January 29, 2017


ellen b

That favorite bird shot of yours is very nice indeed. Hope you have a good week ahead.


Lovely photos, Sallie. I love to take long walks in nature and your post has made my day. Thank you so much for sharing. :)


So different from what we see in Oregon!

Handmade in Israel

What wonderful photos! What a great place to visit. You certainly saw a lot in a couple of hours. Thank you for stopping by my blog.


Wonderful sights and experiences-they are pure escapism for me after a walk along a slightly frozen local canal 😊!

Hootin' Anni

I truly love the swamps! Those cypress trees are magnificent, and the sounds you hear are marvelous...literally music to your ear!

Great photos. I have to agree with you, the BC Night heron photo is tops!!!


Hello, Sallie! This looks like a great place to enjoy nature and walk. I love the turtle lineup and the beautiful Night Herons. Wonderful photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

Penelope Postcards

OMG … that family of turtles on a log looks so endearing. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Black-Crowned Night Heron in real life … looks like he has personality plus. What a great shot. My imagination would run wild and I could easily see elves and such in such a place. This is the kind of swamp I love!


Wow what an interesting place to wait for something to happen. The egret on the alligator is s super pic.


i love your bird shot ! such a great place :-)

Phil Slade

Just my sort of place Sallie. I could quite happily spend all day mooching around there, watching, waiting with camera at hand. (and a couple of spare cards and betteries).

Of course I had to laugh at the dictionary description. 1) nothing wrong with a bit of mud if its full of teeming wildlife.

2) Slough is the name of a rather unpleasant town in the South of England. Well the folks up North like me laugh about Slough while the folk who live there think it's wonderful.

Lavender Dreams

Oh that night heron is gorgeous! We've only seen one a very few times and we are always on the lookout. You have to be looking everywhere...all around to spot the birds. And you got good photos...a slough is a naturally dark and shadowy place and so hard to get photos that really show it in depth. Great job! I would love to go there. Enjoy your day sweet friend. Hugs, Diane (PS I was working on a post of gnomes...maybe there are some slough gnomes too!)


We've been there! Many years ago, though. I don't recall quite that much water but I do remember I took a ton of photos and that was when I was developing my own film and printing my own photos (which took forever!).

Re your question on Ocala: it was outside looking in and reflecting the glass bottom boat area at Silver Springs. It appears a portion of this building is being used to large dinner affairs. Or maybe just large diners. :)


Dearest Sallie; Oh♪ This is the very first post I've seen which kindly started with the definition of the word♡♡♡ And also I truly understand what you are talking about. (surprised to hear the TV news).
You made me wish to be with you again ;-) How wonderful to walk enjoying that rich nature. I had a big smile with the "Egret almost sitting on the head of a friend" picture. I knew the little birds help these alligators etc, but so cute even Egret staying on the head like that.
Yes, beautiful photograph of Black-crowned Night Heron; lovely and different from Gray heron I can see(♡^.^♡) Night Night, my friend.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


I really enjoyed being at the slough with you today, the 10 little turtles (snapping?) are lovely and the shot of the Cypress trees & Cypress knees made me smile.
Happy Mosaic Monday, dear lady.

kelleyn rothaermel

I can see why it doesn't get old. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!


What a beautiful place! I missed taking a photo of a Blue Heron the other day...Terry was driving and went too fast. Maybe I can get one another time.



Great shots of the swamp. I liked the way tortoise are lined up.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

All the photos are great, Sallie, but I totally fell in love with the turtles. :)
"Ten little turtles sitting on a log" sounds like a nursery rhyme or a song. So very cute!
I think I have seen a cypress like that in a botanical garden (in Italy). It's fascinating and it must be interesting to see them growing in their own environment.
Thank you very much for sharing. Have a lovely new week!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I always find visiting a swamp fascinating. It is teeming with life of all kinds and nature at its most bountiful. When we took a trip to a Louisiana swamp once our tour guide told us that almost all their sustenance came from the swamp. I'm also wishing and praying for a better world right now ...


Hello Sallie, it's lovely to meet you.
It was so interesting to see where you spent time for a walk. Those 10 little turtles sitting on a log are gorgeous! (I agree with Sara's comment that it sounds like a nursery rhyme).
The Heron is a fine fellow - great photo.
A really nice place to be, teeming with life. Cheers now :D)


When you hear the word 'swamp' you wouldn't think of beauty but you captured nature's beauty in its wildlife ~ what a lovely place to visit and share your wonderful photos ~ thanks,

Wishing you a happy and peaceful week ~ ^_^

Mary Howell Cromer

I love Cypress swamp areas and these are very nice along with the birds and your Heron is awesome. heading down to FL this Thursday...looking forward to warmer temperatures and hugging my youngest daughter~


Oh, guess my comment disappeared. Again, another word learned:) Can imagine it's every time different. Yes, the black crowned heron is beautiful, and the the turtles are cuties!A swamp has something mysterious for me! Thanks you so much for taking ALL SEASONS on the trip with you! Have a lovely week!


