April 23, 2017


ellen b

Oh boy what a bird adventure you had. Love all your bird shots!


Wow, that's just crazy. Sure glad the bird was set free. We don't give enough credit to any animals, birds included. Well, maybe not that bird. ;)


I'm so glad you were able to get the mockingbird out! What an odd thing to get into!

Love their great blue!


What an awesome post! Loved the mention of what must be a great book...but a not-so-genius mockingbird stuck in your air conditioner vent. Oh my! I'm just so glad you were able to get him out.

Pat --Mille Fiori Favoriti

What a surprise this must have been for you and your husband, Sallie! I'm glad the guys at the Auto Zone were able to free the bird without harm. That book sounds good. I'll have to see if my library has a copy--thanks for the recommendation.


Oh so nice to have friendly people at Autozone! Relief for the bird, as well as for you both! That was a great story for All Seasons! Great you could watch the herons:)
Glad you you would like more ... of the poppies (have more of them in one of my files I can't find at the moment:):)
Have a happy and smooth traveling week, Sallie!


What a fantastic story and good to know everything ended happily
Take care,Gordon.


Hello, Sallie. The mockingbird story is amazing. I am just glad their was a happy ending. Love the Herons, Ibis and gulls. Great post and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


That mockingbird certainly had nothing to laugh about during her predicament, hopefully you all made it back to your own homes without further mishap.
Happy Mosaic Monday!


What a fun post. Love your bird photos and you need not take a back seat to anyone when it comes to bird photography. So nice to know that the poor birdie in the a/c unit survived. We had an owl fly down and get stuck in our grill when Lois and I were first married. I can't remember if it survived but that was a scary experience - it was a beeeg bird!


PS Sallie, thank you for linking up and sharing this post. Enjoy your day!


I love "water" birds. Beautiful images. Mockingbirds -- lots of stories about them, but this one may take the cake! Silly Bird! Happy Monday!

Penelope Puddlisms

Oh, what a lucky escape for a mockingbird that at least had the sense to land inside the air conditioning unit of caring people who went out of their way to make sure it could fly away safely and unharmed. With exceptions, I have always thought the “bird brain” implication was unfair since birds, from eagles to chickens, seem to draw from the same intelligence as all the other living creatures on the planet.


You have spotted very beautiful birds in your trip.


Lovely blog Sallie, but, trapped in grill, poor bird.

Lady Fi

Lovely shots and a great story about the trapped bird. So glad it ended happily!


I am so relieved that this had a happy ending. Thank you for taking the time to get her out and unharmed in the process. We had some sparrows get into our dryer vent hose and had to change the vent grate outside...Michelle


That is quite a bird story! SO glad that it worked out ok for thee mockingbird!

Lovely to see your photos and thank you for your kind note.

Phil Slade

What an interesting story that is. I've heard of birds being trapped in or on cars before. Mostly they end up dead under the bonnet or in the grille but don't usually survive. As the Mockingbird is migratory it might be interesting if it ever made it to where it wanted to be. Or had the bird been looking for a place to nest? E'll never find out.

By the way Sallie the four species of Avocet are:

American avocet, Recurvirostra americana - North America
Andean avocet, Recurvirostra andina - South America
Pied avocet, Recurvirostra avosetta - our UK one
Red-necked avocet, Recurvirostra novaehollandiae - Australia

So I am a little preplexed as to what you have seen in North America

Klara S

What a story about mockinbird! I'm happy it finished well for the bird. Lovely pictures, and the first one is my favourite.

Lavender Dreams

Oh my! I'm glad you were able to release it and let it live! Love your beautiful photos in the mosaic. And now you have me curious about that book! I'll look for it! Hugs, Diane


Gorgeous captures, Sallie...and poor sweet little Mockingbird.


I'm glad you were able to save the bird !!
Fantastic photos !!


I think the blue heron is my favourite, just stunning colours.

Judy Biggerstaff

My husband always says, "another adventure." Glad the bird is safe. Great pic of the two herons. Love the little one.


The poor bird must have been so frightened! It's a good thing you were in a good place to help!

Anni @ I'd rather b birdin

Oh my gosh...that is one incredible story! If she flew back the way you'd traveled from maybe she had a nest! Flew in the a/c unit after a bug to feed her younguns!

