July 30, 2017



What a stunning area to visit, the waterfall and rainbow shots are fantastic!
Glad to hear that there are places such as this taking care of the condors, such beautiful creatures.
I've really enjoyed experiencing your trip back home from Florida, looking forward to seeing how you spent the summer when MM returns in September.


Beautiful Falls. We will have to make a visit there.


Thaks a lot Sallie, for this beautiful trip ! It' always a great pleasure to travel with you.


These falls are stunning, Sallie! No wonder there are a few painters here!Awesome you could catch a rainbow here for All Seasons! Have never been to Idaho, so this was also educational. An interesting fact about the condors! Happy continuation of your trip this week:)


Hello, Sallie! Idaho is a pretty state. I love the view of the waterfalls and rainbow. The petroglyphs are neat, I would like to see them in person along with the Bird of Prey center. Great news about the Condor. Thanks for sharing your visit, great photos.
Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


I've never been to Idaho. I fly over it on occasion..ha! I love rainbows and waterfalls. Gorgeous images of your trip. thank you. happy monday!

Penelope Puddlisms

Ranchers thoughtful enough to donate land, nature lovers trying to save wildlife, prehistoric artists leaving their mark on walls to be discovered in future times, a rainbow gleaming from end to end and water bubbling and surging … so many of my favorite things are all in this post!


WOW...and I agree there is so much left to see in Idaho!! Lead was outlawed the "new" administration with Zinke in charge of the interior dept, is now allowing it to be used again, what an ***! Thank you for your awesome photos!


Those falls are amazing, so full of power. Glad you found somewhere new to visit and share with us. The condors are huge; I hope the re-introduction program is successful. Great photos.


The falls are beautiful. I'm very impressed with your rainbows.

bill burke

The rainbows are a beautiful sight to see. The falls are a nice treasure to view. Lovely photos!

Photo Cache

Idaho is in my radar, just not able to go there yet. This would be in my itinerary, thanks.


Great scenery and I love those rainbows. Cute little killdeer.


Such amazing views and birds - and the rainbows you have captured are beautiful, Sallie.
That's a great shot of the killdeer, too. I see them on occasion hereabouts, just recently circling off of a major expressway.


Absolutely gorgeous Shoshone Falls and the petroglyphs! Wow! And amazing photography!


A lovely post! That rainbow is awesome. Great petroglyphs! We are going to Petroglyph park in August here in our part of Ontario.

Linja in Virginia

Oh my! Rainbows, waterfalls, petroglyphs! How awesome!

Lady Fi

I'm loving the waterfalls and rainbow shots!

Phil Slade

Hi Sallie. The waterfalls with their rainbows are quite stunning. No wonder the place attracts painters and photographers. Over here we have banned lead shot and it has a dramatic effect on increasing the population of mute swans, a species which dabbled around in the wetlands. It's so good to read about the condor and the efforts being made to bring a wild population back. I would have been so intereted in those petroglyphs by just looking at them and thinking about the people doing that 10,000 years ago.


I am always fascinated when I see waterfalls. I lived in the lower peninsula of Michigan most of my life, and there are almost no waterfalls there.


Very beautiful and scenic place.


I also love waterfalls (even the fake ones on golf courses!). These are really pretty and even better that you got some rainbows. :)

FIndlay Wilde

I will never understand how lead can be used for bullets when we all know that it is a poison, not that I have an interest to shoot anything anyway. I hope the condors breeding programme is a success long term.


Sallie - Shoshone Falls can easily rival Niagara Falls, especially because the topography around it is much more interesting than flat upper New York. Now that we live in Montana, we do plan to get to Idaho soon. This will be on the list!

LeeAnna Paylor

I drove through Idaho once. I moved from Florida to Edmonton Alberta! What a nice state to drive through.
LeeAnna at not afraid of color


The falls and the rainbow are amazing. I don't know if people realize the rugged beauty Idaho has to offer and I'm glad you stopped by and took such great photos. Cute little killdeer, we have some at the local zoo. Geez, it's almost fall and it seems you just got home.

artmusedog and carol

1st photo is awesome and the rainbow shots are divine ~ thanks, ^_^


Just so you know your OR food cart comment really has me thinking. This is the future I dream of, hahahaha.


Great photos. I love the falls and petrolglyphs. I have never been to Twin Falls. My dad lives upriver in Idaho Falls and I will be there this weekend. Idaho is one of the most under rated states in the country IMHO,

Ruth | Tanama Tales

This is such a beautiful place. Idaho is very underrated in my opinion. I have been to Cour D'Alene and it is lovely there. #OurWorldTuesday


Wow! The Shoshone waterfalls are certainly breathtaking, Sallie! I loved the rainbow in the mist. I usually have to do a high hike to see waterfalls here in CO. We drove through a part of Idaho when returning from our trip to Glacier NP in Montana last summer, and I wished we had more time then to look around more. Maybe next trip we will!


Wow, such wonderful waterfalls! Looks like it was a great trip. Love the rainbow too :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog.


The falls are stunning and great capture of the rainbow!


Beautiful places you have made them Sallie.


