March 05, 2017


ellen b

And that's why I love blogging. I get to see things I never knew existed like the Caracaras bird. I enjoy seeing what you see in your winter home!


What a gorgeous Nature, Florida is truly amazing, thank you for sharing your always stunning shots with us, darling Sallie !

Wishing you the best of weeks,
with utmost gratitude


Handmade in Israel

Beautiful picture. The Blue Heron is stunning. Weren't you a tiny bit scared when you saw that sign?


Hello Sallie, the boat ride sounds like a fun tour. I think I have seen enough gators in Florida to last a life time. I do enjoy all the pretty birds. The herons, Ibis and the Caracara are wonderful.
Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

handmade by amalia

I'd rather feed an alligator than have him feed on me :-)

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: Great post. You have obviously had a very pleasing epiphany and have dedicated your post to birds! I am hereby conferring on you a temporary membership into the Worldwide Fraternity (Sorority in your case) of Certified (or should that be Certifiable?) Bird Nerds. This is only temporary mind you. I will be scrutinizing your future posts very closely for more dissertations about and images of birds. If the volume of avian trivia is not up to par your temporary membership will be revoked and you will revert to your former status of Dedicated Friend of Birders Like Gascoigne et al. Not such a bad thing in itself I might add!


I agree with ellen b, through blogging you get to see and encounter things you'd never come across at home.
Love the term "land cruise" very fitting considering where you are living presently.
Happy MM.

Lavender Dreams

We've wished many times we had a boat or were near the water to get out in one! You see so many interesting things from that viewpoint. Love your little blue and those juvenile ibis! And what fabulous weather we've had! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

kelleyn rothaermel

I imagine Florida has an amazing amount of bird varieties as I am sure so many different species come there for the winter.


Beautiful. So many birds in one place.


A truly priceless sign! I just watched a video of Lake Trafford:fascinating. We have had alternate days of either warm spring sunshine, or gales and non-stop rain😊.

Penelope Postcards

Lol … I love the signage … puts things in perspective doesn’t it. How super that you and your husband of 60 years are free to enjoy the wildlife and have boating and road adventures in the wonderful warmth of the east coast. What you’ve missed in the west is a March snowfall, at least in my neck of the woods where all the birds recently scattered out of sight.


They would scare me lol but lucky it sounds like they get well fed.


What a fun tour. You need not worry about gators; they only eat once a month. Or so I'm told. Nice photos! I would have enjoyed traveling down this waterway with you!


Ooops! I forgot to mention that when I read you title about "wild" I figured you'd be posting shots of you dancing on some waterside bar in Ft. Myers. :)


Love all the birds (and alligators) here. Was thinking, that if you have a nest of the Bald Eagles close by, does that mean you are living at a higher altitude? I live at 3000 feet, and have yet to see an eagle nearby!
A lovely post Sally, and thank you so much for sharing with ALL SEASONS this week! Have a happy one!
Thank you for your compliment in your comment for thinking of different things to post - for me, it goes automatically - I love change:):)

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful series of beautiful nature photos ~ Love the sign at the beginning of the riverboat ride ~ thanks ~ Love the 'Mexican Eagle' shot also ~

Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^


It looks like a beautiful day out, full of sunshine and wonderful bird sightings. And an alligator!


WOW...love the Caracaras!! Good eye finding that one!! Is it considered rare there? All great looking birds! Very inspiring post!


That sounds like a fantastic trip and right up my alley. My cousin has some good shots of pelicans and possibly egrets on the WI River. I like to go by some pines in Devil's Lake where the herons are very active in the spring. Hilarious sign and kind of creepy. I'm digging that Mexican eagle.

Kay L. Davies

I was somewhat taken aback when I read "Peace River" because Canada has one...up in northeast British Columbia, and no one is doing any pleasure boating there this time of year. On the other hand, we don't have crocs and gators, which might be considered a plus by some.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Nice birds, but I can live without the alligators!


