July 15, 2018



What a pity that no-one has yet found a way of sending smells down the net!!! I can imagine how lovely that lavender would really smell - and the berries look fantastic also. btw I would love to swap some of that heat you are having for our morning frosts right now!


What a great week to be picking your own fruit, (or having someone kindly do it for you!) and flowers, the market and the Lavender festival sound like places I would love to wander around.
Happy Mosaic Monday.

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, I love the sunflowers. The market place looks nice, blueberries are yummy. The lavender is pretty too. Gorgeous view of the mountains. You are warmer there than here in Maryland, we are in the 80's. Enjoy your day and new week!

a jar full of marigolds

My grandson has been picking blueberries every day. He's so cute. Eugene looks beautiful. I miss my time living on the west coast but here in New England it's very beautiful also.

Forest Dream Weaver

That fruit and veg looks amazing. Visiting the lavender fields must be quite a heady experience. Summer perfumes are so beautiful - catch them while you can! Lovely post ... thank you Sallie, have a great week! Ruby

Lavender Dreamer

Oh, you know I would have loved going to the lavender fields with you...I've never been to one either! That 'restroom' is so cute! I've never seen anything like it. And it's hot here as you know...day AND night! But we've had enough rain to keep things nice and we took a Sunday drive yesterday so that was nice. Enjoy your week!


Oh how I miss all those PNW berries. Lucky you to avoid the picking and reap the reward. The lavender fields are breathtaking, as I suppose too was the aroma. Great way to beat the heat.


How fortunate your daughter is to have prolific blueberry bushes! How lucky you are that she shared so much of those berries with you. I'd make a blueberry pie is I were as lucky--lol

You are also fortunate to live within walking distance of a wonderful market, Sallie. I know you are enjoying your summertime in Oregon!


Beautiful mosiacs, luv the lavender mosaic best. Happy Monday

much love...

jesh StG

Oh only to smell lavender walking past that field, would already have been worth it to me! Love your capture of the phone booth - restroom:) Beautiful sunflowers, Sally - thank you for sharing these summer events with All Seasons!
Here it's the same - in the nineties (on the mountain, but in Sacramento it's even round a 100 - so thankful for air conditioning! Have a lovely week, Friend!


Hi Sallie. Strange as that may seem, we've had hot weather here in Lancashire 8 weeks or so, and I feel your pain. Luckily it is berry season too with tons of strawberries, cherries, blueberries and fruit like nectarines. A fabulous time of year. Glad you got my joke about avocets.

Bob Bushell

Wonderful images, and I do love the organics.

William Kendall

The mountains are magnificent!


Freshly picked blueberries must have been delicious. Lovely photos of the produce. Mmm I can smell the lavender.


Great trip out and how I would love to pick my own blueberries, my favorite berry. Loved the sunflower photo. Beautiful scenery, fantastic farmers market too. I love to browse around those places. Being around those lavender fields, the aroma must have been divine.


Love the market goods yum! Oregon is so beautiful there is no better place to live so much awesome beauty just a couple miles drive away.


I love those mountains (as I'm sure you'd guess)!

Jill Foley

It's been so hot up here near Portland as well! My girls and I are going blueberry picking this week! We played at the Hood River farmer's market on Saturday and received a LOT of cherries from different vendors!


I love a good farmer's market that is really a farmer's market - I find a lot of them sell everything but produce!!! Our last visit we bought some rhubarb that has become two lovely pies. How fortunate you are to have access to those six prolific blueberry bushes - one of my favorite fruits!!! It has been hot here too, but with low humidity it is very pleasant in the shade, especially with a soft breeze! Enjoy your week!

Lady Fi

Wonderful scenery and berries! They are out here in full force too - but far fewer of them as it has been hotter than the Med and no rain for weeks, which means a very poor harvest this year.


That looked a nice day out. The lavender is beautiful.