Hi Sallie, first of all allow me to thank you for your comments on two of my pages, much appreciated.
My word you past through some amazing scenery, those landscaps are breathtaking, but it was your eye that captured them through your camera, thanks for that.
Have a good week, Gordon.


Beautiful waterfall! Love the rainbow!


gorgeous waterfalls, they always produce the most amazing rainbows!!! great capture of the kildeer!!!


Wow, Sallie! It is definitely scenic...breathtaking! The falls, the rainbow, the birds and reflections are fantastic!

Sylvia D.

Sallie, What a wonderful post. I love the rainbows. I guess waterfalls produce the water drops that make them. Love the birds always. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.


Oh wow! Firstly the waterfalls were amazing to see but what a bonus to see such clear rainbows!
Beautiful area, thanks for sharing!

tom the backroads traveller

...a little slice of heaven.

Patrick Tillett

Such a beautiful area. I have friends who live about 10 miles from Melba. I haven't visited them yet, but your post makes me think I need to do so. Great photos Sallie!

Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal

I know the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park is part of the condor breeding and reintroduction program ~ used to see the condors there in large enclosures exactly like what you saw there in Idaho. I did see condors flying in the Grand Canyon when looking over and that was back 10 years ago or more now. My son and I enjoyed watching them catching the thermals coming up the canyon from a mile below where the boats were riding on the river.

Great post! I pinned a ton of photos. :)
Barb :)

NatureFootstep photography

WOW, d love to see this place. So much to see and enjoy. Thanks for sharing :)

jesh StG

Thank you for your birthday wish, Sallie! Am cleaning today since am having some guests to see the painting studio:)


oh wow the waterfall and the view from the lookout is amazing!

ellen b

Oh my, I really need to get myself over to Shoshone Falls. Beautiful photos and great captures of the rainbow! Thanks for sharing this part of your trip. Are you getting any of the B.C. smoke down in your part of Oregon? We are trying to stay cool here in the Seattle area today. Too hot for my liking.

nancy chan

What a gorgeous place to visit! Love the rainbow and waterfall and the birds, especially the bird of prey! Have a beautiful day!


Shoshone Falls is gorgeous. they had the water shut off somewhat for irrigation purposes when we were there so there wasn't as much water going over the falls.


That's a beautiful part of your country ! Not so well known by tourists at least European once I suspect, but certainly a gorgeous place for painters !


Hello Sallie!:) The views you captured are of breathtaking beauty, especially with the rainbows arched over the Snake river. I love waterfalls too Sallie. It's amazing to think that thousands of years ago this area was populated with people doing their art work, just as people are photographing and painting the beauty of this place today.
It's good news about the California Condors being re introduced back into the Grand Canyon, these birds belong there, and I sincerely hope the government ban the use of lead bullets. Lovely image of the Kildeer!:)

JM Illinois U.S.A.

I so enjoyed the cyber tour which included a beautiful rainbow. Amazing area.

Peter B

Wonderful rainbow shots, and love those petroglyphs!!


Breathtaking photos of the beautiful Falls, Sallie!
Really well done.

And, yes we do need the nine inch babies and the 9' wing-spanned babies too, for a healthy ecosystem.

Have a Happy Weekend and Safe Travels!
Peace :)


I do like waterfall as much as you do.

Shoshone Falls is great and beautiful.


I do like waterfall as much as you do.
Shoshone Falls is great and beautiful.


David Gascoigne

Wonderful series of images, Sallie. Whenever I encounter petroglyphs I am always struck by a sense of reverence contemplating that fellow travellers on this earth left their mark so many years ago. We seek to interpret what their art meant, wondering even was it art for them, or did it have some purely utilitarian function? The thing that always pops into my mind, is that perhaps if humans can find a way to survive in this planet for much longer, will archaeologists of the future contemplate graffiti
in the same way, and make suppositions about the cult that created it, and ascribe purpose to it? Will what we deem to be ugly and offensive have a higher meaning postulated about it?
Kudos for visiting the Centre for Birds of Prey - a marvellous organization. Have a great weekend!


Hello Sallie, I would love to see the Condor make a great comeback. The Center for Birds of Prey would be on my list of places to visit. Love the sweet Killdeer. The waterfalls are beautiful. Great post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!



Michelle Banks

Wow the rainbow is amazing....I have never been to Idaho and know little about it....Michelle


That's beautiful. I've spent a little time in Idaho but I'd love to really explore the state.


Lovely post. Those falls sure were beautiful. Looks like we were there around the same time. Hard to imagine them completely drying up at times!

Stewart M

Great looking waterfalls and rainbows - you can always find new places, even in areas close to home I find!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Wow what a beautiful place. The rainbow shots are amazing.

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful Sallie!!

You shared some great photos today, and I appreciate you sharing them with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend!! Thanks.


Wow. Amazing photos. You take quite the pilgrimage!


Absolutely beautiful country. I'd like to visit the condors in Idaho, and the waterfalls if I can see rainbows like that. California outlawed lead ammunition but Arizona and Utah are working on hunter education to spare the condors.

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