February 25, 2018


Kelleyn Rothaermel

incredible photos! Thanks for sharing!


This is a fantastic post, Sallie! Your photos are so good and you've shown us so many fascinating people and places - and I will never get the chance to go on such a journey so I'm especially appreciative that you've taken the time and trouble to show us the beauty you experienced in this city. And you final photo is perfect! Gracias muchas!

BTW, we have a granddaughter and her several children living in Bogota. I think that's scary as hell, but they seem to be fine with it and are enjoying their time there very much.

William Kendall

Beautiful shots! The city certainly is impressive.


That looks like a beautiful city - your series on this cruise make me really want to do it.

Su-sieee! Mac

1602, wow! The buildings and windy streets are what I imagine old Spain/Portugal to look like. I understand now why producers of a movie we saw a while back were able to recreate South American city scenes in Portugal. You're so right, Sallie, a one day adventure in a new place is better than none at all. That fortress looks almost as long as the cruise ship. :-)


It looks so clean and neat there...And 80 yr round perfect weather! And I agree one day is better than no day! What a fantastic cruise you had!


What an interesting day! It looks lovely and you had perfect weather too.

Lady Fi

The old city centre is a gem! And what a lovely sunset.


It never ceases to amaze me when McDonald's gets so much attention in other countries ... I guess what is normal to us is someone else's novelty? I am glad you chose to focus on the architecture and the people - and then share your documentary with us! Have a great week!

ellen b

How very nice that it was a safe place to visit. The architecture is interesting. Glad you got some good walks in with different air to breathe. Beautiful end to your day!


What a wonderful day. The city remimded me of Malta!
(I woke upto snow and the promise of at least a week of sub zero temperatures and more snow!) Enjoy the week.

Stewart M

Great set of shots - and I really like that last sunset shot.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

What an amazing experience!
The Clock Tower is beautiful!
Have a great week!

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, what a wonderful tour of the city. I am glad to hear it is safe for the tourist, I do no think the cruise ships would stop there if the place was not safe. The double-decker bus was a nice way to tour the city and see the sights. Great photos. I hope you have a great day and a happy new week ahead!

Clair Zarges

I love traveling with you!


Thanks for another great tour and I do love a sunset at the end.


i would be a little nervous too, i'm glad it was a good trip and the street vendors were not too pushy. looks like a really beautiful, well kept area. and you are right, one day is better than no days!! and what a way to end the day, gorgeous!!!

Cathy Keller

Amazing photos! Thank you for the grand tour! Wishing you well!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great clock tower.

Penelope Puddlisms

It’s always great to hear of troubled regions becoming more safe and tourist friendly. Funny how they sometimes slip off our radar when that happens. It also must be nice to wander through lovely old buildings with grand but also dubious histories set in beautiful seaside places. Seeing the McD sign would be a bit jarring though!


Great photos and what a fascinating place to visit with that mixture of very old and modern. I think local populations learnt very quickly the benefits of watching out for tour ships and all the people on them.

jesh StG

Wow - you're getting around Sallie! Am glad you took courage, so we at All Seasons could see it too! This looks like the perfect spot for tourists. Plenty to see and a lot of street vendors (who even pose for you - she's so cute!) Thanking you from All Seasons - Jesh:)

bill burke

What beautiful photos. It looks like you really enjoyed your time there.

Lavender Dreamer

I'm glad you were brave and got out to experience the city! It's so different and has it's own beauty! I would have loved to hop on and off with you...or at least tried to keep up! Hugs!


Looks like a wonderfully full day of exploring. I sure like the idea of living where it's always 80°.

Linja in Virginia

Wow! Looks like a great visit.


You were so right to take a sightseeing bus ! I always do it when I don't know a city and hop off when it looks interesting. Beautiful pictures nice memories !!

Craft Candidate - Kahden talon väkeä

What a wonderful way of traveling. :) Wish I could be there, too!


I think out of all the photos I like the houses the best, they are so different to what we have here.


