground.


That's a great photo of the jay! There's so much to see and photograph in this world. I always enjoy seeing your corner of it through your lens.


I'm surprised that all of OR and Wash State are not one big mushroom, lol.


I love the rural shots. Fun one with the bird's mouth full and I love mushrooms. You got some great captures.

jeanne stone

Looks like you had a great day of lovely scenery and can certainly appreciate why you love going there

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