February 02, 2017


Peter B

I love those beach sunsets!!


Wonderful shots. The sunset pics are awesome.

bettyl - NZ

I would love to sit in one of those chairs and talk to you! You have such a wide variety of scenery and animals and your photos always make me smile.

Patrick Tillett

All gorgeous photos and beautiful scenes.
Those sunset photos make me want to go somewhere.


I've never seen so many pelicans! Lovely to see.

Lady Fi

What fabulous shots!


That gnarly tree is really wonderful.


Brilliant photos! I'm a great lover of sunsets and pelicans are just about my favorite birds.


These radiate such a sense of peacefulness. Your sunsets are beautiful, Sallie. I love that gnarly tree - such character and resiliency.

ellen b

Such beautiful photos. Very serene. I was sorry not to get any pelican shots while I was on the California beaches last month. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.

artmusedog and carol

Beautiful skies and presentation for Sky Watch Friday ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful weekend ~ ^_^


Well done, my friend, and as I've said before, I enjoy your photos so much as they remind me of the many times we drove from Ft. Lauderdale to Naples and Ft. Myers and Sanibel. We had so much fun in those days. I remember those sunsets and those silly pelicans and the ospreys. Keep up the good work.


Hello Sallie, I love the photos with the pelicans. The sky shots are all beautiful. The tree is cool. Great collection of photos.
Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


Great photos Sallie and I love that gnarly old tree.


Beautiful photos. I especially like the Pelicans. Thanks for sharing.


Hello Sallie, stopping back to say thank you for linking up your post. I enjoyed the Brown Pelicans and the Osprey. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


Dearest Sallie;  What GORGEOUS mosaic of sunsets, beautiful orange and great arrangement♡♡♡ (I thought you avoided orange color sunset pictures next to each other.)
Oh Yes, "The fleet is in"♪ I smiled the way all of their beaks are facing down to the water ;-) How wonderful you could catch that moment Osprey has the prey in his /her hands. And I also LOVE the way you arranged pictures of its partner and nest☆☆☆ I wish I could see bird's nest of big birdie like that. The Unique Shape of the tree amazed me.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

ps; Salmon and Tuna are our favorite sashimi(♡^.^♡) I think the price of any fish rises nowadays.

Sharon Wagner

I love Florida sunsets!

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful critter shots, Sallie ~ lovely ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful weekend ~ ^_^


A very pretty set of photos. I love that fleet of pelicans - I've never imagined anything like that in the wild!


So wonderful to visit here and get a lift. Thanks


How gorgeous, Sallie, and the pelicans are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

Phil Slade

I guess you’re talking about Eugene Schieffelin? According to the BBC - Choughs, wrens, cormorants, owls, nightingales, larks and some 60 other species all have their place in William Shakespeare’s world. But in 1500-1600 his knowledge of birds was somewhat limited and unless old Bill birded in the winter, he would not have seen a Fieldfare.

Unfortunately Mr Schieffelin chose one very successful species with which to recreate England. Sorry!
But, as I may have mentioned before, the Starling is not doing well in Britain, only the Continental population (without our intensive agriculture) is stable.

I like the gnarly old tree. Looks like just the tree where the Ospreys might be? Probably not - far too public.


It looks so nice and warm in your beautiful pics, Sallie! I can hardly wait for spring!

Hootin' anni

Wow Sallie...you've outdone yourself! Fabulous photos/collages.

I favor the osprey silhouette...but 'the fleet' is great too.

Thanks for linking at I'd rather b birdin...and visiting hootin' anni's


Hi Sallie-
All pictures are great.
The gnarly tree gets the winning prize because it is different :)
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)

Lavender Dreams

I love that old gnarly tree and your Osprey photos. Their nests are huge, aren't they? Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!


Such a fruitful day.
Everyone has their share.
I got the most.
I enjoy your beautiful moments.



Beautiful photos, the sunsets shots are wonderful!

Penelope Puddle

I would love to sit in one of those chairs on the beach and watch the close of the day. The sun looks like a dollop of honey sinking softly into the big sea. Beautiful!


Beautiful scenes! I'd kind of like to sit in one of those chairs on the beach and watch the wave and sun setting. Wow - that tree- a great find!


