May 07, 2017



What a beautiful day! I am envious of the Glossy Ibis! I can't remember seeing one here for many years! Glad you hit the birding jackpot!!


Brilliant photos of amazing birds. I have never seen the least terns or the glossy ibis. So enjoyed this post :) Thank you Sallie!


Those herons are beautiful - such elegant birds.


What better place to go birding than wetlands and you captured some beauties. I sure don't see any of these at the canyon.

Lady Fi

Wow - you're in bird paradise! And so am I! I'd love to see these birds close up for myself. Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots.


These are awesome, Sallie, and I look forward to seeing more.
I love the faces on the whistling ducks and the green heron always look a wee bit angry to me. We don't see them here, but, they remind me of the night capped herons, Great shots.

nancy chan

The birds are beautiful. Love the collages. Have a wonderful day!


Great photos of all the water birds and the babies are so cute hiding in among all the vegetation. I am looking forward to part two!


You have some a selection of birds, great the Glossy Ibis.


Hi Sallie , well you certainly brought the memories back, the last time we where over in Florida was 2013, and driving back from Miami to Orlando to cach our flight home , we call in at Wadokahatchee, and yes wall to wall posing birds, its an amazing place.
Thank you, and take care, Gordon.

Sara - Villa Emilia

Hello, Sallie! Grown-up camping sounds fun! :)
Your bird photos are beautiful and very interesting. The Least Terns are my favourites. They look so cute, like masked superheroes observing the situation.
Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely week ahead!


Your captures are gorgeous.

Stewart M

Great set of birds - we are going into our 'not much about' time of year. Spent an almost birdless Sunday morning looking for some!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Maggie Bryant

Hi Sallie,
what a tongue twister Wakodahatchee is, I can't stop saying it out loud! There was certainly a lot to see during your excursion to the wetlands and I was very happy to see a bird that I recognised at last. I'm not very good at identifying birds) the Gallinules/Marsh Hens are what we call Moor Hens here and several years ago we had a pair that came every year to raise a family on the pond in our back garden in Normandy. Sadly, the year that we brought Fleur home to live with us was the last we saw of them, off they went never to return.
Happy MM."

Hootin' Anni

True works of art your bird photos are!! But....wait....what is the name of those wetlands again? :o)

Taken For Granted

Hi Sallie, what great bird photos. I have never been very good at photographing birds, but you do this so well. These birds are similar to the ones here, but not the same. We see Green Herons, but not Little Blue Herons. We only see Great Blue Herons. My parents had a house in Palm Beach county, so I know a little of the area.
Want to thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Always good to hear from you. Night photography is really not difficult. There are two ways of going about it. 1, Put your camera on a tripod, and set aperture priority at f11. When you hit the shutter the exposure time will be long, but the photo sharp with good depth of field. or 2. Raise the ISO as high as possible and shoot hand held. I like to use shutter speed priority at 30th or 60th of a second.


Beautiful birds. I like the variety.


Thanks for sharing all of your feathered friends. While I'm a big fan of herons, I have to admit that one of all time favorite birds is the whistling duck .... they really do whistle! Happy Monday!


Your patience was rewarded - those are some great shots of the wetland birds. I'm partial to herons, although I find all birds fascinating. I always enjoy seeing what's going on in your corner of the world, so different from the PNW. Have a great week.


Great to see the whistling ducks up closer, Sally. They are beautiful! My, you went on an extended observation trip here:):) Great to see all these water birds -also love the last capture of the ibis!
Loved all your comments, Sally:)Can imagine Mex. restaurants hard to find in FL -we didn't see any while there. What would be THE ethnic restaurant there? Cuban? These two youngest grands crack me up, they're so full of life (and most of the time in trouble, lol) - nice, not to have to discipline them, haha:)


yes you're right, the kinds of birds could go on forever, I like the blue heron - he's my favourite :-0


A fun post, Sallie and your photos are splendiforous! And you've helped me name some of the birds that I've photographed, although I will soon forget what I've learned! Darn. Must be old age!


awwww sally, lucky you, i know the excitement an excursion like this can bring!!

this is a good way for you to display your images when you have a lot - it's what i should do as i always have the same conundrum. you shared a nice variety, i am always surprised at the "facial expressions" on birds and ducks. ducks always look happy - the herons always look miserable.

your capture of the little blue heron is so good and i love seeing the ibis, i don't see those here!!!

Klara S

Little Blue Heron feathers look so smooth in your picture. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


Wonderful photos! Love the Heron photos!
Have a great week!


The herons are my favourite photos this week. You make it look so easy photographing all these different birds.


