April 05, 2017



I must agree with you about the cuteness factor with those burrowing owls, they are just adorable and your captures are brilliant!! Smart owls, if I lived in Florida, I would not want to go anywhere else either!!

Right at this moment, I wish we had smell-a-blogging, I'll bet those oranges smell amazing!!

Lady Fi

What adorable shots of the owlets! And lovely skies too.


beautiful skyshots and so so cute these owls :-)
i love selfmade orange juice, it taste so much better !


It is great to see your owls Sallie, not forgetting all your other super photos :)


The best of them all is the Burrowing Owls, they are superb.


Oh my goodness Sallie the owls are fantastic, who cares about Blue herons and the usual, LOL when you can find these little fellas. I've managed to film some on Sombraro beach down the keys, but not there anymore got washed away by tidal surge. its amazing they are so near the road.
All the best Gordon.


Hello, Sallie! I have been to see the Cape Coral Burrowing Owls a few times. They are adorable. The little ones are so cute. Lovely sky captures. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!


Love those wee owls. Nice to hear from you, look at your lovely photos, and learn about your comings and goings.


I have never seen a baby owl :( Love your cuties a lot :)


We don't have burrowing owls in the UK so your pictures are a delight.


Love this, have never seen one!! Do they dig their own burrows there?

ellen b

Oh my...be still my heart. Those owls! Great photos. Burrowing owls? I've got a lot more to see in this world God created. Thanks for sharing.


Oh those little owls! They bring a smile to my face this morning. Bob leaves for FL today with our two sons to visit his 94 year old Dad in Sarasota. He leaves snow and hopes for a bit of warmth!

nancy chan

The baby owls are cute. I have never come across a real life owl before. I love orange juice too.

handmade by amalia

I enjoyed our hike and loved the photos, especially the little owls. Four miles! That is my exercise for the day done.


Wow....they are so cute. I have never seen them and did not know that they live under the ground. To neat. Thanks for sharing and for coming over to visit at my blog. Come again anytime.


A truly gorgeous and delightful series of photos, dear Sallie! Thank you so much for sharing.

Klara S

OMG! They are so cute and beautiful! Lovely captures as well. Thank you for orange trees images, never seen one before. Not in our climate :(


I'd not heard of these adorable burrowing owls! Many thanks for all the photos on a cold day here. The sun is shining but there is a biting wind.


Those burrowing owls are wonderful. I love how the perch and pipe are provided for their protection. That would never happen here in Oklahoma!!!!

Peter B

I love the burrowing owl shots! I've never actually seen any in nature, so this is a treat!!


I could look at those adorable burrowing owls all day long, so please keep posting them.


I love those owls - I never see them around here but sometimes hear them at night.

Clair Z.

Sallie, a visit to your blog never disappoints. I am so glad you are such a faithful blogger after all these years. We have burrowing owls, too, here in southern New Mexico. I'm aware of them because their nesting areas are posted, but I've never actually seen any. I did, however, see a northern harrier a couple of days ago while walking the dogs along an irrigation canal. We interrupted its meal of freshly-killed dove, but it let us pass by so that it could continue eating. Just so he stays away from my chickens! Love your photos, as always.


Great shots.

Photo Cache

OMG, the owlets are too cute. I didn't realize you can find them in open spaces. I thought they were always hiding somewhere.


Beautiful pictures. The owlets are very cute.


I love seeing owls. They're my fantasy birds because I've never seen one for myself. One day I will.

Phil Slade

It is so interesting how the burrows are marked in that way. You must have a very trustworthy and respectful community to be able to do that. I have no doubt that if we did something similar here, the birds would get interference. We recently had a peregrine shot by air rifle as it used a regular perch atop a church!


I love owls, they have the same eyes as my cat Rosie ! and these little once are so cute !

Mary Howell Cromer

Too, too wonderful Sallie and of course I have probably told you before...I have gone off with family and friends to find them when I have visited Florida, and alas, I get to see them through the eyes of others. The images are so wonderful and what adorable birds they are. Happy weekend~


Those burrowing owls are cuteness overload personified. Your photos are so timeless and beautiful.


Lovely photos! Great job! Thanks for sharing!


Oh, I love the owlets!

Gemma Wiseman

Those burrowing owls are such gorgeous little characters. How thoughtful to have markers for them so they can be protected and onlookers understand where they are.


Hello Sallie, I just love those adorable Burrowing owls. They are amazing adapting to the life in a neighborhood. Great post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

Sharon Wagner

Oh God. How adorable! You really caught them. Great shots.

artmusedog and Carol

Oh, Sallie ~ I love those baby owls ~ Wonderful photography and great presentation of your photos ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Happy Day ~ ^_^

Eden Hills

The owls are adorable! I love that she has a post for her convenience.


Hi Sallie-
Owl Babies - Oh wow!
I have never seen baby owls - how awesome.
Thank you for the visual treat.
The first collage is very nicely arranged as well.
Lovely post!
Have a Happy Day!!
Peace :)


Oh, what lovely Owl Babies you've caught, I so love them, they won my heart !

Wishing you the best of weekends, darling Sallie,
I'm sending hugs and ever much love to you


Lavender Dreams

Those baby owls are the cutest thing I've ever seen...they look like little Easter chicks! I still haven't seen an owl in the wild...one of these days!!! Enjoy this gorgeous weather! Hugs, Diane


awww the owls are so cute, I think that those oranges get exported here, they are so yummy

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Love, love, LOVE the owl photos and your commentary along with the pictures.

