May 12, 2017



Great photos of the birds and all the babies are very cute! A perfect post for mother's day.
Creating an environment like this to manage waste water is really a fantastic idea.
Thanks for sharing.


Oh those are amazing photos. So close up with so much detail. Hope you have a happy Mothers Day also.


What a beutiful and cute family of Wood Storks !
Thank you for sharing such stunning images of your wonderful world, darling Sallie !

Wishing you a most lovely end of your week - Happy Mother's day to you too !!!
I'm sending blessings across the many miles



Wonderful! Beautiful!
Happy Mother's Day!


I think even the adults are cute and love their feet. What strange looking feet, looks like from some wizard-world. Hmm...I didn't understand the caption "guano happens" or why you felt sorry after the research. Please explain. Absolutely lovely photos of each of the birds.


All beak and feet!! Adorable! Sometimes a few stray storks will show up at the State Park that is 5 miles from my home. I don't see them nesting but I wonder if they do nest when they decide to stay here for the summer. Happy Mothers Day back at you.


Boy, you really are "for the birds"! Great shots of the wood storks. I like these birds a lot but I've never seen the wee ones. I see them occasionally on our golf courses.

Wishing you a great Mother's Day!


Wow...about the guano! Interesting! So happy they are breeding again. Great photos!


Such magnificent photos and I love seeing the wood storks. It always amazes me how these bigger birds with long legs can balance upon branches and nest. Nature at her best.
Happy Mother's Day, Sallie.

Latane Barton

They are rather gangly, aren't they? But, aren't we fortunate to have such birds to enjoy in their habitat.. Great pictures.

lavender dreamer

Hubby and I both looked at these amazing photos! We love seeing storks but have never see babies. They are so fuzzy and cute! And BIG! heehee! How special to get these photos of them. I looked out my front window this morning and there was a cattle egret standing on our shrubs! haha! But we expect craziness like that here in FL, don't we? Happy weekend!


WoW-zers!!! awesome captures of the storks and their little ones. i enjoy seeing them because we don't see them in my neck of the woods - so young or old they are a treat!!

such a "bird feast" for the eyes today, i loved the capture of the cattle egret as well!!!


oooooh i forgot to say "happy mom's day'!!!!


Great birds for mother's day, beautiful.


Wonderful shots of stork babies.

Lady Fi

Cute overload! Love it.

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: It is really quite wonderful to see so many young Wood Storks, because as you say they have been in dire straits for so long. Between droughts and hurricanes they have not fared well. In fact, checking my notes from way back when I visited Wakodahatchee Wood Storks were not even present there. I am glad that they were able to provide you with a crêche full of stork cuteness. If there are more posts to come from this visit I am looking forward to them. Oh, and by the way, I have submitted your name to the Grand and Glorious Circle of Bird Photographers for this splendid work! I am sure that your immediate election to this august, but sadly non-existent body, is guaranteed. I am unanimous in that!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. David

ellen b

I've only seen a stork once. It was an old ugly looking one in the Cotswolds. I really like the looks of these young storks better. You got some great photos. I'm glad they are doing well! Happy Mother's Day to you!


Such a joy to see the baby or young storks.
Thank you for visiting them and sharing with us.


I find the adult storks more handsome than those youngsters. Yet how delightful to see so many. California Condors do that to presumably cool off too.

Hildred Finch

And a happy Mother's Day to you too, Sallie. Thank you for the pictures of the sweet little ones, and the loving mothers, too.


Good to see they are breeding. They sure do look ungainly.


these babies are so cute with really big feet !!!
happy sunday :-)



Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

Villroses hage

Fascinating baby storks! What large feet!


They're so cute, and this is the perfect post for the day. Happy Mother's Day!

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful collage of photos and photography of the sweet storks ~ thanks,

Happy Mother's Day ~ ^_^

Ken Schneider

Our new colony of Wood Storks in south Florida also had young at various stages. I will miss watching them grow up and fledge as I am now staying at our Illinois home. Wado and Green Cay are splendid places to visit-- the birds there are so close to the boardwalk and accustomed to human presence. Happy Mother's Day!


A happy Mothers Day to you, Sally!
These captures are so stunning! Many thanks for sharing these ifrds with All Seasons! Haha, good the "kids" don't need shoes!! My daughter is now going through the same as I did before, with having a 14 year old having size 11 shoe!
Have a great week!


The storks are hot looking spooks!

Linja in Virginia

Well, I'll be darned! Storks do bring babies after all. Great shots!

