January 22, 2017



Lovely skyscapes!
We are having March winds a couple of months early too. But at least the rain has stopped and the sun is shining.
Have a good week!


Yes, you would not want to be on the water today or tonight! Those sunsets, sunrises, sky shots...they're all very special with superb colors. And your bird photos always provide much interest. So glad you're back enjoying life in southwest Florida!

Magical Mystical Teacher

What a glorious array of colorful photos!


Sallie, your photos are gorgeous and I absolutely love how you have displayed them! I love the water! Thank you so much for sharing.

Hildred Finch

Your pictures and the gorgeous colours have brightened up this dreary day in the Similkameen, Sallie. Thank you......

Lady Fi

Lovely cheery colours! As for white caps on the river - wow! You must be having some storm!

Nancy Chan

Wow! Gorgeous sky and nature shots. Love the colour of your hibiscus. Great birds collage. Stay warm and safe. Hope all boaters will be safe too!


such a beautiful sky !!!
wish you a happy week :-)


Thanks, Sallie for these beautiful morning colours ! For friday, pink is my favourite one and knit cap my favourite hat. All my best thoughts to you and all the persons around you who need mood-lifters !


Dearest Sallie; Oh Yes, these beautiful colors are definitely the mood-lifters and they're also my favorite♡♡♡ I love your picture of hibiscus with light orange color; touch of warmth♩
You made me envious "Ospreys are everywhere" :-) Wonderful collage with great collection of birdies. I always wish to see ibis.
OMG; I didn't know the word 'whitecaps'. Hope you haven't mentioned or I've forgot p;-) Funny that Japanese word "白波・shiranami" means "white wave".
Sometimes changing plans may sad but wise decision will be needed.
Have a wonderful new week, Dear friend.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

bettyl - NZ

I love that one place can give so much different beauty for us to see! I understand why you shoot the hibiscus every year. That color is just wonderful.

Handmade in Israel

Beautiful skies!


so great to have different birds nesting. I know of one pair of Ospreys usually nesting in my are. But too far away to see much of the nest.
Lovely skies. :)


Hello, gorgeous sunrise captures. I love all the birds, especially the osprey. The boat name is cute. No agenda needed. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

Hootin' anni

Beautiful sky & hibiscus (ours were frozen this year). Yep I wouldn't want to be out on the water with the high winds, either!


Hello Sallie, the birds are very inventive in your part of the world! I love your skies - it's good to be able to tweak and make subtle changes. The camera seldom sees colour the way I do and it can never (even the best - so far) take in the expansiveness of sky. But who knows what virtual reality technology will come up with in the near future. It's all very interesting and a bit scary! Wishing you a happy week ....


I just know that I would have the time of my life birding in Florida. Trouble is, I'd have to visit alone to spend 12 hours a day out in the warmth and sunshine. Imagine that - Ospreys, Eagles, Herons, Egrets and Ibis at every stretch of water. Not to mention, manatees, alligators and all those turtles. Sorry to hear about your windy day but I bet that doesn't happen too often.


Gorgeous photos, plus love the name of that boat, great pun! Thanks for your visit and comment about my iris photo much appreciated.


Beautiful sunrise shots, I love how the changing light affects the scene, your mosaic captures everything perfectly. I adore your hibiscus, what a colour, simply stunning. I have a blue hibiscus tree in the garden at the front of the house but we won't be seeing those flowers for many months yet.
Thanks for joining me for MM again this week, have a good 'un!

Penelope Puddle

It must seem like heaven when flowers bloom year round. The weather can always surprise us even as we keep a watchful eye on it. Winds can whip up even in beautiful peaceful places that are so often soft and warm. It certainly makes life interesting and gives us an appreciation of calm. I love that you painted your cottage the color of the sky!

riitta k

Oh how beautiful your pink skies are - and all the other photos as well! Wishing you a lovely week.

Lavender Dreams

How lovely! We saw a rainbow and a flock of storks fly over this morning...what a great way to start the day. And we had wind last night but nothing bad. Hope you are safe today. Hugs, Diane

Tammy S Asad

I've been taking lots of sky pictures lately. Winter in the desert is the only time we have clouds and color. Love birdwatching ... great pictures. My mom and brother are in Hattiesburg, MS where there was a tornado. Thankfully they are okay. Another tornado hit in Georgia where I lived many years ago. And I heard Florida was in for some crazy weather, too. Better to stay indoors. Have a good week.


The skies at different times are so beautiful ! I am running out of new photos because of this cold weather !!


Beautiful and colourful sky. Nice shost of birds.

Linda Hubbard

Such beautiful skies! What an uplifting way to start the day! The hibiscus is truly beautiful, you are lucky to live where you can enjoy outdoor blooms in the winter! Nothing blooming here in eastern Canada, too much snow! Great bird shots too, birdwatching/photography is such a pleasant pastime. Thanks for the taste of warmer days. Stay safe in the bad weather!


I love your colors! I love how your world is FULL of color...while ours is drab, but drab works for winter, I suppose.


Joe Todd

Great post Sallie


Loved all the photos but my favorites are the collection of sky photos at different times and of course the hibiscus. I can't resist clouds and flowers.


Beautiful sky colors - watching skies like that always lifts my mood as well. I hope the weather calms soon so you can get out again in the boat. Great to see and photograph even common birds. Thanks for sharing.

Photo Cache

Hibiscus played a big role in my childhood. Everywhere there's hibiscus; we played it with and made bubbles with it among other things. My mother used to covet the double hibiscus, it still is her favorite.


It must be lovely to live on a warm canal in the winter - your photos certainly make it look great.


Those skies would make anyone happy.


I saw the sign about the manatees. Do you know how they are doing?? Is there much publicity about them.