I am sure glad you linked in at I'd rather b birdin...sharing this with us all. Thanks Sallie!


Great shots. I hope you enjoyed your trip. At least your bird was able to fly away, the one that found the grill of my car was I was going down the road was not so lucky


ooooh you hit the birding jackpot on this outing, the first image looks like a painting. mr. mockingbird, on the other hand was not quite as lucky although how nice of the auto zone people to help out. good peeps there!!!

now i am worried about the bird - it got separated from it's family. i guess it finds another or just adjusts!!!


What an odd story with the air-conditioner bird. We had one fly into our house when I was about 12, it was terrified. Eventually I caught it and put it outside, it just lay on the lawn for a while but I looked over it to make sure a cat wouldn't get it, and it finally flew away. That heron is beautiful!

Patrick Tillett

All is well, that ends well!
That little guy is lucky somebody saw him.
Lot's of great photos Sallie...

Stewart M

I suppose that bird will have a ....(wait for it).........cool story to tell!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Wow what a story! Glad it all turned out well.


Nice of them to not charge you. Glad the bird was okay.


so glad you saw this little one !!!


That first photo of the heron is especially beautiful. Poor little bird being caught in such a small space but it was lucky to have someone notice and then to be released. Your trips around your area always seem so interesting. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Handmade in Israel

Wow, what a crazy story! The bird picked the right people though - you dealt with it so well!
By the way, the Dorothy and Toto picture on my blog was titled "Stop and Search". Make what you wish from that :)


Hahaha ! you had a stowaway on board and didn't notice ! What an adventure, but the poor bird certainly had the lesson of his life !


Oh my goodness, lucky Mockingbird! Nice of them not to charge you. Your photos of the other birds are gorgeous!

nancy chan

Poor bird. What a frightening experience. So nice and kind of the store manager to help set the bird free without any charge. Bless his kind and good heart!


I'm glad the mockingbird was rescued. What a story she could tell! There are kind people everywhere who love to help; the Auto-Zone manager is one of them.
The Little Blue Heron's colour is intense, isn't it?


Late visiting from Mosaic Monday. '-)
Thanks for sharing your adventures. Wonderful photos!




That's quite a story about your mockingbird adventure. I'm glad all ended well. What great photos!

Sara - Villa Emilia

Hello, dearest Sallie! What a story! I'm happy it ended well. There was much good luck involved, that somebody noticed the bird so soon and that you were able to help her.
Bird brains are an interesting topic. Crows and ravens have big brains and some pigeons very small. :)
Great photos, thank you for sharing! xx

JoAnn Bayne

So glad the bird was rescued. Your photos of the birds are fabulous - such variety available in Florida.


That first photo should be framed and exhibited. I almost seemed fitting that your van would house a bird. Glad s/he got rescued. We get them in the house all the time and have to mentor them out.


So glad the Mockingbird was okay!
If it flew back the way you had come, it was smart enough to know which way was home. Set me down in an unfamiliar area, and I would not know which way to go!


what an experience. The bird must have been all panicked. Glad you got help to release her. :)

Mary Howell Cromer

Oh My Goodness, so thankful that you all found the Mockingbird as soon as you did. It probably was able to also make it's way back to where it had come from, though using a different method of travel. Thanks so much for your visits to my blog. Oh just about every Spring and Autumn, I post dozens of flower images every year. you maybe just missed them. I will have more not this week, as I am skipping a week to catch up, but a week from now. Have a wonderful weekend~


Wow! What a predicament, both for the Mockingbird, you and Bill - and what phenomenal service from Auto Zone! This story makes my heart sing, for all of you, including the driver that let you know about the Mockingbird are good and kind people.
Love the other photos, too, especially the Great Blue Heron.

bettyl - NZ

I love the variety of birds that you find, as always. It's nice that your story had a happy ending :)


I think the mockingbird was trying to adopt you two!!

I love great blue herons. Mainly because they are one of the few birds I can confidently identify along with Cardinals, Blue Jays, Bald Eagles, Flamingos, and Meadowlarks.

Les Fous du Cap (France)

Belle histoire qui finit bien ;-)
Céline & Philippe


Great story and fantastic photos.

Kay L. Davies

I know I saw this post before, but I seem not to have commented. Fabulous photos!
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


A bird tried to be smart to study air con and car engine.


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