NatureFootstep photography

no, we don´t think the woodstork is beautiful, But that is a human point of view,isn´t it? Who brought the stork babies to them?


That's a long time I haven't seen a stork ! I always remember when I was a child just in front of my grandparent's house there was a stork nest on the chimney of the neighbor's house ! So interesting for a kid !


awww they are so fluffy - love them!


Hi Sallie , I love the wood storks and their babies! Great shots! I miss the Florida birds!

I am still running a little behind visiting my critter links! Thanks so much for linking up, have a great new week ahead!

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Absolutely precious!! A wonderful post of mothers and their babies...and picture post card perfect images!!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend...and hope you have a joyous week ahead!

Stewart M

Those storks do have a face only a mother could love!

I like them!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


The wetlands provide such a vital service both for the human race and the wildlife that calls them home. Fabulous captures, great mosaics!


Oh my goodness, fantastic photos Sallie. The babies are extra cute. On our trips to Florida I always thought those storks were extraordinary looking birds, and yet so adorable.


And I forgot to say Happy Mother's Day :)


What a day at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands! Marvelous images of moms and babes. Big feet!!!!!!! Happy Monday!

Hootin' Anni

PS....I just mentioned you in my blog post today...
...and linked to your blog. :o)


Wonderful photos Sallie, especially those baby wood storks! I occasionally see them up here, but have never seen any babies.


Hi Sallie, in answer to your question I saw the Monk Parakeets in the light poles at the Pelican ball field. It is the same place I saw the burrowing Owls and the Shrike.


Wonderful shots of the storks and heron. I hope you had a happy mother's day!

Pat --Mille Fiori Favoriti

The baby wood storks look so fluffy and their feet were enormous!

Hope you had a Happy Mother's day!


Good to see that conservation is working well and the wood storks are breeding in good numbers. Interesting fact about the guano. I wonder if other birds do the same.

Sara - Villa Emilia

Thank you, dear Sallie, for this fascinating and fun post!
The photos are great. The grown-up Wood Storks aren't perhaps the loveliest birds, but what a splendid white colour they have!
Have a happy week!

Photo Cache

Lovely shots. I am actually sharing Moroccan storks in my other blo today: http://kilelong.blogspot.com


I just love to find egrets and herons around here. I went to Devil's Lake to find some herons because they love to nest in the tree tops there then found out they are just down the street as well, lol. Great shots and man, those feet. Are you saying they stand in poop?

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

Hi Sallie It was lovely for me to ee the baby Wood Stocks. Thanks I have never seen those before.


A baby only the Mother could love----oh I guess we all do

handmade by amalia

They are so cute! But I always thought babies came from the cabbage patch in the garden.


Hello!:) Great close up captures Sallie,...absolutely wonderful to see these families of Wood Storks.


Lovely shots of these interesting looking birds. All young things are sweet even with gangly legs. Hope you found something out about the Lady in White - I didn't want to go into the ghost busting stuff in this post,they never actually prove anything. Maybe ghosts are too smart to be photographed!

Mary Howell Cromer

Woodstorks are really great birds and when I was down visiting in February there were very young birds. These look so delightful`

Alexa T

Such wonderful little babies! So lovely and cute! And it is so great to see them from up close; these birds are not native, in here; so i'm glad to see them through your camera lens, as always in great pictures!
Have a pleasant day and sunny week of MAy! Alexa

Penelope Postcards

Storks for Mother's Day, how perfect!! Those young ones sure look cute, although their beaks look a bit pointy, sharp and dangerous. :)


Amazing photos! What a sight they must be in person!

Les Fous du Cap (France)

Ils sont mignons ces "grands petits" poussins ;-)
Céline & Philippe

Klara S

Another fluffy birds :-) Great captures.


They are cute little birds. I think adult storks are adorable too!

kelleyn rothaermel

Nature is so cool!


In France Mother's day ´ll be next sunday. In Alsace, where I lived before, storks are numerous : there are white storks ( but have too long black feathers !) their beak and legs are orange. They are the symbol of the country. They have been endangered too but now are saved. Have a nice week Sallie.


Interesting. Especially how they cool themselves off. And you know, lots of humans were cuter as kids than they are as grownups!

Michelle Banks

Oh I love these photos Sallie...and yes,,,look at those feet!! ...Michelle

Sharon Wagner

Baby storks! How fun to see them. I never have. Good for you.

Phil Slade

I reckon my camera would be working overtime if I went there. Storks, egrets, herons and anhingas all in the same trees - fantastic.

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