March 25, 2018


Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Have a wonderful week!


I love these pictures. Such a beautiful spot. And unimaginable to me just now!


Those are beautiful, on our trip to Hawaii a few years ago one of the tours stopped at an orchid garden and it was amazing. We didn't buy anything but I took lots of pics and was amazed that the pics were free.

Su-sieee! Mac

Mmmmmmmm, I'm imagining myself being surrounded by such exciting colors. Until I saw orchids flourishing in gardens, I thought they were rather stuck-up, diva flowers. Then the Mama showed me that they could grow in the house, unattended, even ignored, as long as they sat in their sweet spot by the window.

Jutta Kupke

That´s spring !
So wondefull blossoms, i like all.
Visiting from MakroMonday2


Hi Sallie! I'm impressed with your photography! It's of professional quality. And this would be a delightful place to visit. Thanks for sharing. I think you've got several to frame and hang in your Florida digs. :)

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

wonderful to see your shots. Looking out the window it was snowing again. Not much, but still.. :(


Your photos are absolutely gorgeous !!

Lavender Dreamer

WOW! How gorgeous is that! I've heard of this place and it definitely has beautiful flowers! We had a little rain shower this past week and everything is blooming like crazy here now! Hugs!

Cathy Keller

The photos are just exquisite! This is an amazing post!! Indeed, it is a happy place!

William Kendall

Beautiful flowers!


Tropical flowers are so bright - absolutely eye-popping! I can't quite get over it as I look at my window at brown grass that is still matted from three feet of snow (and half the yard is still under that snow). Orchids are so fun to photograph - an unending variety, and a tease for the imagination. Thanks for sharing some color with those of us with less than a toe into Spring!

Angela Grasse



beautiful orchids!

jesh StG

Whoa, you're making All Seasons a happy and a gorgeous place with orchids - my second favorite flower! (Roses are on top of my list).
You have a sensitive eye, Sallie, it is actually harder to stay motivated to paint than when it's a 100 degr. outside! But on the other hand, there's not much to do when snow keeps falling and you can't go down that steep hill to go to the stores, lol! Thank you for sharing this beauty with All Seasons, Sally and have a gorgeous week!


Stunning photos-and the variety of orchids is amazing. I looked at their web site too.


Thanks for sharing Sallie. Happy Mosaic Monday


Kay L. Davies

How wonderful, Sallie, especially the orchid with the "butterfly" in it! The waterfalls into the goldfish pond might make a tourist feel cooler...or I could be wrong!
A very enjoyable post with all these lovely photos.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


I'm in love - fantastic post!


Beautiful flowers - but then I think orchids are always beautiful!

Sharon Wagner

I love orchids. Mine are a little behind, so I bought a new one. Now, I have 4. Your photos are so pretty!


Those are such beautiful flowers. March blooms are a strange concept at my elevation!

Jennifer Jilks

Aren't they amazing?!

Lady Fi

Such beautiful shots - they have made me happy too! Waking up to minus 11 C!!

nancy chan

I like your flowers mosaics and orchids! It would be my happy place too!

Bob Bushell

Oh so pretty, I love flowers, thanks Sallie.


Our daughter brought us an orchid a few weeks ago. Us, the original plant killers. Some people have green fingers but we do not. Under strict instructions we have done our best but sad to say the poor thing is not well. Wish us luck as persevere and try our best to achieve something like your photos.


Hi Sallie,
I think I'd be very happy there too, what stunning orchids they are fabulous, thanks for providing such a gorgeous splash of colour on a grey day in Normandy.

ellen b

You captured the "happy" in this place well. Orchids are amazing in all their closeup details. Thanks for zooming in. If I had a dollar for every photo I've taken. LOL. Hope your Easter week is going well.

Linda Brown

The sign works for me also! The South IS a happy place so full of warmth and color!

bill burke

Such beauty in the flowers. Really nice to see this time of year. Thank you!


