May 21, 2017



That's a nice selection of sky shots. And that pool does look inviting, although not in our weather!

Pat --Mille Fiori Favoriti

Beautiful photos, Sallie! I'm glad you shared them. Have safe travels when you begin your trip west. I admire you and your husband to be able to keep traveling back and forth with the seasons!

Villroses hage

Wow! Wish I could be inspired to to clean up! Perhaps I can imagine to leave in a couple of weeks...
Lovely pool, and a nice red collage!


Well, I for one am very happy that you didn't throw these wonderful images out with the trash, what a treat to see all of the fish and cheery woodpeckers and I love your night time/moon mosaic, it's fabulous.
Enjoy your last few days in your private pool in Florida, looking forward to hearing your travel tales and seeing mosaics from the other side!
Happy Mosaic Monday.


Pretty birds, and surrounding landscapes.


So glad you found these pics, Sallie, for they are composed of so much colour, the bright and flamboyant kind which I happen to love! The fish photos are fabulous, and yes, I can understand how some water dwellers would be more photogenic than others;)Love all the hot red hues in your last mosaic and enjoyed learning about that brilliant Royal Poinciana tree; it's absolutely radiant!

Enjoy the luxury of lounging in that now private pool and have a wonderful week.



Well the bird looks happy enough to get out and the aquarium would be somewhere I would enjoy too.


Brilliant photos Sallie, such a lovely variety. The pool sounds wonderful, especially as it is quieter. We are resuming our cleaning up around here now that we are home from our road trip. So much to do.


Thank you for sharing the beauty....love the collages,especially the skies. Precious reminders! Wishing you a happy week Sallie ....


Wonderful post, Sallie! Loved the "Flame"boyant tree and woodpeckers. Beautiful skies and the aquarium is great. Sounds like you are ready to adventure on! Happy Monday!


Hello, love the moon and sky shots. The flowering trees are gorgeous. The woodies are some of my favorite birds, great captures.
It is nice to enjoy the pool without the crowds. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!


It all looks so beautiful. Wonderful glimpses.
Swimming sounds wonderful.

Wishing you the best as you sort through things. I just began listing to the book: Spark Joy. It shares the art of organizing and tidying up in a way that sparks joy.


Aww so the babe is out on his own now...another success story! Love that collage of red. Met a lady in TX who has been trying her whole "birding" life to see a Pileated Woodpecker!


I love these wonderful collages...so many wonderful things to see and your photography is excellent! I was wondering when you were going to head north. Can't blame you, it is really hot down here! Ugh!

Thanks so much for your beautiful comment on Ocala. I saw an article today that said under Trump the arrest and incarceration and deportation of non-criminal immigrants is up by 150% and that often means tearing families apart. Meanwhile, there are detention centers (concentration?) camps which do feature barbed wire and dogs and guys with big guns. What a world. I hope the SOB gets thrown out of office before he destroys everything near and dear to us, although Pence will be just as bad, probably. There's something wrong in the brains of these people.


Have heard about the yearly migration taking place in FL - am smiling the way you describe it - only quiet - talking about humans, but not the birds! The flowers you showed All Seasons are bright and beautiful - thank you much! By the way, didn't realized you participate in Sky Watch:) Wishing you a smooth trip to Oregon (hopefully not too hot!


awww, sharing the pool with no-one, now that's awesome!! i'm glad your birdies are hanging around, they are so beautiful - i enjoy seeing the pileated woodpecker, i don't get them here!!!

you are seeing some really pretty skies!!!


A great post, and as always a lovely set of photos, and yet in a way a tinge of sadness. hope you keep posting when you move out.
Take care, Gordon.


Can't understand why you haven't shown these photos before. Gorgeous skies. Must be getting excited about your future trip.


Wonderful photos Sallie! I always love seeing pileated woodpeckers and those skywatch pictures are beautiful. Hope you have a safe and uneventful migration!


Lovely to see some of the beauty of Florida through your lens.


Oh to just see an eagle & pileated woodpecker ...I'd so happy. Everything is beautiful here today!! Getting all your spring chores makes one feel better!

Went to port a today...each time we go now, I think of you.😊


Great shots.
Sydney – City and Suburbs

ellen b

Such a beautiful catch up Sally. Exciting to hear it's time for you to come to my side of the U.S. Safe travels to you!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Great shares !

Linja in Virginia

Your collages look fantastic!


Beautiful pictures--all of them. So glad you decided to shre and keep taking them pics and letting us see them.


Beautiful photos ! Would have been a pity to throw them away !
So you are amongst the last birds leaving for a better (cooler) place !

bettyl - NZ

What a fantastic place to stay, especially with the pool to yourself! I love that digital photos don't take up much room, even if you have as many as I do--so you don't have to worry about where to put them!

Phil Slade

Goosd luck with that journey Sallie. I must say that I would probably stay aroung with temperatures still in the nineties.

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots from your world!

Stewart M

Love those woodpeckers. And the shots of the fish made me realise that I did not do much snorkelling this summer - note to self 'dont let that happen again'

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

NatureFootstep photography

so, you will be travelling soon again. Glad you took time to post your memories :) Both skies, birds and the pool :) Love that one!


this pool looks really refreshing :-)
beautiful sky- and moonshots and the gorgeous eaglet of course !

Penelope Puddlisms

Your timing is perfect as it finally feels warm and deliciously muggy in the West Coast, although it would be hard to leave such a luxurious pool behind. The Florida woodpecker also hangs out in some of the walkways where I travel and make powerful sounds through the forests like a sudden tapping of drums as I march to their beat.


You have captured the memories beautifully.


