February 19, 2017


ellen b

Wow! That is a little south of normal for me. 75 and let's light the heaters. 75 is my perfect summer temperature. ;)
How wonderful that there were 50 couples celebrating 50 or more years. I'm encouraged by that! Have a good week.


You two have just the best life!!! Really. I love all your stories and pictures of your life. 75 is kinda hot around here in the summer! I have not heard of daytime owls. I always learn something when I come here.


It was lovely to see all the greens and herbs growing in the urban farms - that would've been a very pleasant tour.
I didn't realise there were daytime owls - love their plumage!
The 50 celebration looked a well attended event - very nice :D)


57f is our exceptionally high temperature forecast for today!😊. I find about 70f my ideal in the summer.

Congrats on over 50 years of marriage and your zest for life.I always enjoy reading of your outings and viewing photos that never cease to surprise me.

Stewart M

Love those owls. We just had the coldest February day for 10 years. I almost stopped wearing shorts!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Living "la dolce vita" in Florida, how lucky you two are to have been together for so long. Loved seeing the burrowing owls, hadn't heard of that one before, the trip to the farm would have been right up my street.
Stay warm, my dear!

Lavender Dreams

What a beautiful dinner for so many blessed couples. And I love the saying...A Little South of Normal! I'm going to start using that! heehee! It's beautiful weather this week...high around 80 every day. No heaters needed! lol Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

riitta k

Hot and Summer! Go on enjoying!


Gee -- 75 is hot for the Gulf Coast this time of year. Love the burrowing owls. Sounds like you are enjoying Florida. Happy Monday!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, 48 years for us this year. Love the cute burrowing owl. I'm visiting from Mosaic Monday.


Heaters at 75 degrees - I'd have been panting for air!
Congratulations on your anniversary!

Lady Fi

LOL about bringing out heaters at 75 degrees! The dinner looks lovely, and the fresh veggies delicious. And those owls are adorable too.

Hildred Finch

Lovely post, Sallie. And I add my congratulations..... There is great concern here about the burrowing owl, and it seems to be at the top of the environmental list. Your photos are great....loved the borage too. It has been absent from ny garden since we moved to town and I vowed to give it a spot this year. It is such a beautiful blue, and the bees love it so...

Mary Howell Cromer

It looks like you certainly had an enjoyable week. Those Burrowing Owls have escaped me every journey that I have made to South Florida and they are plentiful and we just have a difficult time seeing them as well as my regular hunt for Manatee...which I have never seen either one in the many visits I have made down there in the past 47 years. One day though ;)


What a lovely week Thanks for sharing with us. I guess it is possible to become used to all sorts of temperatures but I still haven't learnt the trick!-and our summer temps are still staying way too high!Those little owls are very cute and the farm with all the organic produce looks just perfect.


Believe me Sally "being married forever" is right now an accomplishment, since 50% of marriages fail! Of course having been a therapist I have seen my share of family problems:( How serendipitous that you are sharing a celebration with the first blog anniversary of ALL SEASONS! Have a lovely week Sallie, and I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping up with your travels this first year!


I loved this, Sallie.
What a wonderful way to celebrate, and continuing to celebrate, all those over 50 years of marriage. It looks like a lovely time.
I would enjoy seeing those burrowing owls - and fresh produce in the field. :)


Hello Sallie, I love the awesome shots of the Burrowing Owls. The farm tour sounds interesting. Congrats to all having their anniversaries. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

artmusedog and carol

Delightful post and all those couples still together ~ wonderful party photos ~ and love the owls ~ thanks.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy week ~ ^_^


That is so nice for that resort to give celebrations for couples after their 50th, a tribute to marriage! And the locality is so lovely for so many things, as you posted here. By the way, i didn't know there is an owl that is not nocturnal, thanks for that info.


Wonderful shots of the place. I like that owl.


Amazing, over 50 years, congratulations.

I love those burrowing owls.


What a great celebration. Being married 50 years or more is really something to honour. We're coming up to 40 years this summer and it's hard to believe.
Wonderful owls, and so great that they are visible in the daytime for photos.
Enjoy your time in beautiful Florida.

Handmade in Israel

Congratulations on your anniversary! That owl is very sweet. The farm produce looks wonderful.


