January 15, 2017



Nice shooting, Sallie. And thanks for taking us along on your morning walk! I don't notice the morning change as much as I do the evening. But if you're out shooting twilight scenes, you gotta be quick!


Thats a decent walk...one and a half hours. The same happens here in our winter. At the moment it happens at about 4:30am. Its already bright and sunny at 6:30 when I start oh and I forgot and HUMID. Love the look of that board walk.


Wow, you're a trooper to start your walk so early! (Am a night owl). many thanks for sharing your beautiful and healthy walk with ALL SEASONS!Love all your kind and interesting comments each week, Sallie! Also thanks for confirming it was a vulture in my weekly post:)

Judy Biggerstaff

I enjoyed your walk. It is always nice to see other climates are places. Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing.


You live in a vacation state of mind and place! That's an inviting bench and walkway.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

You have a very pleasant morning walk, Sallie! The dawn is also often hidden in our valley until it reaches higher in the sky as we are surrounded by mountains, so we get a similar dark to light effect.


Great photos, Sallie, it looks like a lovely walk! Thank you so much for sharing.


How lovely! the photos take me on a great imaginary trip- on a wet, dreary day. We had ice, then snow and now rain for the last week :).


Hello, Sallie, wonderful walk. I love the moon and lighting. I like the boardwalk and all the greenery. I am sure you catch all the early birds during your early morning walk. I am glad I have the transition lenses, so I always have my sunglasses on. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!


First of all let me say how impressed I am that you're out walking so early in the mornings and for over an hour! I should think it's a lovey time of day to be outdoors, watching the sun rise and the moon disappear from sight.
Happy MM!


So you forgot those sunglasses agin? Sounds like me in the good days. This post fills me with envy. First because you are inspired to walk to early. Second becaause you walk in such a lovely place. Third because you have the breath to do this. Thanks for shatring anyway.

Re your last comment. I did not take it to mean you thought my post was too long. Thanks.


how wonderful that you are out walking so early - i am usually still rolling around in my bed!! you have a beautiful place for those walks - good that you bring your camera to capture it all!!!


Wonderful shots from the daily walk.


Sallie you just highlighted one of the best things about living in the Northern Hemisphere, the long summer days. In June I can be out birding at 4am and 2 or 3 hours before most folk are up and about. And yes, I notice how when I'm in the Med in spring and late summer it might be warm and sunny but the days are not long enough. You seem to have it all worked out to best advatage though.


What a difference an hour makes. It is a joy to be out as the sun rises but I am not that good at getting up and about early enough.I admire you greatly.

Penelope Postcards

I love the first shot … so enchanted. What a quickly changing skyscape, never a dull moment in your world. The early morning dark is cozy in some ways in my neck of the woods, too, especially this time of year when some Christmas lights in the neighborhood are still up lending a little sparkle to the night scene.


how great that you have such a park at your doorstep.

artmusedog and carol

Just lovely moon and nature photography ~ My favorites are the moon shots ~ thanks

Wishing you Happy Days ahead ~ ^_^


I have lived in the past close to the equator and it always amazed me (growing up with a long twilight) how quickly it would go from a sunny day to dark night. I enjoyed your images and taking your walk with you.

Nancy Chan

Early morning is the best time to watch the darkness slowing disappearing as the light of day takes over. Lovely green trees and blue sky in the last photo. Have a great day!


Lovely post Sallie. Nice selection of photos. So different from where I am!

Lavender Dreams

I love seeing those dapple clouds in the sky! And I was just talking about getting up early enough to go to the pond at sunrise. I can't get good photos in the evenings...to much glare on the water. Why don't you wake me when you get ready to go? heeheehee! Hugs!


These shots are so beautiful and so hopeful as day dawns - and daylight does seem to come quicker than here, not that we've had much sunshine here. :( I love all of these, but, especially that first one.


Oh you are killing me!! In a good sort of way.

riitta k

I'm also an early bird like you :) Your mosaic is stunning - have a nice day!


such a beautiful day start ! hope, you got my email :-)

kelleyn rothaermel

Gorgeous evening! Lucky you!

