October 08, 2017



Beautiful lake - a walk around that would be very enjoyable. The color in some of the leaves is magnificent. That is something I do not see in my part of the country. I love the little head showing on the back of some of those birds. Thanks for sharing.

Stewart M

Some real signs of autumn there - I think spring is finally fully underway here - just in time for me to and the kids to back at work!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Jesh StG

Great to have a walk with loved ones and enjoy nature - and it looks like good weather! An extra pleasure when you also get to shoot some birds,and ducks, and other critters:)-and share them with All Seasons. Thank you much!
Enjoyed your comment about the boating - you are right, it would be a real adjustment when there are only 23 days of sun per year!
Have a lovely week:)


Hello, what a nice walk with your daughter and granddaughter and the dogs. The trees are looking beautiful. Love the all the Grebes. I found the cute little ones. Pretty pond and spot for a walk. Happy Monday and enjoy your new week ahead.


The lake walk looks delightful. We seem to have jumped from summer to winter, with only a few autumnal days in between.


I love a good walk in this time of year. Your photos are beautiful!


Happy Mosaic Monday; enjoy October

much love...


Thank you for sharing this walk and the sights you experienced. I can see the baby's on momma's back! What fun. I can imagine this is a wonderful time of the year up thataway. It's still hotter than blazes here but has to cool down soon, right? Oui? Si? Por favor!

Take good care and enjoy your trip back to the Sunshine (Hurricane) State!


Autumn is such a perfect time for walking - not too hot, and can be very beautiful, as you've shown. The grebes are fun to watch. Have a happy week.

Lady Fi

Lovely shots indeed! Still looks warm there though...


Hi Sallie

Nice to see you in the photos! Autumn looks beautiful there. Both you and Eileen are showing grebes on your blogs today--what a coincidence. I don't think I've ever seen pied bill grebes but maybe I am not looking hard enough. Good for you taking a 3 mile walk!


A very special walk around Kirk Pond with three generations. Fun! Love the birds, too. Happy Monday!

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Beautiful scenic place for walking!
The Western Grebes are handsome birds, much more so than the Pied-billed Grebes (that I have seen before at Pickwick Lake in Tennessee).
Have a wonderful week!


Wonderful shots in and around the Kirk pond.


There may be no better company while out with nature than a dog. And they always want to go along.


The grebes with babies going for a ride are darling...I have never witnessed this marvelous behavior...maybe one day I will! A good walk with good company is a GOOD THING!

Bob Bushell

Fantastic nature, wild and untouched. The Grebes are so beautiful.


I found your blog through Gattina.
I'm an Oregon native (Portland girl) who is relocated to SoCal although most of my family is still in OR.
Loved seeing the photos of the changing leaves!

bill burke

What a beautiful place to take a walk and how grand it must be to have your daughter and granddaughter accompany you. Love seeing those dogs having their fun too, they are cuties. The Grebes are also a wonderful sight too. So much to enjoy on a walk through nature. The foliage is coming along fine, I see.

Have a fantastic week ahead!


Geez it's nice and warm and beautiful there. Lucky you!

lavender dreamer

That is SO special! And a lovely place to walk. Hope it cools here soon so that we can get back on the trails! Hugs, Diane

JoAnn  Bayne

What a great place to walk - gorgeous scenery and great company.

Photo Cache

Oh that's the spot for walking! Have a great week.

Worth a Thousand Words


So many blessings in this post - three generations, four-footed friends, gorgeous weather ... I can see the babies on the back (yippee for my eyeballs!)- how cool! I hope you have a wonderful week!!!


What a pretty walk - I love the start of your autumn colors. We had snow at my house today!


What a lovely opportunity!


Nothing better than a great family walk. Three generations!!

ellen b

Perfect outing with great companions! How fun to enjoy 3 generations. Things are looking nice this autumn! Hope your week goes well!


Thank you for sharing this wonderful walk with your family Sallie. Love the last photo especially. Cute dogs, and glorious Fall colors, lovely birds.


Like that last picture from the front. Looks like you started off with the sweaters.


Nothing better than an Autumn walk with loved ones, both human and canine varieties!
Hope you continue to enjoy mild temperatures and gorgeous fall colour.

nancy chan

The cool weather is nice for walks. I can see that you live in a beautiful place and blessed with a lake too!

Jesh StG

Not to worry, one fire (28 acres) starting Monday morning early, in the next town is already 25 % contained! So we are not in danger. There's another fire around Santa Rosa (N. of San Francisco), started Sun night is much worse, already took some lives,and much damage.


It's so nice to get out and about once the weather cools down more, the dogs look happy anyway.


Nature looking beautiful! Best way to enjoy an autumnal walk...with good company and playful dogs. Happy October Sallie!


