May 28, 2017



He may have gotten tired of being pecked on the gullet too. Cool shots too Sallie.

Hildred Finch

What a great wa to spend a few hours, - thanks for pictures Sallie, from those of us who don't get to see such family moments.


very interesting piece of bird interaction. As you say it would be very interesting to see if this behavior changes with the age of the young bird.
Have a safe trip to your other home!


Morning Sallie, I always enjoy your trips to Wakodahatchee not just for the fabulous shots & mosaics of the birds that inhabit the area but also because it makes me smile to try and pronounce the name!
Happy MM,

Stewart M

I think its the common birds I get most fun from seeing. OK, rare stuff is good - but the parrots on the way to work each day, and the magpies on the lawn are just as important.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

riitta k

Great photo series of baby feeding!


Thank you for sharing this great series of this wonderful bird. Your posts are always interesting to me.

Sharon Wagner

I can almost hear the squawk through the screen!


Wow so interesting. That was a persistent little guy (and hungry.)


That's something to see - those birds are awesome.


Hello, I agree seeing the behavior and feeding is wonderful. It does not have to be a new bird. Love the heron photos, the little one is cute. Great collection of birds and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!


Sallie, I always learn something new and exciting every time I visit you and today is no exception! How interesting the whole heron feeding process is, and your logic regarding its mama's delay in doing so sounds pretty probable to me! Such instinct in these wild creatures!

Happy Mosaic Monday,
P.S. Thanks for all your sweet wishes!


These are amazing photos, Sallie! I've never seen Herons do this before. What a delight. And it looks like you'll be back on the road soon. Wishing you a great trip and a safe journey and lots of terrific photographs.


Wonderful series of pictures. I like it very much.


Hi Sallie, this is why we call our selves birdwatchers, because we do see the same birds most of the time , but we like to watch them, simple.
Take care, Gordon.


It's sad they are the last for now but a fine set they are. How interesting the baby knows where to tap, but I love that it's tapping there. I am so envious of your heron photos. If I ever get a stronger telephoto I'm off to the heron trees.

ellen b

Fabulous that you were able to catch all this action. Love these shots. Soon you'll be on my side of the states. Enjoy the journey.


WOW! Such an amazing sighting! Would be awesome to observe the entire birth to fledge. Safe travels!


your Wakodahatchee bird friends are quite lovely. The great blue is one of my all time favorite birds. I bet that was quite a site ... babe and adult ... always something going on! Happy Monday!


They looks like their having fun, ha ha. I love them.

Hootin' Anni

We watched this similar feeding scenario at Rockport...they're so sweet, yet a bit aggressive in behavior. Survival of the fittest.

Excellent photos Sallie.


I'm so grateful to you, darling Sallie, since it is thanks to your amazing shots I'm able to know a world which otherwise would be unknown to me !

Sending blessings on your new week
with sincere gratitude



That's an interesting thought Sallie; the adult making the chick wait until it was ready. The other possibility is that the food has to be partially digested to make it suitable for a chick. I've seen Herons swallow whole some huge meals.

Good observations and good photos from you


I hope you'll be posting plenty of shots from the road.


Bird behavior is sometimes amazing! Love the wading birds can never have too many of them around. I enjoyed watching a reddish egret do his thing in the water dancing around and catching little fish, lots of skill and entertainment to boot.

Penelope Puddlisms

The things we parents do for our kids. Regurgitating food sounds like a human version of using a blender and making baby food from scratch. Tapping the parent's gullet is a bit rough, though, but it would certainly make me speed up. :)


Cool shots! You are a great photographer!


What a wonderful series of photos Sallie! Those babies can be pushy when they are hungry.


Dearest Sallie;  I DO agree with you ”it doesn't have to be a new bird to make me happy”♫♫♫ You took amazing photographs about baby and its mother. Surely, tapping gullet (thanks for the word) must be the sign from the baby(♡^.^♡) I wish I could take the feeding scene and observe 'the whole process from hatch to fledged the way'. I might be able to do for the heron (haha, not for sure)
It has been unusually hot for May and was busy about my old aunt and uncle. So sorry for my absence, I'll be able to be back for the normal pace. Thank you so much for your sweet comments, Dear friend.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


A beautiful experience, to see a mother feed her babies - they sure are unruly when they are hungry!! This looks like a lovely spot to bird watch, great captures!!


Always so wonderful to watch these special moments.
Wonderful photos.


Sallie - I am so impressed with these pictures. After flowers, birds are my next love ... when I have some spare time, I think I need to invest in a camera for these types of shots.


amazing shots !!! thanks so much for charing. wish you a happy week :-)


So many unusual birds I haven't seen before, the one at the top looks like he's having a big squawk :-)


Lovely captures of wildlife. Thanks for linking up with "Through My Lens"


Rhonda Albom

I see the analogies to people. The baby keeps on complaining until it gets food. How else are we supposed to know that they're hungry?