Since we can't hop on a plane and sit in the beach with you...this is a nice treat anyway!



Beautiful pictures of nature.


a beautiful sunset and I love that you included the chairs. :) And what a cool tree! Love it!


i LOVE your fleet and your sunset!! i was on the same page today, they are so warm and comforting!!!


Hello Sallie, how beautiful! The sunsets (it would be pure relaxation sitting on those banana lounges).
Great birds - and their nests! My favourite is that big old gnarly tree... lovely :D)


wow !!! so so beautiful - happy week :-)


Your pictures are beautiful ! At least you can go outside and take pictures ! I feel like a prisoner here, even if it doesn't rain it's humid and you can't take good photos, rather catch a cold !

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Hello dearest Sallie, the bird photos and the tree are gorgeous, but the sunsets truly make me dream and I can't stop smiling. I think everyone would love to sit in those chairs, admire the sunset and listen to the calm evening waves... and then go to have a tasty dinner in a garden hung with lanterns... As you can see I'm fully immersed in the dreams now. :)
Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely new week!


What beautiful sunset, the sky ablaze with amber ambience! The pelicans are the perfect seaside entertainment. Your January must have been fun!



Beach sunsets and pelicans, gosh it's a hard life in Florida!
Happy Mosaic Monday.


Beautiful sunsets. I love pelicans -- one of my favorite birds. I bet seeing the Osbrey was a great treat. Happy Monday!


Wonderful sunsets...and that certainly is a lot of pelicans!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

There is nothing as beautiful as a sunset over the water! We also saw a lot of Pelicans along the shore when we were on the cruise in Mexico

jesh stg

Even though I'm not into birding, I love to see how birds build their nest! Hope you also went into the art gallery where you captured the front of? Thank you so much for sharing this fun with ALL SEASONS! Have a happy week, Sally!


Sigh! How gorgeous were those sunsets! I'm a tad envious!! Glad you are having a great time and enjoying the sights! Wonderful shots of the osprey!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

Beautiful sunsets and lots of wildlife on your excursions! I've heard ospreys but not seen any this year yet; however my favourite little burrowing owls are still here.


The twisting tree is magnificent. Look at ll those pelicans, my. Hey, it was 40˚ just south of here today.


All that lovely green!


Oh I love the sun..so gray here and going from snow and cold to rain.. Yuck.. Need some sun and be able to get out....Michelle


Looks like a great wrap up for January. Love the sunsets and birds.


It looks like a pelican party! I want a beach!

Marleen, NL

Beautiful sunsets, Sallie!

Findlay Wilde

Fantastic views of birds and scenery

David Gascoigne

Good evening Sallie: Thanks so much for featuring both Brown Pelican and Osprey in your current post. It is not so many years ago, in the dark, grim days of organochlorine pesticide abuse that both of these species were threatened with extinction and it is nothing short of glorious to see them in the abundance you portray. I am just re-reading "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson (St. Rachel to me) and the battle she fought gets more inspirational with each reading. What a courageous, courageous woman she was. In the pantheon of true American heroes she certainly has a place in the very highest echelon.


Lovely photos Sallie! Those sunsets are gorgeous.


So many nice photos! Happy photo taking in February! Can't wait to see what you capture with your lens. #OurWorldTuesday


Drooling over the sunsets, stunning Salli, mother nature is amazing.


Oh that tree is amazing, it knows how to be artistically beautiful. And the landscaper know also how to make the most of it, and thanks to the photographer like you, we were delighted.

Lady Fi

Wow - fabulous!

Hildred Finch

Oh, I am so envious. And so appreciative of your wonderful photos. The snow keeps falling here, and as much as I loved it when I was young I find it very confining now. The other night I waited for a ride to a meeting, standing on the roadside in the crunchy snow with the moon and Venus making lovely conversation in the sky, and I felt quite young after being housebound so much...


What a beautiful place....sunsets and birds. Perfection!


How beautiful! We're so frozen.


A day out with you is a wonderful thing. Love the Brown Pelicans.


The osprey, wow. But the turtles all in a row are my faves! Ours are all sleeping under the snow.

Stewart M

Very nice sunsets - i like the beach chairs. And who cannot love a pelican.

Cheers - Stewart M - New Delhi, India

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