October 29, 2017



I can see those students have been hard at work...lol!

I loved the beautiful waterfalls. That is always a wonderful sight to see and hear.

I had to laugh that those turkeys stared you down, Dallie. Maybe they were telling you to cook a ham this Thanksgiving?

Many beautiful fall photos--my favorite time of the year!


With a so beautiful view, it’s a pleasure to go to your doctor ! I hope all is ok for you. I hope too people ‘ll forget these poor turkeys. Have a nice week, Salie.


Beautiful colors!


Hello, the beer cans in the window are stacked high. The market place does have some pretty Autumn decorations. I like the view from the doctor's office, very pretty. Looks like a nice hike to the waterfalls, lovely views of the mountains. The turkeys are brave. Lovely fall colors and photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

lavender dreamer

You really do have some beautiful color there and the turkeys are cute. They better find a hiding place soon though...Thanksgivings comin'! heehee! Love the decorations at the Market...wow! Enjoy your day. We saw 39 degrees this morning...can you believe that? Hugs!


So lovely to see how autumn looks in your area, gorgeous waterfall and foliage mosaics. Those pumpkins at Fifth Street market are impressive!
Thanks for kicking off MM for us today, what a great start to the week.


I love seeing that beautiful fall color! We are starting to get a little color here in north Florida and the temps dipped down in the 30's last night with a bit of frost. I had to laugh at that sign because having worked on the FSU campus for over 35 years before retiring, I know for a fact that the students probably pay no attention to it. They only got worse when smart phones were added into the mix.

Penelope Puddlisms

So much beauty and wonder to behold in our world, especially when you get away from the clatter of information and appreciate the moments, as you so obviously do. I liked seeing the birds sharing the road seemingly carefree and wild enough NOT to be on anyone’s table.


That sign made me smile - it can seem much longer than a minute while waiting for those crosswalk signals! Our weather has been like yours, very warm and sunny for the end of October. The colours are so pretty, and the waterfall gorgeous.

ellen b

Lots of good and pretty things to look at in your post. Love the mosaic of Salt Creek. That sign cracks me up. Wonder how many young people read it. :)
We've had beautiful fall days to enjoy with so much great color. Hope you have a good week!


Push the button! You know how to push my buttons...what a fun series of photos...love all the various colors from the various places you visited...won't you miss this when you're in Florida?


Very beautiful shots of the place.

MaryBeth Schwartz

There is a similar cross walk for the students at Everett High School---they need that sign

William Kendall

Those waterfalls are beautiful!

Jesh StG

That saying made me laugh too, because the one who lived across from the railroad track (I was one of them) used the train many times for their lateness:)
Isn't that the truth about turkeys? We had one time a screeching brakes incident because they kept walking across a busy high way! Anyways, the turkeys and we all made it all out alive, lol! Thanks so much for these captures for All Seasons (and the memory about the silly turkeys!)


A good humored sign for sure! Love the Salt Creek Waterfall putting it on my bucket list...


Must be something about being a student and collecting empty beer cans/ wine bottles etc. The sign made me laugh. Lots of fabulous fall colours round your way.

Su-sieee! Mac

Oregon is looking mighty pretty. I'd be okay about going to the doctor, if I could look out the window and see that view.


Sallie - this 'buffet' post has something for everyone! The Market decorations are cheerful - I always think people (buyers) are attracted to a place that is well done out. Those turkeys ... when you look close they aren't very attractive, but they still make me giggle every time. Hopefully they learn some stealth skills soon.


You live in a very interesting and lovely place, I especially like all those photos of water and waterfalls


Gotta' love living in a college town. ;) Nice fall colors. Brr on the snow already. Life is good.

Cherop Joy

Having problems leaving comments again. I have to log in to google + to do it and I shut that down long ago tho recently opened it just to leave a comment. I'm not sure why this happens but sadly it prevents me from letting me know I enjoy your photos. This set is particularly beautiful.

Hildred Finch

What a great post, Sallie. Your little drives and adventures bring back many happy memories...beautiful photos.


This is an outstanding catch-all post Sallie. Yes we do know the difference :) Love the sign and the pretty waterfall shots, also the turkeys. Guess they will stay well out of town during Thanksgiving :). Beautiful trees and pretty collage of nature. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week :)


A great post Sallie!
I had a chuckle at the sign - well done whoever thought that up :D)
Lovely decorations at the market, there's always creative folk around who give that extra bit aren't there. Makes it inviting.
Gorgeous scenery from the Doc's and your drive to the Mountains.
Beautiful Autumn colours.
Love the turkey humour!
Beaut to catch up at your place... cheers now xx

Lady Fi

Wow - that view is just lovely! And I love the falls too. Beautiful autumn colours in your shots.

Bob Bushell

Pure photographs Sallie.

A ShutterBug Explores

Lovely series of Autumn photos ~ favorite are the turkeys ~ love the variety of photos ~ ^_^

love and light,

A ShutterBug Explores
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Photo Cache

Oh I love the classic yellow pickup truck being decorated for fall.

