February 26, 2017



You got a LOT of very cool photos, Sallie! That homely looking bird eating dinner is a wonderful series of photos. It's got a kind of sea serpent vibe going on. I thought we saw a golden eagle on our way to watch eagles last week, but it turned out to be one of many juveniles we saw that day. Very nice group of photos, many of my cousins and a nephew are in FL this week, and my sister and her friends are in AZ. That's okay, we had a mini spring/summer before it became winter again.


What stunning shots, darling Sallie, I'm sincerely feeling in awe !

Wishing you a most wonderful new week,
sending hugs and ever much love to you



Wow! That picture with the bird spearing the fish is really impressive. Love your bald eagles too!


It is fascinating to read/see the eaglet updates-together with yet more, especially the Anhinga😊.


Hello Sallie, I love the eaglet and eagle photos. Well done. I would like to see the eaglet branching too. Great captures of the Anhinga with the fish. I like the Kestrel shots, awesome birds and post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

Villroses hage

Great captures!
Have a lovely week!


Fascinating shots, Sallie, I always enjoy seeing places and things that are out of the ordinary to me. Love the Anhinga
balancing the fish like a circus artist!
Happy MM.


Hi Sallie,

I so enjoyed your interesting commentary and pics of the eaglet (branching, huh?), as well as the anhinga's 'food shopping' routine! The pic of it with the fish made me think of a pizza artist, twirling the dough in the air!

Happy Mosaic Monday!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

How wonderful to be able to check on the progress of this eaglet, Sallie! I don't think I ever saw a Anhingas before--what a beautiful bird!


What a fascinating series of photos, Sallie. Thanks for sharing. Eagles are so majestic and I love anhingas. Great fun!


Great shots of the birds. I like that dinner sequence.

ellen b

Wow, that Anhinga must have been amazing to watch. You got some great shots. I've never seen one. It looks a little prehistoric. Hope you have a good week!


You get to see so much wildlife and enjoy the sun down there...lovely Sallie...


What an experience you had photographing the eaglet and it's parent!
Good to see some male nurturing too!
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog Sallie - we've probably got much in common - boats and photography (and age) haha.

Lavender Dreams

It's so hard to get a good photo of the Kestrel! He's always so far away when I see him! What awesome photos of the Anhinga catching a fish! WOW! You must have been clicking them off as fast as you could...so many great shots! Love that baby eagle too. I wish we could find where they nest here! Enjoy the week and this fabulous weather!


These are great photos, Sallie, showing life in the wild! The twisting dance of the anhinga seems very serpentine - kind of creepy the way it can contort itself to keep that fish where it wants it.

Have a great week.

Penelope Puddlisms

Oh, the large blue bird below is a beauty. The bird with a long neck catching a fish is interesting … it reminds me of a seal twirling a ball. :)

Lady Fi

Wow - amazing shots for us today! I'd love love to see an eaglet flying.


I feel for the Eaglet who will have the big test soon!
Your mention of the many photographers remind me of the time I was painting in Yosemite Nat. Park and suddenly a whole slew of photographers came by with all their expensive equipment came by. When they stopped I smiled, because it meant I had chosen a good spot to paint. They were very respectful, careful not to get in my view:):)
Thank you for sharing watching the Eaglet with ALL SEASONS, and hope you catch his first flight! Have an adventurous week:)


That is an amazing photo of the anhinga spearing a fish.


That crane had a great capture and so did you!


Great shots! I'm glad to see that Anhinga! I've never seen one and to see it getting it's dinner is a huge treat!


Those eagles are impressive creatures. They could eat my dogs!


WOW the Eaglet has grown fast! Hope he successfully makes it out in the world! Great footage of the cormorant and fish!!


Very cool shots of the eagles and I learned a new term "branching" I always enjoyed the Anhinga photos. I guess I saw them when I was in New Orleans last Spring. These creepy looking birds with the wings unfolded. Now I know they werent creepy.


I do hope you get more wonderful photos of the eaglet, maybe branching. A new term for this lame birder. Amazing the Anhinga can swallow a fish so big.

riitta k

Great bird photos! Enjoy your week!


Your bird photos are always amazing, I heard on the radio the other day that bird watching is considered to be good for your health as it is very calming.


Such exciting shots and I love the mosaic of the eaglets. Anhinga are so interesting, with their almost snake-like necks. Looks like he managed some lunch.