Amazing captures of the herons, Sallie.

Lady Fi

Wow - what a fabulous sight!


Wow! What amazing shots you got of the feeding. I love herons of all kinds, you can never show too many for me. :)


What an interesting report, Sallie ! Bon courage for all the cleaning you have to do before leaving. Have a nice trip to Oregon. Amitiés.


What a cool thing to get to observe & great shots of the birds as well.


Love them all!


that was a spectacle to watch!

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful post our feathered friends and their feeding habit and delightful photography ~ took some time but must have been fascinating to observe ~ thanks for this amazing sharing ~

Happy week to you ~ ^_^


Such a fascinating post! I really enjoyed seeing your photos and hearing about the behaviors.


I'm jealous of these heron shots. They're fantastic.

Photo Cache

Maybe when I retire I could take up birding. I don't have time to go where they are now, but looking at all your bird photos and other bloggers' too I am really tempted.

lavender dreamer

What amazing photos of the feeding of the young one! I would love to see that with the baby hawks we've watched. Love these blue herons and other FL birds! You take the BEST pics! Hugs!


A brilliant experience to see the Great Blue family interaction, would have loved that. Great photos of all the birds Sallie.


What interesting behaviour and lucky you to be able to witness it first hand.

Judy Biggerstaff

Great photos. Love seeing him with his lunch and the young bird.


Wow Sallie that certainly was a real eye-opener! Thanks for sharing, it's fascinating learning about all the different habits of birds. Your photos are wonderful :D)


Wonderful captures, Sallie!

Sara - Villa Emilia

The Great Blue Herons look like cool punk rockers. :) Very interesting and handsome birds in the collage too.
Great photos, Sallie, thank you ever so much for sharing!

Kenneth C Schneider

Great images from such an interesting place. Need to get out there when we return to Florida. Some day I will learn to spell the name of the place-- I keep trying to put "Dakota" in the middle!

Alexa T

Such great and wonderful aspects captured!! So lovely to see them through your camera lens. And you beautifully said: "Just a slice of daily life for the birds, but a new learning experience for these bird observers."
That's a part of happiness for sure. The joy to be able to see new and warm aspects of nature.
Many thanks for sharing them with us. Hope one day to see myself such amazing things.
A pleasant and sunny day, week, too! Alexa

handmade by amalia

This was fun to watch, Sallie.


I didn't know that Sallie....smart bird!.... Michelle


Thanks for the comments, Sallie. Always good to be heron from you, and this ol' coot thinks you pretty special. When you find another country to live in that's affordable and is not led by thugs and Russian gangsters let me know please!


I can practically hear them screeching! That was a fun bird's eye view!

David Gascoigne

Good morning Sallie: It's a wonderful post, with your opening paragraph encapsulating it all. Congratulations on your detailed observation of the heron behaviour and the excellent series of photographs.I am impressed!I hope you provide us with more such posts. Gros bisous de ton ami canadien, David

Mary Howell Cromer

Oh My Goodness Sallie, Wakodahatchee is where I took those images of the Great Blue Herons back in late February and they were working on nest building. They were very high up in a tree and just stunning. I imagine that these young ones are the product of that session. How marvelous they are~


LOVE seeing the Great Blue Herons' feeding interactions and appreciate your picture taking abilities, Sallie, and interesting deduction that maybe Mama is slowly weaning her offspring.

I have never seen a boat tailed grackle. We have grackles here, but, not this one. Thank you. :)

bettyl - NZ

Sallie, you take great photos and I'm always entertained by the images on your blog because they are critters that I won't see here. I love the different poses the birds are in--that really makes the series interesting.


I have never seen these birds in free nature !


Hello, I love the photos of the heron chicks being fed. So cute! Great birds and wonderful photos. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

NatureFootstep photography

very interesting post. But I have to say I always feel uncomfortable when this kind of birds feed their young. Their bill is so long and sharp it is a wonder the babies don´t get hurt.
Thanks for sharing it.


Amazing shots of these amazing birds.

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Thanks for sharing this weekend, at I'd Rather B Birdin'. Your participation is always so much appreciated, Sallie!! I love all there is about the GBH. Excellent images, as always.


Hello Sallie, I'm late as usual, as the family are here at weekends. Wonderful captures of a Great Blue Heron parent feeding its young, and great observations. I also enjoyed seeing all your excellent bird captures.:)

Patrick Tillett

Great photos Sallie!
I'm glad my mom didn't feed me like that.

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