That's a great place - swampy areas have their own unique beauty. It's not something we have much of where I live.


Amazing, let's not drain this swamp. The egret is sitting on a croc? Beautiful night heron. You are in a good place physically and here's hoping the endless mud and mire won't bog (ha) you down. So glad you're there. It's snowing and cccccold here right now but I will attempt to stay off of Twitter, hardee har har.


This is heart warming, here in the near north!

Su-sieee! Mac

I thought of Yoda (isn't that the Star Wars character's name?) when I saw your last photo. Also the witches of Shakespeare stirring their bubbling pot. :-)


What wonderful photos, Sallie - and I love them all - but especially attracted to the Black Crowned Night Heron. We get them here in the warmer weather and I have seen them, but, never ever this close, and never as close as that egret is to the alligator. YIKES!


I love your slough. I first ran into sloughs when I moved to East Texas. I love those mysterious snakey places.


Those places scare the bejesus out of me.

tom the backroads traveller

...wet and wild!

riitta k

So interesting - and frightening - wildlife!


Nice to have a beautiful place like this so close to home. Dang I really thought that egret was sitting on the gator's head. Great bird shots as always. Hope nobody ever drains this swamp.


It all looks very exotic, with plenty to keep the eyes darting about trying to not miss anything. The Night Heron is a beautiful creature.

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

How neat! And thanks for the lesson on the word.


A very interesting place to visit and I really liked the 10 little turtles. I assume there are good solid walkways all around the area - otherwise I would find it a bit frightening!


I love the little turtles all lined up ! Indeed swamp is a good comparison ! I suppose you have to be careful where you walk !

David Gascoigne

It's an interesting way to start by defining the word, Sallie, and as is often the case it strikes me that so many words in English have multiple meanings, more so than in any other language that I know. Wonderful coverage of a scene that looks positively primordial. I could immerse myself (not literally!) in there for hours. Have a great week! David


The weather looks good in your photos...the 6 mile slough sounds like a great spot to view wildlife and see how our Planet provides just the right habitat for all it's creatures!

Alexa T

Such a lovely place to have a nice walk! Love the pictures taken and the quote found on that path. And it must be very interesting to admire this strange look of nature like you said in different times of day, different light, different seasons. We don't have such a place in here (because of the different environment, of course); the flora and fauna must be incredible and exotic, too!
Many thanks for sharing all of these with us!
Have a pleasant day and week, too!


what a wonderful place to visit if you are in love with nature or photography!! all places we visit always have something new to share - as long as you are alert and open. great captures of the visit!!

Findlay Wilde

Love all those turtles lined up on the log.


You captured an awful lot of wildlife in a short time. Favourites are the line of turtles and the egret on top of the alligator.

Photo Cache

Wow what a blessing to have some place like this to go to when you're down (or not) and get reenergized.


I can see why it never gets old. Love the turtle lineup and the Night Heron. Thanks.


I love Thoreau's words, so true! You captured much activity during your visit to the swamp, and that pic of the heron is amazing! I can understand why visiting such surroundings never gets boring!


Patrick Tillett

Really nice photos Sallie!
Your favorite is also mine.
Cypress knees! That is a new one for me...

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com

Sallie, wow! I really must visit Florida some day; it really is unique, isn't it? Beautiful photos!

Debby Ray

Hi Sallie! Thank you your visit and comment on my blog. You have some lovely photos here. I absolutely love the quote from Thoreau...and I totally agree!


It is kind of sad but have to admit I have never been to a proper swamp (maybe to places that look like swamps but in reality they are something else). I have to plan to visit an ecosystem like this. Looks very interesting and beautiful! #OurWorldTuesday

Gemma Wiseman

What wonderful sights at this incredible place. Love the scenic greens by the water in the first scene. And the egret's friend is quite a surprise.


What an interesting place to be able to visit, sure it takes your mind away from the problems of the real world Sallie

Les Fous du Cap (France)

Belle série ;-)
Céline & Philippe


Wonderful capture.


these places are so beautiful but can be frightening as well. It touches your soul in some way.


A wonderful slough! I didn't think I'd be saying that about a swamp but truly amazing sights to be enjoyed there and you found so many! I love the turtles in a row and the Black crowned Night heron is awesome!
great post!


I have never seen a swamp, or a slough, but your pictures make it look quite appealing.


Always thrilled to see a heron - and yours is gorgeous!


This looks so interesting Sallie. Another place to add to the bucket list next time we are in Florida. Great photos!

Tony McGurk

I don't think I'd like to be a duck there. Swimming along minding your own business & CHOMP!!! Gator food...

Stewart M

We do need to fight off the slough of despair - and nature is one way, if not the best way I think. Love that heron.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Michelle Ramblingwoods

Wow..this is a great post for Wetlands Day..so important.. Thank you for your like-minded comments on my blog... I also love the heron photo.....Michelle


I love that Thoreau quote about sitting and waiting in the woods for something to happen. So true.

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