Sara - My Woodland Garden

What an interesting post... and lovely photos!
Here, far from the equator, it's indeed very different. :) When I went to pick the morning papers today, I saw the moon shining bright and thought we would finally have a sunny day. No way, when the sun was rising, the weather had already turned cloudy. :)
Have a great week!

Hootin' Anni

All so very pretty!!!
I bet you can find owls at the hour you leave to walk for the day.


true, close to the equator dusk and dawn don´t have much time. They quickly passes. Nice post to share it. :)


Gorgeous and how motivated of you to set off for a walk so early. Thanks for your recent visit to my blogs, love it that you are on the same wavelength!


Wow Sallie - this is beautiful - and I can imaging the sounds must be wonderful too! Love your collage,especially bottom left image. Skies are so interesting the way they change instant by instant. Wishing you a happy week!


It all looks warm and lovely, Sallie, perfect for walking.


Nice moon photos, Sallie! Being close to equator sounds lovely, right now. Warm and sunny and full of color!


Lady Fi

You live in a beautiful part of the world! I have a special hat with a lamp so I can see in the mornings! LOL!

Photo Cache

Oh what a great way to start the day.


Thanks for visiting my blog. the app I used for the collages is called 'pizap' and it is free


Very nice area to go for a walk! I should try to walk every day. It is something I enjoy.


Lovely! I'm definitely not close enough to the equator.


Dear Sallie, these are lovely. I have enjoyed visiting after being away from blogging. I have just made my first post and hope to be doing more on a regular basis. Thank you for your very sweet comments, they really touched me and I can't tell you enough how very much I appreciated them. Happy New Year! :)


I also walk at that time of morning before work, it's quiet and peaceful. Just a good time to think.

Stewart M

Nice - when I was in scotland last year it was the other way round - light 'till 11pm and light again at 3 am!

Made for a long day of birding - which is a good thing!

Cheers - Stewart M - (temporarily in) New Zealand


Thanks to you Sallie to share with us your morning walk. During winter I prefer early afternonn ones and in summer the end of the day with all the plants and flowers'scents !


Dearest Sallie; What an interesting post to show us how the scenery has changed before and after the sunrise♡♡♡ Even though you said there isn't much gradual change between them. I LOVE your collage at the park♩
In your area, sunglasses might be a necessity.
And I admire you for taking a walk like that (healthy way in the cooler morning), and my excuse is not much nature around my neighborhood p;-)

Hope you're having a wonderful week.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

Mary Howell Cromer

Hi Sallie, these are so pretty. I have some neat news for you...be watching the friendly skies of FL, for soon I shall be visiting the state as well. My daughter invited me to come and so in a couple of weeks, I shall make the journey. getting excited~


It's a beautiful place in which you live. Tropical sunrises and sunsets are definitely quick!

bettyl NZ

What lovely morning photos! I love all the degrees of sunshine. I don't do mornings very well so I'm glad you do!


It must be invigorating to take such an early walk in those lovely surroundings.


You are up very early ! I used to get up at 6, but for them moment I can't get out of my bed until 9 am ! The sky of your last picture is exactly the one we had here 3 days ago and in November the same in Egypt !! Isn't that strange ?


lovely photos, looks like a great morning walk!


Love these nature photos and makes me want to work harder on my morning walking regimen this time. Thank you for sharing Sallie and Happy New Year!

Michelle R woods

Beautiful blue skies...Thank you so much for your comments. They really warm my heart.... Michelle

David Gascoigne

There is a place in Ecuador called El Centro del Mundo where you can literally stand astride the equator. There is even a church where the bride and groom stand in different hemispheres as they get married. Miriam and I have a picture of us birding back to back, her binoculars in the southern hemisphere, mine in the north. Oh the things we do as tourists! But it is quite stunning when at a minute to six it is daylight and a minute after it is night!


Lovely photos!!!!


Beautiful shots. I love to see the moon in the morning. These days it's usually on the way to work and I can't photograph it but love seeing it anyway.


Yes, it happens pretty fast here too. I love all of your pictures. We are having some nasty weather today, two tornado warnings already this morning!


These are awesome photos!! beautiful!

Patrick Tillett

All these photos are beautiful, and that last one is fantastic!
I love taking photos in the early light. Unfortunately, I don't usually get up that early.

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