Thanks for linking up this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

The little owls are darn cute. :) In general, owls are so fascinating it's not surprising people construct anthropomorphic meanings around them.
Who wouldn't love citrus fruit and flowers, and your skies and clouds are wonderful too. The collage of photos and birds is brilliant!
Thank you for sharing. Have a great week ahead!


Pretty skies, cute little owls, and oranges - you have it all!


These are all great sights and shots of them but my favorites are the burrowing owls. What cuties they are.


The owlettes are incredibly cute!

Villroses hage

Oh! What a cute gang :)

Stewart M

I thought that the owls were stood around a grave!! But then it became clear!

Great shots.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


I almost missed this post, Sallie. Glad I saw it tonight or I would have missed those burrowing owls, which I love seeing. Thank you.


Excellent capture of the islets, I think I'd stop and watch them for quite awhile or at least until their bedtime.
Love the scent of orange blossom, my favourite perfume has notes of mandarin tree blossom!
Happy Mosaic Monday!


These are so amazing!!!!


Love seeing these up close photos of those owlets. I find animals so interesting.


Your second capture is too cute - that was worth the trip Sallie! Sometimes we have no idea what we're going to find. These are keepers for sure! Many thanks for sharing these baby owls with All Seasons!! Have a happy week and thank you for your kind comment:)

Sylvia D.

Sallie, The burrowing owls are so cute. Up north here we only see oranges in the grocery stores. Have a great Easter. Sylvia D.

Photo Cache

The owlets take the cake. Not often do we see owlets.


It sounds like a delightful walk and the little owls are so cute. To me, any board walk sounds quite delightful!Where I live I am lucky to find a track through the bush or scrub! Of course there are also far fewer people!
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog posting last week. I had another visit with my eye specialist on Friday. The good news is that the injections into the eyes have stopped any further degeneration in the macular and thus my sight is saved. The bad news is that the injections always hurt!Thanks again for your encouraging comments!

bettyl - NZ

What a fantastic find on the side of the road! I'm so glad that the city makes room for these awesome critters! I love everything orange--color, flavor, scent. There are lots of lemon trees growing in gardens around NZ but no oranges and I wonder if they would grow as well...

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh wow, love those owls!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Love those owls!


Those burrowing owls are so cute! What fun it must be to watch them. Fresh oranges are wonderful; hope you can enjoy making some freshly-squeezed juice.

David Gascoigne

A wonderful series of images, Sallie. In fact, the last Burrowing Owls I ever saw were at Florida Atlantic Uinversity, in Boca Raton, if I am not mistaken. Sadly, I have never seen this species in anything but habitat severely modified by humans. Over most of their range we have really squeezed them out of their homes. They are the epitome of cuteness and always evoke that kind of response, but that sure hasn't helped them to stay off the endangered species list. And that list is sure to grow under the Trump administration and its attack on all things natural.

Su-sieee! Mac

It has been so long since I've eaten a Valencia orange that I can't remember how it tastes. This year's naval oranges from somewhere in California have a sparkle to their sweetness that I like eating oranges again.

Patrick Tillett

These guys are so darn cute! I know we have them in a few parts of California, but I've never been fortunate to see any.
Great photos Sallie!


Hello Sallie, it was fascinating to read about the Burrowing Owls! Your photos are superb too.
Those delightful blossoms and fruit of the orange trees are so lovely :D)


Oh gosh...how adorable are those owls Sallie? I would never get tired of seeing them....I would love to come and smell the blossoms....

riitta k

Oh those owlets - aren't they cute!!! ❤︎

Margret Adamson

wonderful to see these Owls and you got great shots of them


Owls that burrow. Who knew! They sure are cute. I just watched a youtube video yesterday of a woman in CA who collects citrus from trees in vacant areas; she then gives it to people in need, shelters, etc. Our neighbor here has an orange tree and I never see him pick them. We also have date trees galore and it mostly they are eaten by the birds or drop to the ground while all the stores are selling dates from other countries. How does that even make sense? Oops! Sorry, seems I went off on one of my tangents. :) Walking and exploring is one of my favorite things to do, but weather has been kinda icky all this week. The eco-preserve looks like a wonderful place to be.

Les Fous du Cap (France)

Jolie petit bande ;-)
Céline & Philippe


I adore owls & these images are just wonderful!


So beautiful and cute little owls!
Great series of photos

Kay L. Davies

Oh, Sallie, the owls are absolutely adorable (which sounds like an oxymoron, but isn't). As I've never seen a burrowing owl, I didn't know about their eye colour. Very interesting. It's never too late to learn something new, but I wish computer problems could be as interesting as bird photos. :)
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


These owls are so cute. Thank you for sharing.

Handmade in Israel

Beautiful photos! Those owlets are just adorable. We have an orange tree in our garden - I don't know the variety - but it looks beautiful and tastes delicious! It doesn't blossom and bear fruit at the same time though.

Ida P. Krause

Oh my goodness those owls were super cute. - Wish we had,"smell o'vision" because I know those orange blossoms would smell wonderful.


I think owls are my favourite birds, we have moreporks here and we can hear them calling at night.


We just saw a FASCINATING PBS show on owls. I've been watching birds too but they're not the same as yours, tohee, finches, tuffted titmouse, cardinals and such.


Great shots of the owlets. Waht a wonderful site to see each year.


Burrowing owls.
I must think Alice is feeling the same too.



Burrowing owls.
I must think Alice is feeling the same too.


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