April 29, 2017



Hi Sallie-
Great time to stay in Florida as opposed to PNW I guess.
The skies, flowers, lizard and the origami sculpture are all very beautiful. Glad y'all are having a very good time!
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)


I love them, and say thank you very much. I wrote a post about May Day which I think you might like - https://lettersfromahillfarm.blogspot.com/2009/05/may-day-musings.html


Love the idea of dancing free!


You have such stunning May Day flowers there, Sallie, and I enjoyed reading about your earlier traditions. Some of these flowers, especially the one with the purple center, manage to make their way up here and are used as annuals in pots.


What a beautiful tradition, Sallie ! No May Day in France, but on 1rst of May we offers Lily of the Valley to our loved's ones. Happy 1srt of May to you !


Happy May Day-and best wishes for your next trip NW.
The flowers and ideas are beautiful. Here, in the UK Midlands it is windy and cold again, with central heating back on this evening!!


Stunning, the pictures are fabulous Sallie.


Is the orgasmic sculpture made of paper?! That lily (I think) in the lower right corner of the montage, fuchsia and yellow, makes me swoon.


Love all the flowers and that sculpture. I don't recall every being involved in May Day or its activities. Does that mean I've lived a sheltered life or I have no life? Just asking... :)

ellen b

Thank you for the lovely May flowers! How nice that you would leave May flowers with your neighbors. We hope to jet up to see the tulips this week if there is a dry day. I like the quote...


What a beautiful place and great flowers you've got there.


The lizard is so cute, Sallie...and the flowers are really beautiful! :)


How pretty Sallie! Those lizards are fun to watch, except when they get inside my house.


Hey thanks for the bouquet!! I don't remember May Day being a thing when I was a kid at all.

I love the quote about the key of life being able to deal with Plan B. That is absolutely true!! How many times have things been different from what we planned. My Dad has a friend who is 102 years old and she is still sharp as a tack. Talking to her, she has had a lifetime of plan B's and you know she doesn't worry about a thing and she has so much empathy for other people. What an inspiration she is to me.


Great photos of all the flowers and it is such a lovely idea to give them to neighbors and friends. I love the colors of your Florida skies and water.


here in my little neighborhood, we all try to share flowers from our gardens. whenever i am splitting something i almost always give half to one of my neighbors!!

the yellow daisy flower resembles a gerber daisy but i'm not sure!!


That is such a neat tradition. I loved all these photos Sallie. Thank you so much for sharing them.

bettyl - NZ

It's always a good feeling to share lovely flowers with others when they don't expect it. I'm loving all the pretty blooms that you are sharing today!


There's alot of plants there you could grow from the cuttings just by putting straight into the soil around Winter/Spring and Autumn/Winter. Love the colours.

Stewart M

I like the words about Plan B - C, D and E often seem to get a run as well!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


I love the lizard leaving room for Dancing free. The flowers are all so beautiful. Plan B looks good to me. The origami sculpture is fabulous against the blue sky. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. The wildlife I shelter is the redeeming factor in my yard.


Thank you for the May Day bouquet of flowers from Florida, may you Dance Free all day long!
Happy Mosaic Monday from wet & windy Normandy.

nancy chan

Today is 1st May. Its a public holiday and we are celebrating Labour's Day today. Love your flowers collages. Pretty "Dancing Free" lizard and I like the origami sculpture. Have a beautiful day!


A lovely tradition and i luv the quote for today. Have a nice May and Happy Mosaic Monday

much love...


Hi from Spain Sallie. Yes I'm spending my May Day in Menorca.


Very beautiful and colourful flowers.


Lovely flowers! when I was as kid, we too would make the same type of May baskets and then gather up Spring Beauties and May Flowers to put inside them and hang them on the neighbors' doors. What a fun tradition to remember!

Lady Fi

Thank you for the flowers! ;-) And I love that origami sculpture!

handmade by amalia

This is such a sweet tradition. Here May Day has traditionally been a "workers of the world unite" sort of day but that tradition has not stood up to the rising tides of capitalism.


Hello Sallie, thank you for the virtual flowers. Here there is not much celebration of May Day, but I love reading about it around the world. The sun is shining in Florida, but here in the Pacific North West, it's rather chilly and dreary, although the sun has poked through at times, and the forecast looks promising. Flowers are beautiful no matter when they bloom. Happy May Day to you.


I still try to do the flowerbeds and garden but not like I used to. I figure as the yrs go by I will get where I don't even full with the little I do. Thanks for sharing your pics. I too love to cut and bring my flowers into the house or when I worked, take them to work. I would even share them. Nothing better then fresh cut flowers to bring color in the house.

Klara S

I like 'Dancing Free!' Beautiful flowers and lovely picture of origami sculpture.

Sara - Villa Emilia

What a lovely tradition it was, Sallie! These virtual flowers make everyone happy.
No rhododendrons, no lilacs, no tulips would be a little bit sad, but the flowers you can grow look gorgeous with their splendid colours.
The origami sculptures are very beautiful. I like this one especially much because it brought to my mind how I surprised my son and his friends, when they were small, by folding paper aeroplanes.
Thank you for your always very kind comments. Have a happy new month of May! <3


What a fun tradition! Hooray for May!!!!