Those views are certainly shots of happiness which as you point out we all need these days.


The colour in the skies in your photos is so pretty and soft. How lovely it must be to soak in the warmth just now. I hope that the winds and storm die down so that you can get out on the water. Wonderful views in your corner of the world.


Ha, no agenda! Great play on words,

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Wonderful sunrises/sets, Sallie. Oh, those colours!
Your Hibiscus is such a lovely plant. It's not surprising you like it.
Thank you for using the word "whitecap". Like Orchid above I didn't know it. I enjoy watching waves and have been often wondering what word is used in English for certain kinds of waves. The Finnish word for it would be literally "foam top". :)
Have a great week!


Dear Sallie, love those uplifting colors and all these great photos. Thank you for your kind words. So very much appreciated. Happy New Year!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Love seeing all those birds as we do not have any of them here.


Like the name of the boat - didn't realize your plans could change because of the wind! I only became aware of high winds (they can be very scary sometimes, making 80 feet trees sway back and forth violently!), now we live at a higher altitude.
Your Hibiscus is is beautiful - I only have seen the yellow and pink ones before. Many thanks for sharing this post with all the latest for ALL SEASONS. Have a calm (wind wise) week!

Su-sieee! Mac

Ooooh, love your sunrise photos. I'd like to paint one of the walls in our house a sunrise/sunset color. That color of your hibiscus is nice,too.


Fabulous skies - oh those pinks! I love the collage with all the birds on their nests, always beaut to see where they bed down.
Gorgeous hibiscus. Cheers now, Sue :D)


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i heard about the storms in florida, we are getting them now here in new jersey. winds like i have not seen since super storm sandy and our beaches have again washed away!!

pretty images today, i quite love the hibiscus, what a gorgeous color!!!


Oh, Sallie, what breathtaking skycaps, and I thoroughly agree that "It's good to start the day with a shot of happy." We have had so many gloomy, grey days here that I almost (almost) wish it would snow for a change of scenery.
I love that hibiscus as well, and, as far as I'm concerned, you can keep posting photos of it. :)


Really gorgeous photos! A happy post reflecting happy themes.


So serene. It's so amazing how the colors and the moods of the same place can change. You captured them well!!


Beautiful colors in the sky! Really love when pink and purple tones are seen. #OurWorldTuesday


I love those early morning colours, if you're up early enough you can get some great shots.

Gemma Wiseman

So many lovely light colours in these skies. Just beautiful. Yes. I look to the world of Nature when my spirit needs healing. The very best medicine.


Beautiful here. We've been working in the yard. Soon I'm heading down to the river to spot ducks. Thanks for the beautiful photos.


it will be -1C or 0C all day tomorrow in the UK Midlands....

ellen b

Beautiful skies you captured. That hibiscus really is photo worthy. Lovely. I had to read that boat name out loud to get it. LOL. Glad you were safe harbored.

tom the backroads traveller

...mighty fine looking sights!


I love those colors too.... it just seems gray here


I also love that shade! I would paint my house that color. Your scenes are so pretty. I also enjoy the bird photos. Our Osprey have not arrived from the South yet. They are always a little later than the eagles to nest.


No agenda! That's what I need! The sunsets are lovely in Florida. You comment on my blog "Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch Fumbles" but you show up as a no-reply So I cannot respond. My sister and I did march in Eugene, Oregon. Very pleased with the turn out here, nationwide, and worldwide. What a wonderfully peaceful and supportive event. Now I need to get started on what the March on Washington suggests to do next - it is called 10 Actions in 100 Days if you want to Google it.


It's always good to see your posts, Sallie!!
And this way, I get to see them all at once :)


Hi Sallie! Your colourful photos certainly helped lift my mood today! We're experiencing high winds and rain to come so its definitely back to winter!
Great name for the boat too!
Enjoy the weekend to come!



Peter B

I love all your sky shots! Beautifully captured.

Photo Cache

Yes these shades bring so much peacefulness.

Sharon Wagner

Yes, I can see why. Beautiful bud. And skies!


my favorite sky colors too....lavender and pink. gorgeous skies.


I love the idea of painting your cottage in sunrise colors. Long ago a friend and I painted her bedroom the colors of the inside of a shell kind of like rainbow stripes from corner to corner. I would never tire of the birds you see, especially the osprey. Great boat name. My Dad called our boat(s) Six Pak, because it wouldn't go without at least that much beer on board. Hope your weather has improved so you can go boating.


Hi Sallie-
That's a beautiful Hibiscus.
I love the layers inside the flower.
They say Hibiscus Tea can lower one's blood pressure. Did you know?
I notice the boat has Dallas, TX written on it.
Glad to hear all is well.
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)


These are the kinds of scenes I like to see this time of year. They seem a little closer when I see them in good pictures like these.

Stewart M

Great colours! I'd like to spend some time in a place that has Manatee Zones!

Sorry about slow reply - I have been in New Zealand and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


lovely sunrise shots and the ospreys!

Ken Schneider

We had some pretty fierce winds when that front passed through. A tornado touched down only 3 miles away from our home. Sadly, our next door neighbor (father of the boy with his dog on our lake) passed away from pancreatic cancer only a month after he was diagnosed.


Lovely photos and colours, the pink just adds that splash of vibrancy to it.


You are living the dream! I'll be thinking of you and picturing the birds and boat when it dips back into the teens and below this week.

Daniela L.

What a charming place to visit, darling Sallie, thanks most sincerely for sharing your always charming shots, what a gorgeous sky and your wild birds ... you always amaze me !

Hope your new week is off to a great start,
I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you

Xx Dany

Patrick Tillett

Noah Genda! Love it...
Gorgeous photos Sallie, even more so when enlarged.

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