Happy anniversary! That is definitely a big milestone! I love seeing sunny Florida (even if it's cold for you). It's been so gray in Berlin... especially after coming back from 3 months in Southeast Asia. :)


Great mix of shots. I love the birds and gardens. Funny how summer weather one place is winter in FL. Great to be married so long. My oldest sister and brother in law fit into that category.


Congrats on the 50 yrs! Looks like a very nice party!! I bought dropped dead when I saw that burrowing owl...if only I had known!! Are they there in that location yr round?? I see 3 rare birds on the FL rare bird lists. The smooth Billed Ani, the Brown Booby, and the shiny cowbird, I have the brown booby but not the burrowing owl or the rest!! Awesome stuff!!


Those owls are wonderful!

Looks like a great party!


"I'm not sure if being married forever is normal or not -- but I know for sure that it was a nice party!" this line cracked me up!!!! the hubs and i talk about that all the time. we are so happy together but sometimes it seems "unnatural" - it was funny to read your take on it!! nice to have such a nice greeting with the owls, they always elude me here!!

oooooh and had i been in that restaurant, i may have left. 75 boarders on too warm for me!!!


I liked Cape Coral a lot when I was there two years ago. It's definitely a great place for active retired people. My friend has been retired in CC for several years now and loves it. So many great places to bird nearby. Have a great week!

Les Fous du Cap (France)

Jolie petite chouette ;-)
Céline & Philippe


Was the gardener doing some companion planting by any chance? like when you grow herbs next to veges etc? such a nice healthy way to garden.


Lots of nice greenery. But I had to LOL at the "cold" temperatures!


Loved all these photos, Sallie. You make life look so good in southwest Florida. I've never been to Cape Coral, but I hear it's a beautiful place. Nothing like fresh fruits and veggies, too. It's been in the 80s here for several days...too hot for February! Don't like it to feel like summer this early!

I'm on a break/breather/hiatus, but will return soon. I've posted a few shots on L & L Photography (the URL has changed to: http://www.landlfotos.weebly.com.) Take good care and thanks for stopping by Ocala!


I'm ready for greens! I've been married twice, so I'm never going to hit a 50 year anniversary! Your life is full and rich!


I get the weather thing because 75 is too cold in Puerto Rico too. People take jackets to the movies. #OurWorldTuesday


Congrats on the fifty years! I can just about smell all the herbs, how wonderful. That's pretty funny about the portable heaters. I was out looking at eagles today and saw some guys with their shirts off getting sunburned. I think it was in the low or mid-sixties. I've been wearing shorts and capris for days and usually in a t-shirt no jacket.


Well, I had to smile at those portable heaters at 75 Sallie:) Congratulations on your over 50 anniversary. What a nice idea of the RV park. Loved all the photos, especially the one of the two of you. Farm to table? Fantastic! The owl shots were great also. I would have loved to see them. Florida has such amazing bird life, wildlife in general. Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you so much for stopping by.


It's true; what is considered hot in one place is cold in another. When I tell people that our average winter temp for February is 60, their jaws drop!

Your owl collage made me smile, despite the serious expressions on these wise critters!

What an accomplishment to be married for 50+ years! It is certainly something to celebrate in this day and age.



great owl shots !
you both look so beautiful together - congrats !!!♥


I also would say that it is a nice temperature ! Ever since smoking is forbidden inside the cafés many have these heaters on a covered terrace. I would love to see owls unfortunately here around they are only in zoos. Maybe in the woods too, but they are so shy. The place you live looks very beautiful. I never thought I would stay with the same man for such a long time ! Our 50th anniversary will be in two years !

Penelope Puddle

Fifty/fifty sounds much like the odds of a marriage surviving for life. You hit the jackpot, though, joining exactly fifty couples to celebrate your fiftieth anniversary. You look beautiful with your dashing husband. Congratulations to you both!


Terry and I are like you two...very grateful to be active and busy at this time of our lives. So often we see people who are younger than us barely able to walk. They also seem to have lost their zest for living, just sitting at home watching TV.


Hi Sallie-
Lovely post!
Here is TX, we 'complain', if it gets below 50 degrees in Winter :)
The Owls are darling, aren't they?
It is amazing how big they can be, when you see them up close.
Congrats on a happy marriage and wish you both many more happy and healthy years.