It looks like a nice little boat tour that you took. I love the sign. Most alligators I have seen were pretty quiet.

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Beautiful birds! Glad the gators didn't eat you!

Lady Fi

What an amusing sign! And your bird shots are lovely!


All the birds are wonderful. I always like seeing birds, especially the big ones. I'm kind of glad to see alligators only in pictures too. I still like them though.


Here I only read "do not feed the ducks", alligators sounds much better in my ears !


'Land cruise'...love this expression of getting to enjoy marine magic on solid ground! I'd never heard of the Caracaras and as I was reading your commentary, I thought how much it resembled the American Eagle. Beautiful pics, Sallie!

Happy Tuesday,


I'm glad you enjoyed you day - and I enjoyed reading about it and seeing all this wonderful wildlife Beautiful photos, Sallie. We are just starting to see blue heron up here.

Phil Slade

I did wonder whether people do actually feed the alligators despite that probably highly sensible advice. Some photographers will try moost things to get that best picture.

People here insist on feeding birds bread despite being advised it's unhelthy for the birds. Not quite the danger as the 'gators I know.

Otherwise the water must be packed with natural food or the birds and the alligators would not be there.

I would love to see Caracaras. A most unusual raptor.

Findlay Wilde

Fantastic mix of birds that we don't get over here. I can't wait to travel one day and see them all. Thanks for sharing them.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Such beautiful and interesting bird photos again, Sallie, needless to say these are birds I would never see personally.
The alligator pics never fail to impress me. "Do not feed the alligators" made me smile, but I think the sign is meant to be taken seriously.
Thank you for your comment. This may be a stupid question, but are cut tulips sold in Florida?
Thank you for sharing these great photos. Hugs!


You took great photos of some amazing bird life Sallie. I remember seeing the Caracara when we were last in Florida and finding it an extraordinary bird. Thank you for sharing all these.


Wild Thing! You make my heart sing!

Patrick Tillett

All birds, all the time! Now there's a motto.
Really nice photos Sallie!


So many interesting birds in this area. I would not like to encounter the alligators. #OurWorldTuesday

riitta k

Your bird photos are great. Wishing you a lovely week Sallie!


such a beautiful trip with great pics !!! happy week :-)


I love the 'do not feed the gator', fantastic. The birds are superb.

Les Fous du Cap (France)

Nous aimons beaucoup la force que représente le Caracara ;-)
Céline & Philippe

Translation: We love the strength of the Caracara ;-)


Great series of birds! Beautiful photos!


Great bird photos!
Have a wonderful day!


it sounds like a perfect day - nice to be in an area that is not too touristy!! i have a huge fear of those gators, i'm not sure why as i have never spent any time around them.

your pictures are awesome, you sure did have a great birding day. i always enjoy seeing the ibis as we don't have those here!!


Loved the beautiful herons! And that Caracara sighting is awesome!

hootin' anni

Crested Caracaras are one of my favorites...love the image you captured in the pine!!


Nice bird tour and don't make yourself food on this boat trip.


Hilarious sign

Taken For Granted

That is a wonderfully funny sign, but it does hold a kernel of truth.


I'm glad the alligators didn't seem interested in you! Maybe they'd enjoyed someone else for lunch!
So many wonderful shots of the birds!
Have a great day!


Just love the egrets, stunning photos as always Sallie.


Thank you for sharing your drive, and for your comment. I am glad you think my entry good enough to read and comment on it.

Selma, Ala., Daily Photo

What an experience! So neat to see such much wildlife up close!


funny sign! love the bird pics. the Mexican Eagle is similar to our Bald Eagle here in America.

Michelle RamblingWoods

I could use a nice relaxing trip in a warm place..it is back to 20 degrees here and snowy...Michelle


"Peace River" think it should be a place for a certain President.

Joe Todd

In the news pro golfer taps alligator on the tail sends alligator into the water.. Maybe not all golfers are all that bright

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