Beautiful orchids and such stunning tropical blooms! I enjoyed the tropical flowers when in Tucson (and the cactus blossoms) but so missed the other flowers as well.


what a great place for a wedding!! the orchids are gorgeous...they are such an interesting flower, deep down inside. i really enjoyed all the details!!!

and that sign, well, it's perfect!!

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh so beautiful ~ all those lovely macro shots of gorgeous flowers!

Happy Days to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


A perfect idea to visit a nursery to just enjoy all of someone else's work. Plus your orchid flowers are superb. I'm not a planter but do enjoy looking.


It looks a beautiful garden. The orchids are fabulous. Singapore has fabulous gardens and orchids too.

David Gascoigne

My goodness, Sallie, I think you have a whole new career as a photographer ahead of you. These images are delightful with a real artistic flair. I expect you will be selling limited edition prints soon and having autograph sessions in coffeee shops and bistros. Better dig out your Bohemian wardrobe from days gone by.

Photo Cache

The tropical blooms are incredible too!

Worth a Thousand Words


Wonderful, Sallie ! I have 4 orchids in my home and two of them are blooming now. They are old and faithful and it's always a big joy to see their flowers again every years.


Those orchids absolutely send me! I think I'll buy one today.They are so hardy and affordable, yet look rare and exotic.


What gorgeous orchids! We are in the middle of Texas wildflower season and that is lovely too.


I was walking through the florist section of the grocery store tonight and had to stop and breathe deeply! Spring flowers are so welcome after a desolate winter.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful blooms

riitta k

Your macro shots of Phalaenopsis orchids are brilliant and the yellows & oranges give so much energy! Wishing you a Happy Easter!


I like your close-up flower pictures. I don't usually care about flowers as much as some do, but I do really like the close-ups for some reason. Seeing the tiny details is so interesting.


So glad you shared these amazing orchids with us! A very happy place indeed!


Hello Sallie, a beautiful spring post. Your orchid photos are beautiful. It is a happy place, I like the sign. Gorgeous flowers and images. Our daffies are just starting to pop out of the ground, spring is slow to arrive here. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day! Happy Easter to you and yours.

Patrick Tillett

Gorgeous photos Sallie! It looks like a wonderful place to visit.

betty - NZ

Orchids are such an unusual type of flower and I love seeing them. Thanks for all the pretty pictures!


Gorgeous blossoms! I am so ready for spring. Thank you for linking up today and have a great weekend!


Hello Sallie!:) Gorgeous images, and a breathtaking array of beautiful orchids. The colour and variety is delightful. I love the way you showed the centre of each one too. I'm so glad you shared them, and it certainly made me happy to see their beauty. That little waterfall is so pretty.:)

Peter B.

Wow, gorgeous orchid shots!! Great photos, and thanks for sharing them.


The purple bloom in the second photo is my favorite -- though every photo is lovely. I enjoy going to beautiful nurseries, especially in the spring, to photograph flowers. I've never been told to stop -- at least so far!

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA

What wonderful orchid images. I know how you feel about being grateful they don't charge for photos. We'd go broke! Enjoy your beautiful climate, you lucky person.


Lovely, we have people here in NZ who breed the orchids, lately I've seen the vibrant purple ones being sold at my work.


Awesome Orchids, Sallie.
They require a knack which I don't think I have :)
Have a Happy Easter WE!
Peace :)

John in UK

I have just discovered your blog, great photos and interesting posts. Looking forward to reading more of your travels.
Many thanks.

Michelle Banks

Oh warmth and flowers....it snowed a bit here....Michelle


Hi Sallie-
The Coy Pond is absolutely lovely.
Great snaps!
Have a Happy WE!!
Peace :)


I can see why that would be anyone's happy place although my mother doesn't like a local all year round garden for some reason. I think it has to do with the price of admission and clipping you for extras so yeah, you are lucky they don't charge for photography, haha.
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