Thanks for your sweet comment. All is well.

Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)

Phil Slade

I always find it strange when we go to Spain in May and all the locals are in long trousers and jackets. "Spot the Brits" in their t shirts and shorts is the locals' daily sport.

Those Burrowing Owls are closely related to our Little Owl, which occasionally nests in rabbit burrows. Congrats on the 50+ years. It's quite a milestone but not for the younger generation whose big milestone is nearer 10 years. LOL.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

First of all, congratulations on your wedding anniversary and wishing you many more happy years together! Lovely photos of the celebration - and of the cute owls and of the wonderfully healthy-looking vegetables.
I too had to smile: 75 F (about 24 C) is warm for us, the ideal summer temperature. :)
Thank you again for your lovely comments. I have started to like very much that photogenic little squirrel. The small birds strongly prefer the nuts and sunflower seeds, but I'm happy they like the suet ball too, because I finally managed to hang it near a window and can have some close-up photos.

Big hugs!


Forgot to mention I almost took some owl statue shots yesterday since I'm just finishing up Twin Peaks and have been on the look out for them. I was too pumped up with spring fever and the bacon cheeseburger I was eating to follow through though.

tom the backroads traveller

...being married forever isn't normal these days

Photo cache

Congratulations on this milestone! Keep traveling.

Frankly My Dear


Congratulations! Nice pics and I love the collage.


Congratulations! Looks like lovely photos! I like the little owls. We don't have those owls here so really like those photos. I like that collage also. Have a happy week.

Gemma Wiseman

The owl's feathers are so beautifully mottled. And how thoughtful that the resort welcomes marriage celebrations in this way. Great idea.

Stewart M

Me again - I agree that the haze gives the picture a painterly feel - much as I like a crisp shot, I rather like the feel in gives my stork images.

Cheers (again) - Stewart M - Melbourne


What a lovely celebration!
My late mom's friends have been married 20 years, but together 60!!! We had dinner with them a couple of days ago!


what a wonderful party you attended. You are lucky with your marriage :)

It looks a bit strange with the owls. In one image it´s eyes are black :)


Such a joyful post, Sallie, and I absolutely love all the photos! Thank you so much for sharing.

Michelle Rwoods

Oh Sallie... a very Happy Happy Anniversary to you and hubby...many hugs..Michelle


I really like the owl pictures. I don't think I've ever seen an owl myself, even at the zoo.

Alexa T

Congrats on your anniversary!! Such a lovely event to celebrate! Lovely!!
24*Celsius is for sure nice for weather in february; in here it is still cold...
And so interesting aspects captured at the farm!
Have a great weekend ahead! Best regards!

Patrick Tillett

A bit of everything! To me, 75 F is perfect for me. I love owls, and wish we had some of the burrowing type here.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

What a wonderful way to celebrate a long and happy marriage! We have 8 more years to go till our 50th-- a blessing we hope to see!

I love your owl and farm photos. There is so much to see and do there in Florida and I can see why you enjoy it so much, Sallie.

After 5 weeks of no rain or snow we finally had snow yesterday--hurrah! As you know the fire danger is great here when we have no moisture and boy was it dry. I love how pretty everything here looks covered with white. We are far way from spring but that's ok --I still love winter!


Maybe the wind was cold and they did not want anyone to get a chill! Just enjoying a catch up here Sallie.


Dearest Sallie; WOW, Congratulations on you two's attending such wonderful party♡♡♡ I'm SO GLAD to see your happy faces, Dear friend♫♫♫  Oh yes, I'm sure you two must be feeling lucky to be able to lead active and busy life with health. Well, we are having 40th year this year, I DO wish we can follow in your footsteps (hope the right words) (♡^.^♡)

What a wonderful post of "A LITTLE SOUTH OF NORMAL". I LOVE the collage pictures of owl and the organic farm. You made me wish to live in Florida :-)

I was busy translating about the instruction book for dram etc. One of my husband's friend who plays dram was interested in the English version. Haha, took me 3 days. I'm leaving home now and away from pc for a while. I'll SEE YOU SOON after coming back. Thank you so much for your sweet comments, I always feel grateful for your kindness.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


Happy birthday to you and your husband Sallie ! I'm so happy to see you both!


It's not snowing here today. must be Spring!

Joe Todd

Many blessings

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