Worth a Thousand Words


This is the best way to do things, visiting both nature and the city.


I'm glad it was just a routine visit. I have mine tomorrow. Sure dread those things, but ever so glad to know the results. SO far so good and I hope for many more years.

Love your views!


Nice shots. I love the crosswalk warning. I love it when someobdoy in an official capacity has.a sense of humor.
You guys are ahead of us in Fall Color but we are catching up. We are just now getting low temperatures.

nancy chan

Wow! Gorgeous autumn colours! Have a great day!

bill burke

Great shots Sallie, The view from the doctor's office is my favorite. Lovely autumn has arrived!


I like how they use the decorations to bring in Autumn - great colours.


Hi again. Your mention of tofu turkey reminded me of an episode of "All In The Family" and also 'Raymond." Nobody seemed to like it much! :))


It's a beautiful set of photos. We're past autumn and into winter, but keep dipping back into summer (a typical Colorado October).

Tamar Strauss-Benjamin

Oregon is always so beautiful!

Ruth | Tanama Tales

That was a nice walk! I am ready for some nice waterfalls. The sign is funny indeed. I agree people should wait until the walk sign in on. We have too many people jumping at the street at the incorrect moment (which can be very scary).

bettyl - NZ

Lovely autumn photos, Sallie. I took photos of some wild turkeys earlier this week but I don't think they have a clue that they would be in peril if they were in the States!


Gorgeous autumn colours! Those turkeys made me laugh!

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

you still fid a lot of beauty aroudn you. And some fun stuff too :)

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Beautiful view from the doctor's office, and I love the images from your hike!
The sign made me smile
Have a wonderful day!

David Gascoigne

Thanks for posting the picture of that creative sign. It made me laugh too. I am always encouraged when I see this kind if creativity and I know that the advent of smart phones, Google and all the other electronic gadgetry has not dulled the sensibilities of everyone.Whenever I see a business that advertises in a way that makes me grin I try to patronize it. I once stayed in a motel where the rooms were alleged to be "heir conditioned." I failed to live up to their expectations I am afraid, but I gave it a good try!

Kay Davies

Fabulous photos as always! I laughed at the photos in the first panel, but my favourite shot is in the next panel...the one with the stairs. It's beautiful.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Spectacular is all I can say! Thanks for sharing!


awwww sallie, what a beautiful collection of fall images!! i really like the collages, it's a great way to present a lot of images. thanks for reminding me of how pretty autumn really is!!!

do you think the turkeys know that thanksgiving is coming!!!!

Michelle Banks

I love the turkey and I didn't eat them after they started visiting the yard here.... Michelle


Beautiful post and the turkey stare is my fav

Jesh StG

Your reference to Winnie the Pooh's expression about (my title of the post "The Between Life") what in-between is, was so cute, I wanted to go looking for my Winnie the Poor book (my high school's required reading for English class!
A great variety of trees in your sky capture, Sallie!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great autumn shot.

Peter B

What a gorgeous view from your doctor's office!! Very pretty fall colors.


Ha! So much truth in that sign! I also love seeing those waterfall shots. Thanks for linking up today and I hope to see you back again!


Oh my! Your colors are quite beautiful still. Lovely, Sallie.
A bit of nostalgia hit me with that first photo, reminding me of what we called the scramble bell on the campus of my alma mater, Illinois State University. When someone pushed the button, every light turned red for students to cross.


what a view from the doctors office and that waterfall is gorgeous.


Wow! I wish my doctors had that view. That markets looks very cute and the waterfall amazing.


Hello Sallie, I wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up your post. I enjoyed your turkeys and the market, beautiful views.
Have a happy weekend!

Judy Biggerstaff

Beautiful pics of these gorgeous views. Love the waterfall.


Such glorious colour at this time of year. I'm happy to see your photos. We've splatty rain and perhaps snow!

Linja in Virginia

Love those turkeys!

Stewart M

Do you think that the presence of the brewpub and the need for the sign are somehow linked?

I can only assume so!

Cheers (which seems appropriate!) - Stewart M - Melbourne

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I don't think I would mind the long wait time at the doctor's office if I had a view like this one! Wow.

I loved the humor at the beginning. And your wild turkeys. Great photo today Sallie. I don't get to see many turkeys in the open outdoors, so this was a special treat.

You participating in linking up this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin' is appreciated...thanks!!

Sharon Wagner

That yellow truck is sure decked out. And loaded down. Fall is sure beautiful by you!

handmade by amalia

I love the cheerful yellow truck as well. And the sign.


Everything little thing makes us happy when life is simple.



I've never seen a wild turkey - they are really big birds!


Its lovely to be able to get out and enjoy nature. The colours are beautiful and the waterfall is pretty.


The waterfall looks awesome. I love the pine forests (in fact all forests!) - good place to partake in Japanese forest bathing! Thank you Sallie ....Happy Tuesday!


Each of your walks looks so lovely. You must have felt free and comfortable. The result of your health check-up would have been good after seeing such beauties in nature.


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