That quote made me laugh ...what about plan H? So you also lived in the North West - oh my, that's a completely different environment! The blooms are lovely, Sallie:) Thank you so much for sharing them with All Seasons!
Oh, and thank you for reacting to my question about the themes (you are I think the only one, who answered - a cheesy grin here!). Have to admit, in the forest it is more challenging to plant flowers - except for bulbs, the deer like to eat them! Enjoy your week!

Lavender Dreams

We always manage to come home with a few pics of lizards on signs! It's just too tempting! And even though we are extremely dry, we have some beautiful flowers blooming. My Knock out Roses are loving the heat! Enjoy your afternoon. At least we have a few clouds today. Hugs, Diane


Lovely flowers, some of them I've grown. I like that Dias quote, I'll have to remember that. It can be hard to accept the realities of plan "B", with a spouse 10 years older than I plan "B" is upon us.


Those flowers are so beautiful they make my heart sing.


I used to love celebrating May Day with baskets of flowers! What a lovely reminder. Love the Dancing Free lizard and the quote is great. Yep, Plan B....

riitta k

Gorgeous floral mosaics & blue sky. Have a lovely week!


That's a brilliant sculpture.

Pat --Mille Fiori Favoriti

I love visiting botanical gardens to enjoy all the flowers, Sallie. I know what you mean about seeing different flowers in different areas--no azaleas or rhododendrons or tulips here either! We do see lilacs however. We had lots of snow this weekend but its already melted. We may still get more before it warms up permanently


such a cute little one, i like lizzards very much and your shot is really great with his "F" :-)
lovely flowers and tradition, didn't know that.
enjoy the sun, here it's cold and rainy.


The flowers are gorgeous, Sallie!

Hootin' Anni

I most certainly enjoyed the beautiful flowers and that glorious sky in some of your photos! Loved reading about your flower tradition for May Day. Sharing that beauty would make any day so much brighter!!

And, your thought on Dancing Free is great!! I like it.

Ruth | Tanama Tales

I have seen other photos of the origami exhibition on the Naples Botanical Garden. That has to be one of the more original and creative things I have seen. So cool! #OurWorldTuesday

Rhonda Albom

That is a lovely tradition of taking flowers to the neighbors on May Day. I agree with you on the blue-green color of the vine in the center photo - it's stunning. The paper plane origami sculpture is very nice.


Sallie,your flowers are bright and beautiful.filled with sunshine. I like your capture of the sculpture and blue blue sky. Wishing you a happy and interesting May!


The flowers are beautiful.
I don't believe we ever celebrated mayday - feel like I missed out on something!

Taken For Granted

Those are great signs. I agree with you. All lizards should dance free. Lovely spring images.

tom the backroads traveller

...the Naples Botanical Gardens looka like Maui.


your virtual garden is goegeous :) And I like the lizard :)


Dearest Sallie; Oh My! "May Day is for giving away flowers." That’s first to know. How WONDERFUL to have beautiful baskets from your neighbors♡♡♡ And I was surprised to read or know that the word "garden" is used as a verb (thank you very much p;-) Great Collage with beautiful flowers; of course I LOVE the pink orchid in there(♡^.^♡)
I smiled and agreed with what you said about the lizard ♪

I finally restarted visiting friends. My sincere thanks for your thoughtful comments, Dear Sallie. I WILL try hard to as many friends as I can from today.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


Trusting you had a wonderful May Day filled with flowers and smiles, I'm sending blessings on the reminder of this so lovely month, may you enjoy all its beauty !

With the deepest gratitude ever,
I'm sending blessings across the many miles,
Dear, Dearest Sallie

XOXO Daniela at - My little old world - (Dany)


We too enjoyed making flower basket and giving them to the neighbors also my kids only we had no close neighbors then and they rode their ponies around. It was all fun. I would also miss the PNW flowers but you do have some beauties there and some oddities too.

Handmade in Israel

Such pretty flowers... and that origami sculpture is simply wonderful!

Photo Cache

Thank you for that quote. For someone who is so familiar with facing plan B, I needed that reminder.

Penelope Puddlisms

I, too, like to think the sign says “dancing free” … the lizard looks like it could do a pretty good two step. What a nice May Day idea of giving flowers. That’s a new to me concept and one that really deserves more attention in my neck of the woods where daffodils and tulips abound this time of year. There’s no excuse for not giving, even to oneself, for the kitchen table.


Beautiful flowers and I like the quote


Dancing Tree or Dancing Free - both are good!
Have a great week-end!

Gemma Wiseman

Such a gorgeous series of phootos. Love the variety of flowers. And the little intrusive character on the sign is wonderful.

artmusedog and carol

Beautiful montages of gorgeous floral photography ~ so colorful and creative ~ thanks,

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^


I like your interpretation.

Dancing is free.

Tree is free too.

Bill the lizard does inspired us.



I love that DANCING FREE!!! Cool!


What beautiful origami sculpture! I like your photos. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

Michelle Ramblingwoods

I don't remember doing anything for May Day as a child. Maybe I don't remember, but I don't think we marked it in any way...Love all the flowers..made me smile...Michelle

Alexa T

Such wonderful aspects of amazing nature!! Lovely colors in Spring and stunning blooms in bouquets. And, also, such funny lizard on the sign: "dancing free"... ;) :)
Many thanks for positivity shared and the beauty of nature, too!
Have a great sunny Spring in May!

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