Beautiful photos. Public lands set aside for conservation is one of our most valuable assets.

riitta k

Your bird photos are amazing Sallie. Many unknown species to me. Happy week!


so so pretty, amazing wetlands !!!

bettyl - NZ

Fantastic shots, Sallie! I love the terns on the roof!

Rhonda Albom

Lovely bird shots. Did you get to see any alligators? I was lucky to spot one at Wakodahatchee.


Feast or famine...right? :-) Well, you got some great shots of a wonderful variety of birds.

Penelope Puddlisms

Creating wetlands is such a responsible thing to do for the environment and it’s a joy to know there are people making sure it is done. I like the variety of these birds and their differing beaks. Some remind me of the cutting shears I’ve been using this weekend when gardening.


Wow! You got a whole lot of 'nothing but' this time around. Love it.
Curious as to where in Eastern Wa. you are from

Patrick Tillett

In my book, any post with Whistlers in it, is a great post!
Great photos Sallie! Herons always seem to have a grouchy look on their faces, the one in your first photo is no exception.

Les Fous du Cap (France)

Très belle série. Les hérons sont magnifiques ;-)
Céline & Philippe

ellen b

Your patience paid off with these great photos of a nice variety of birds. Hope you have a great week!


This post makes me so happy! We live in the middle of a wetland.
You do so well to narrow down photos. Mind you, I like to show hubby where he's been, while he's driving!


You live in a bird watchers paradise. That first bird looks mad.

JoAnn M Bayne

I am amazed at the number of wonderful birds you see. Here if we see two different kinds - besides robins and seagulls, we count it an amazing day. Wonderful photos.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Loved the bird photos. I`m glad you had lots to share. Love the mid week long weekend. Have a great day. Sylvia D.


What a wonderful country ! Little blue heron is so elegant. You live in birds' paradise.

Gemma Wiseman

Great variety of birds. Love the beak colour on the whistling ducks and this must be the first time I have seen a glossy ibis. So many handsome characters round the water.


Great series of birds! Wonderful photos!

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: Years ago my wife and I spent a couple of days in Florida on the way to Trinidad and Tobago and we visited Wakodahatchee, a quite fabulous place to view wildlife. There was a bird there called a Spot-breasted Oriole not native to the area, and I was explaining to a few people about its native range and speculated on how it might have established a modest presence in Florida. More people joined the group and finally I spent about a half hour taking about New World Blackbirds in general and giving people information on the breeding biology of the Spot-breasted Oriole. It was really quite fascinating. But the real kicker was that unknown to us the local television station was filming there that day and when we turned on the television news that evening in the motel there was an item about a Canadian visitor explaining local birds at Wakhodahatchee. You can well imagine our surprise.

NatureFootstep photography

beautiful bird live. My favorite today is the terns :) Wonderful!


Excellent photos as always. I'll bet you feel like your time there goes very fast!


Fantastic post & a super variety of birds!
I definitely prefer grownup camping!

Mary Howell Cromer

Hi Sallie, your Green Heron flew all the way to Kentucky to visit me yesterday...OK maybe just a relative, but it really surprised me when it flew right past me and landed near by. I got a KY bird alert that a species of Whistling Duck had also come by the state for a quick visit. Your images are wonderful and I hope you enjoy your week~


I've been chasing herons (blue I think) but it's so hard to get them swooping in the air and they are so high up in the treetops. You got a beauty as well as the Ibis and Terns and the rest. Hope you are well. Are you coming back north soon?

Pat --Mille Fiori Favoriti

So many birds is right, Sallie! I think Florida is a bird lovers heaven as there are so many varieties to be seen there year round.

Wakodahatchee and Green Cay looked like a perfect wetlands to observe many and you took wonderful photos of them!

Linja in Virginia

Delightful bird photos!


Hi from Spain Sallie. A wonderful selection of birds you found. We could do with some of that water here in Menorca. Two weeks of sunshine takes some getting used to.


I'm loving the green heron, we mainly have the grey ones here.


Wonderful bird portraits. Such a joy to see them all.


HOW cute to see the young moorhens...and the whistling ducks saw my first ones finally...a wonderful creature to watch. Looking forward to more of this!!


So many pretty birds. It's hard to choose a favorite! You really got some wonderful photos Sallie.

Michelle Rwoods

Hello Sallie... it is funny as to what I consider common and what you have as common but which I have never seen myself.....Long week here...just getting to visit....Michelle


They are beautiful, you are an excellent photographer Sallie.


Hi again, Sallie. I'm so glad I was able to help you find the boat of your dreams. When you get it, please let me know, and we'll drive down your way and go for a ride in it. OK? So you may have to postpone going north for the summer. 😇

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