November 07, 2017


Jesh StG

Great to have a family working together to make things work! Appreciate you sharing this Season of your family with us, Sally:)

ellen b

A wonderful shot with the family. Wow! It' time for you to head to the southeast again. Time flies. That's nice that you could enjoy an early Thanksgiving meal together. We are going to have an early one in Eastern Washington, too. Happy trails to you as you hit the road.


Beautiful family photo. Safe and happy travels to Florida!!

William Kendall

The fall colours are a cheerful sight.


What a great family photo and it's so nice that so many of your family could be together in one place at the same time. Florida awaits one of its nicer citizens. And did you see the Dems took two governorships today? Yea! Maybe there is some hope to be had.

A ShutterBug Explores

Lovely autumn photo and loving family photo too ~

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka ( A Creative Harbor)

Terri@Coloring Outside the Lines

I am jealous of your awesome fall colors. Here the tree leaves are just saying the heck with it and dropping off dead. The heat is ridiculous for November!


Great photo of the family get-together,Enjoy your mid season break and as we say out here - take care on the roads!


That’s a great family photo Sallie, a very pretty collage. Clever grandson!

Lady Fi

Lovely shot of family and fall. Hope you have a wonderful adventure! Enjoy.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Lovely family picture. Enjoy winter in your wonderland.


Lovely family photo. Have a wonderful trip to Florida-I wonder what your "adventure" will be :).


Great family shot. Drive safe - we're waiting for you in Florida. The weather is wonderful.

Bob Bushell

A lovely pasttime, a family picture, beautiful.


Beautiful. Have a good time with family.

Life Images by Jill

enjoy your winter holiday in Florida!


What a wonderful family photo! Safe travels!


Sounds so exciting can't wait to see where you're headed...
And a wonderful family snapshot!


Love to see that you took lots of pictures. Usually at our family gatherings they all grown about getting pictures taken. I still take them, so that one day we have all the memories to look back upon. Have fun in Florida!

David Gascoigne

Nice family get together, Sallie, memorialized in this photograph. Enjoy your travels. I'll look forward to reconnecting when you are back to blogging.


what a nice looking family!!! beautiful fall images as well, we will be in north carolina for thanksgiving, with youngest son mike!!!! i am just a tad excited....and no real cooking!!!

bill burke

That's a fantastic family photo. Enjoy your adventure and have lots of fun.


I just love family photos! It is really nice to see yours!


Great times - family get-togethers around the holidays are something I look forward to when we can arrange them.


Have a wonderful trip and be safe traveling.

Hildred Finch

Lovely colours and a great photo. Winter surprised us overnight last week, before the garden was properly bedded down. Scrambling to catch up!! Hope you have a wonderful adventure..

Stewart M

Have a great trip and I'll I'll look forward to the pictures to come!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Hootin' Anni

Family get-togethers are always blessed!!! Have safe travels Sallie.


Sad to leave such a lovely family but good to be going on another adventure and back to warmer weather.

nancy chan

Beautiful family photo and beautiful autumn colours!


Beautiful pics, good luck on your journey!


What a great family photo (and clever grandson). It's nice that you were able to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with them and now, safe travel as you wend your way down.

Cherop Joy

Great family photo and the Fall colours are glorious.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Good family shot.


Hello, beautiful family photo. I hope you have this one framed.
Have a great trip and safe travels to Florida. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


Wonderful that your family was able to get together. Thanks for linking up!


Thank you, Sallie, for this beautiful family shot. I hope we'll follow your new adventure. Have a nice time. Amitiés.

Peter B

A wonderful family portrait, and beautiful fall colors. Safe travels to Florida!

Photo Cache

Lovely family!

Worth a Thousand Words


Nice to see some happy smiles :-)

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

ah, so you are going back to Florida again. I hopw everthing is "back to normal" down there.


Sallie - enjoy your holidays and the warmth of southern climes. Look forward to re-connecting in December.

Linja in Virginia

Safe travels! It's nice that you will avoid the cold weather.


All seasons seem to vanish so quickly. Lovely family shot...beautiful blue skies and golden foliage. Wishing you happy travel back to Florida sunshine Sallie.

handmade by amalia

What a lovely family you have. Safe journey!


You really have such a wonderful life! Love the picture. Have fun on your travels!

Patrick Tillett

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Happy travelling.
And meet many Alices on your way.
Do jump down rabbit holes if possible.
Don't hesitate.



Wonderful family photos, Sallie! It seems the seasons are rushing by. Have a safe journey back to Florida and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Wonderful family shot and I love the montage of the trees and beautiful sky. Happy Thanksgiving!


What a lovely family photo... and gorgeous autumn colours too! Happy Thanksgiving.


Just checking in on you. Hope you are having a ball on your trip back to Florida. Looking forward to reading about your latest adventure.


Too bad we only have one life to live at a time. I was raised by the ocean and settled in the mountains. Next time maybe I'll do it the other way around! Nice family photo!


What a lovely family picture. Actually such timer camera are now on everything, including in all our cell phones :-). Can't wait to read about your adventure and see pictures.

How I also wish I could be in many places at the same time. Or at least the places were close by.


So you move to Florida again if I understand well. I am leaving for Egypt tomorrow and thought it was a long time I hadn't heard from you !


Sallie - what a wonderful photo of your smiling family! Safe travels back to FL. CO is very dry. I hear the Pacific Northwest has been getting all the snow!

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