I certainly wouldn't want to throw those pics out, beautiful. You are truly snowbirds including your migration pattern, lol. As an avid swimmer, that sounds like heaven and the pool is a nice size as well. I look forward to seeing pics from your migration.


I was struck by the pictures of the pileated woodpeckers. They are always my favorites. Thanks for sharing.


I enjoyed seeing this variety of photos from your collection. That pool looks lovely, and the water's the place to be when it's hot out. Hope your cross country trip goes well.


Absolutely gorgeous photos! have a great weekend!


Lovely-and varied-nature photos. The empty pool DOES look inviting too!!
Best wishes for a happy trip West, but I trust you don't take everything with you ;).


That pool looks so good!!!
Great photos of the eaglet and woodpeckers
Have a great day!


Love all the woodpeckers! As for that pool!!!!:)


Thank you for sharing your lovely photos! Life in Florida is really beautiful. Soon we will be with you in the other part of our country that is just as pretty!

Clair Zarges

All your photos are gorgeous, of course, but I've never seen anything like that red poinciana tree! Thank you for sharing your views of the world.


All those beautiful skies, fish, flowers, and birds would distract me from cleaning anything. Must be almost as hard to leave FL as it is to leave OR. Safe journey.


I'm feeling amazed more and more at your gorgeous, stunning shots, darling Sallie, I'm so grateful to you for sharing such wonders !

Hope you're enjoying a great week so far,
I'm sending blessings to you



Hello Sallie! A lovely variety of gorgeous pictures. The vibrant red blooms of the Poinciana tree are glorious, and I always enjoy seeing Woodpeckers that I can't see here. They are wonderful showy birds, and I'm so glad you included the pretty fish, not something which appears so often in blog posts, and I love your sky shots. Have fun in the pool all to yourself!:)


I just was out for a quick sunbathe after days of cold rain and looked up and reconnected with the sky, clouds moving like continents shifting. I so need a pool for regular swimming! It looks like live in paradise. I do too but a different kind and an indoor pool would make it so much better. We saw a new bird in our yard this year: A red-breasted grouse-beak.

Sara - Villa Emilia

Wonderful photos, Sallie! First I thought that the mesmerizing sky shots must be my favourites, but I don't really know... those birds and fish, and that pool! I can imagine you enjoying the early morning breeze by the quiet pool. :)
You have a lovely way to write posts... and comments too.
Thank you! xx


Hi Sallie! Your comment about The Villages made me laugh. There are many rich people there and many others who are middle-class. But they all come waste their money at night at the dances which are held 365 days a year in the evenings at all three town squares (barring a snowstorm!). I think alcoholism is a big problem in The Villages; so is sleeping around and STDs. We like to visit and watch the people but don't want to live there. Yes, we finally got some rain here, too. Thank goodness. It's been sooooo dry.

Take care!

artmusedog and carol

Lovely variety of photos and love the eagle ~ thanks,

Happy Weekend ahead to you ~ ^_^

Michelle Banks

We did some cleaning and donating too...Great series Sallie...Happy Memorial Day weekend..Michelle

Explore Colorado

Love the woodpecker and the aquarium pics. Aquariums are awesome. They can reduce your stress levels by 50%.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Colorful shots!


You somestimes find some nice things when spring cleaning!


An absolutely gorgeous series, Sallie! Thank you so much for sharing.


Thanks for sharing a lovely collection of photos and of course the young eagle is magnificent. Good luck on getting ready to move north. I look forward to hearing of your trip - and to seeing more of your photos. Thanks.

Photo Cache

You are a great ambassador for the state of Florida. What beauty of the state you share each time.

Worth a Thousand Words

Peter B

What a great idea to "Spring clean" your photo files! Thanks for rescuing these so we can see them!!


Thank you Sallie for sharing those lovely photos. I do the same at this moment. I have no time to do the weekly memes , as I am very tired and I have had several examinations in hospital. Yesterday I had an MRI scan, the result of which I will know on Monday.
I hope you are okay! Thanks for visiting.


Hello, Sallie! I love your eagle, woodpeckers and the beautiful sky shots. I miss Florida and all the awesome birds there. Wonderful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend


I almost missed this post, Sallie. So glad I responded to urge to check up. :)
Oh, how I love those sky shots. Lovely and peaceful and fish! Yea! This is such a serene post.
Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.


Such beautiful photos! Really enjoyed the eagle and woodpecker photos. Of course, that pool also looks so very inviting. Hope you are having a great weekend.

lavender dreamer

What a neat photo of the eaglet. We saw a large dark bird today that we couldn't quite make into a hawk...now I'm wondering if it was a juvenile eagle. Glad you are staying here awhile longer. With the longer days, there's so much to see! Especially in the evenings! Hugs!

Patrick Tillett

Beautiful photos Sallie! I'm glad you found them...

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Again, beautiful Sallie!!
I am always so envious of you birders who are able to find, see, and photograph the pileated woodpecker!! Some day I hope to do the very same.

Before I leave, I want to send along my thanks for linking in at I'd Rather B Birdin' to share this post with us!!

jeanne stone

Especially enjoyed the shots of the lovely wood pecker. They are so beautiful, but can also do so much damage as we found out from about $10,000. worth of damage a pair did recently at our cabin in the mountains. Very difficult to convince they were not going to build a nest in our attic. So lovely though

Terri@Coloring Outside the Lines

Nice collection- I love all the fish!


Dearest Sallie; What WONDERFUL photographs I'm sure I'll be back this post to see these pictures after I catch up commenting other friends♡♡♡
Oh, I DO have SO MANY pictures I have to think about sorting out p:-)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear Japanese friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Oh, so sorry I pasted different greeting phrase.
"To my Dear American friend"

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