You were lucky to go there as I have heard that Columbia has got rid of the drug barons running the country and so things have improved. Its good to see you are still able to travel.

A ShutterBug Explores

What a beautiful and colorful place and another great adventure for you! Great photo presentation too!
(glad you didn't stop at McDonalds ~ LOL)

Happy Week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


...Sallie, such a colorful and exciting adventure! Thanks for sharing, please stop again.

Bob Bushell

Fantastic journey Sallie.


That was so educational. I knew of Cartagena through birding friends who have been there, but not that the Spanish had to build a wall to keep out invaders. - Shades of modern America?

So glad that you didn't include a pic of the local McDonalds. We've had a crisis over here when for days KFC had a shortage of chicken and had to close some shops. The world almost came to an end for some.

Photo Cache

So exciting. I've been wanting to take this cruise route.

Worth a Thousand Words


My daughter-in-law is Colombian. She and my son were married on San Andres Island. We've talked about going vacationing in Cartagena...your photos are amazing and making me think even more of going here.


Your photos tell a wonderful story of the old city, Sallie. I love the pic of the vendor balancing fruit on her head. I don't think I'll try that!


Cartagena looks so beautiful and reminds me a lot of Old San Juan (Puerto Rico). I know I will feel right at home if I visit. I do not get the McDonalds thing. Crazy!


I see lots of boats and water but no swimming beach or fishing. That water looks pretty rough and choppy though. It's such a hopeful thing to see a prospering town with buildings being restored and new businesses starting.
Great photos, I'm glad you had a safe and interesting time. That is one serious looking ship.


What a beautiful city! Theold clock tower is particularly lovely

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

Interesting. Did look up the map and realised I have probably landed in Colombia for a change of aircraft. But at night so I did not see anything. Your trip seem so interesting. So much to see and enjoy.


Leave it to children and grandchildren to propel us forward into areas we might not otherwise visit. Wonderful. I've been intrigued by Cartegena ever since seeing the movie, Romancing the Stone. haha Your photos, however, bring me beyond cinema intrigue to a true desire to visit this city some day. Your photos are beautiful, Sallie, and oh that sunset.


I would love to do this Panama canal cruise one day, Sallie. We enjoy taking "hop on and hop off" buses in many cities we've visited--they are a good way to get an overview of the place and to get off and explore the areas that hold the most interest.


As soon as I read Cartagena, and saw the old fort, I remembered the 80s movie Romancing the Stone that took place there. Looks like you had a wonderful time exploring. What fun to read about your experience there.

nancy chan

I enjoyed your photos from your wonderful trip and cruise! I am looking forward to our cruise soon!

Kelleyn Rothaermel

Look at all the wonderful things you discovered. Have a lovely week. Can't wait to see what next week brings.


I love seeing the photos of your travels. Keep them coming!!

Peter B.

Looks like an amazing city and such a rich history. Thanks for taking us along!!


Wow, what a nice looking place. I am glad Colombia is healing from the time they had during the drug lord and rebel times.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Brilliant photos.

Joe Todd

Wow what a great trip.. Just had cataract surgery on left eye.. Right eye in a few weeks I hope

David Gascoigne

A few years ago Miriam and I went on a birding tour in Colombia, into areas where people thought we were crazy to go (and they were probably right!)and a couple of people joined our group, having been to Cartagena first. They commented that it was like two worlds. Our journey was gruelling at times, but we saw many amazing birds, some not found anywhere else on earth. Maybe one day I will go to Cartagena and just be a tourist. But I doubt it - my daughter always says that if her dad doesn't see a bird for an hour he gets the shakes!


So colorful! And the same route that Sir Francis Drake traveled -- I'm impressed. The sunset looks like the perfect ending to a fantastic day!

Sharon Wagner

Thanks for the tour of the city. I haven't stepped foot into any South American countries yet. Someday! Glad you were able to skip McDonald's. Although, we did eat there once while in Guatemala. Sometimes it hits the spot.

Patrick Tillett

Thanks so much for the great photo-tour! I love historical places so much. I would love to go there someday.

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