Photo Cache

These eagles are like superstars everyone has their lenses zoomed into them.


Hi Sallie-
I love seeing all these water birds.
The Anhinga photo is outstanding.
Great photos and commentary!
Have a Happy Day!!
Peace :)


What great photos of the Anhinga fisherman (or woman)! You're lucky to be able to watch that eagle's nest. It's snowing (again) here in Breckenridge.


These are all a delight. I envy you catching the shot of the bird with its dinner. Those are always the shots that got away for me even if the fisher gets its catch. Wonderful to see the eagles (adult and juvenile).

bettyl - NZ

It's awesome to see these lovely birds. Thanks for all the info about them, too. I like learning new facts a little at a time.


Hello Sallie! You've taken such great shots of all your birds! They're magnificent aren't they and how great to be around when it's time for the eagle to leave its nest :D)
That was quite amazing to see your shot of the Anhinga catching a fish - wow! I bet you really enjoyed that moment as well. Cheerio for now, and thanks for your great post.


I really like seeing the bald eagle. I don't have any pictures of my own of one of those guys. It's one of my major goals.


These birds I only see in a zoo !

Gemma Wiseman

Incredible range of photos of birds in action. Your anhinga looks a little like our cormorant drying out feathers. Intriguing series.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Most interesting... and great photos, Sallie! I like especially much the collage about Dad Eagle, because of that lovely tree. :) Is it some kind of pine?
The Anhinga really isn't the prettiest of birds. I needed to google it; the name in Finnish would be a "snake neck". Its not having waterproof feathers, to be able to dive for longer periods of time, is also fascinating.
Thank you, once more, for a very interesting post!

handmade by amalia

How fascinating to follow the eagle from birth (hatch?). Great photos, Sallie.

Andrea @ From The Sol

The only way you can tell the male and female apart is to see them together. The female will be one third larger than the male. After you know this you can eventually start to tell which is which even when they are apart. Also, your Kestrel is a falcon ... the smallest falcon in the US, but the European Kestrel is as large as a hawk. You are lucky to be able to watch the eagle's nest and all of the goings on ... and love your Anhinga ... quite the fisherman, I would say.

Andrea @ From The Sol

artmusedog and carol

Love Eaglet ~ beautiful ~ gorgeous nature shots and wonderful post ~ life is good ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^


What a wonderful series of photos. I remember the anhingas in this pose, and also the bright blue ring around its eye which I was told appeared all the brighter during mating season on the male(?). Would love to see those eagles also. The kestrel is such a pretty little one. Thanks for sharing Sallie.


you have the most amazing wildlife in your area - you images are stunning. i cannot imagine being that close to the eagles, they are so magnificent. perfect timing on the captures of the anhinga, the pictures are amazing!!!

tom the backroads traveller

...I love your eagles, I rarely see them at home.


oh you got some great shots :-)


I think you're doing pretty good, bird-wise.

Phil Slade

Hi Sallie. I was interested in your phrase "lots of photograaphers". Is the twenties, thirties or more? We don't have an equivalent to a nesting Bald Eagle, perhaps the nearest would be Golden Eagle, Osprey and Honey Buzzard, all so rare as to keep their nesting sites secret aprt froma few "in the know". If such sited were to become well known then the daily watchers at weekends could easily number in the hundreds for each.

Clearly your eagles have some formal protection to be afforded titles. It's good news for the eagles.


Great info on the eaglets. I'm enjoying your pics.

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Love the eagle photos! And the anhinga is so interesting. He looks snake-like in the water!

Stewart M

Nice set of pictures. We were wondering at work today about how darters / Anhinga deal with fish they have 'speared'.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


stunning and so interesting !!! love your bird shots


lovely photos of a great selection of birds

Mary Howell Cromer

The Eagles are so marvelous. I am not sure but our local nest may have failed for the first time in 7 years~


I love the anhinga!!! Such a cool bird. Plus it's never a bad day when you spot an Eagle! Awesome birds posted here!

Keith Wynn

Fantastic captures of the eagles :) you photos always amaze. I wish you a wonderful weekend!!


I like watching birds especially eagles, owls, and etc.
They inspire.



Thank, you Sallie for your shot of the eaglet. Happy to see again this beautiful and interesting family. I like a lot too the long necked one. Here birds begin to sing and it's a big pleasure !


always nice to see eagles. And not to mention the Anhinga. Very cool images here today :)

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