What a lovely three generation walk with canine company! Such a nice mosaic of waterfowls. Your autumn is progressing, and mine, too, though very slowly, but today it was 30 degrees C (86F) like summer. So unusual. Have happy days ahead.



Such a beautiful place to walk. I love the fall color!

Phil Slade

Looks like you had a fine, suny day for your girls only walk Sallie. Our UK grebe equivalents would be Great Crested Grebe and Little Grebe, very similar looking and with much the same child rearing habits. That carrying of infants is such an endearing approach to keeping their young safe from predators.

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful pond ~ beautiful family and beautiful fur persons and great photos ~ ^_^ Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

A ShutterBug Explores aka (A Creative Harbor)

William Kendall

Splendid shots, and time well spent!


Autumn is the best time to be outdoors enjoying the beautiful color.


The timing of your post was perfect. I saw a bird at sea which i thought was a cormorant. Then i noticed the white on it. I had no idea what it was until i saw your photos of the Grebe. What a lovely time of the year to walk around the lake.


Oh, I love the piggy-back grebes! Delightful!


A beautiful place made more special for a three generation walk. I've never seen the Grebes with babies on the back. How very cool.

Sharon Wagner

It's always nice to share a beautiful walk with a loved one. For me it's usually my husband. Walking is our main hobby.


the reflection is so pretty, so very special!! 3+ miles, that some walk...how wonderful that you can do that!!


What a beautiful walk Sallie with your daughter, great-daughter and the dogs (big ones !). Here the weather is like in Oregon and the colors too. One of the best moment of the year.

Joe Todd

Great post and photos as always. Have had some health issues. Linda had a stroke about 10 days ago and still in hosp. There is a possibility she will get to come home next week if all goes well. She seems to be doing really well just feeling pretty weak. One minute she was fine and the next minute she was having a stroke... just out of the blue. Say a few prayers for her if you would..Thanks Joe Todd


I think a walk like that is so good for the soul.... beautiful scenery Sallie.... Michelle


Hello! Beautiful autumn photos. Have a great week ahead!

NatureFootstep photography

so wonderful to walk with your family at a place like this. Looks like a wonderful day.

My day today is grey and boring but there is much needed raing coming down so I have time to go through all images from my trip :)


Nothing better than a walk in nature with your loved ones. Nice pic of the front.


It looks so much like a duck, and I can see the youngun on the back. There is nothing like a walk in Autumn weather against October's backdrop


Sounds wonderful and glad you're getting some color. It's impressive you can tell a water bird from a duck. I bet the pups had a riot in that probably not too warm water. You got some colorful leaves and don't you love the washed out wispy look of the tall grasses you see on trails?

Peter B

Multi-generation walk... very cool!!


I agree with you. Perfect combination of family and exercise.

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: Sorry not to have dropped by too frequently recently. We are on vacation in Slovenia and Croatia and birding all day, often arriving back to our base pretty late, and the WIFI has been intermittent too. Another week and it's back home and back to normal. Continue to enjoy October!


What a nice walk in a beautiful landscape and cheerful company !

Clair Zarges

As always, Sallie, your posts give pleasure while stirring up memories for me. Beautiful photos, and how nice that you get to spend some time with your daughter (and the dogs!). This reminds me of Tower Hill Pond in our old town back in New Hampshire, where we walked and rode bikes many a time. No ponds here in the desert!


Hello, Sallie, beautiful photos and views of the pond. It is a great place to walk the dogs and see the ducks. Great sightings of the Western Grebe and the Pied-billed Grebe. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


aaah fresh air and good company---great combination.


Fall is looking wonderful in your corner of the world .


It is so wonderful to see the babies on the parents' backs!


Hi Sallie-
Happy Saturday/Sunday to you!
I totally enjoyed your post.
Why wouldn't I, eh? You had photos of dogs, beautiful fall foliage, lake and all kinds of neat stuff. We are patiently waiting the arrival of Fall temperatures here. Still in the 90s this weekend :)
Beautiful photos. All of them!
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I love to go on walks...long, beautiful walks in Autumn. And our foliage, birds, along with plenty of sunshine and good company makes for a real pleasant time had by all.

Once again, thanks so much for joining us birders and sharing your photos this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'!!


Water, mountain, trees, birds..
All in one.
What else to ask for more?

A rabbit hole is there!


Patrick Tillett

It looks like a beautiful place for a stroll. It's always nice to have good company with you. I'm sure the pups loved it also.
Really nice photos Sallie!


Wonderful walk and photos - and yes, indeed, I can see some of the baby grebes on their parents' back. Such a nice tradition to walk this pond with you daughter and now your granddaughter as well, layering this tradition with three generations of family and memories.

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