Dearest Sallie; What a colorful post; Starting with gorgeous sunflower's yellow,varieties of sweet looking berries with different colors and the best part of lavender's purple♫♫♫
I haven't seen nor had an idea there are so many different berries and made me wish to try ones I haven' before p-;) You ARE a lucky mother♧♧♧
U-Pick field must be the one I would LOVE to go and try beside enjoying the marvelous lavender field.
The last picture of Three Sisters with the lava field and trees truly caught my eyes; happy for your Great Weekend Dear friend ♡♡♡
Oh. Summer heat in Japan now is kind of dangerous level... (^^;)
Lots of Love and Hugsfrom Japan, Miyako

riitta k

Lavender Festival sounds a great idea! Your berries collage looks so delicious. This is such a happy harvesting time! We have had it nearly as hot here which is quite exceptional - 30C and full sun. Couldn't get any better :)

Cathy Keller

Really lovely photos! I especially like the ones of the mountain peaks! Wishing you well!

MaryBeth Schwartz

Glad you had a good week end. Yes it is hot here but today is overcase and cool---finally! A great state you live in


I've been thinking of planting some Lavender this year!

jesh StG

Thank you Sallie for your comment about making up a name for a mountain feature or indentation. You are one of the few who have traveled extensively through the USA - isn't it great to have been at so many places, so you know what you choose for?
Here, it's hot too at the moment - so, stay cool this week:):)

Linda Brown

Sometimes I think I would like to be an urban dweller, but then I look around and think maybe not. But who knows, only time will tell. I enjoyed your posts!

Amy Franks

I love how nature finds something to grow somewhere difficult, maybe the lava is rich in certain minerals?

Tamar A Strauss-Benjamin

Nothing better than Oregon in the summer!

A ShutterBug Explores

Lovely lavender ~ love it ~ growing in my landscape too! Wonderful mountain photos!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


I've never lived where lavender is grown or celebrated with a festival. Must be heaven with that fragrance!

Alan Bates

A lavender field is on my bucket list and the opportunity to walk around in a pick your own would be great. I love the color and the aroma.


The fruit and flowers are lovely. The superman/outhouse is a riot. Maybe an art installation. Are they selling something? I'd love to visit a lavender farm. I can't seem to grow it here.

MaryBeth Schwartz

A wonderful time of year in the PNW> Lavender is so beautiful. The Sequim Lavender Festival is going on now.


When it's hot i also like to go to the market on Sunday mornings just for a little walk, in the afternoon I stay in our garden under the pergola where it is nice and cool. Beautiful landscapes again !

Magical Mystical Teacher

I'm inspired by those mighty mountain peaks!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.

Peter B.

I would definitely be going to that market every week. It looks awesome! Love the shot of the Three Sisters.

David Gascoigne

All of that fruit looks so delicious, Sallie. I enjoy cooking and I think that it makes everything better when you take the time to go and choose your produce. Apart from cooking good, fresh fruit is of course really important to a good diet, especially as we get older. This time of the year local markets are among my favourite places to visit.

nancy chan

Gorgeous sunflowers and lovely blue sky!

Life Images by Jill

Your sunflowers at the beginning of your post are lovely, and the lavender fields - they remind me of lavender fields we went to in France years ago. I love farmer's markets with fresh produce. Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

Michelle Banks

Lovely post Sallie...The berries look so good as all the nature does...I have the news on.. sigh.. Michelle


I was out at a local market yesterday and stocked up on blueberries. One of my favourites :)


...all the colors of summer at the market are a feast for the eyes and snow capped mountains cooled me off a bit. Thanks.😀


awww, the lavender fields are really beautiful!! one thing i love about summer are all the festivals and farm markets...and all the fresh produce!!!

are you making a blueberry pie??!!


Such wonderful looking places. If heat didn't get to me so easily I'd visit places like that any day.

Stewart M

I'm sitting here after a Sunday dinner - I think I could find space for some of that fruit (just!)

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

David Gascoigne

I am going to reveal my ignorance of Oregon history and geography here but are those lava fields the result of one of the sisters being an active volcano in recent memory? Mount St. Helens in Washington is etched in our memories, of course. As for the trees growing there I would imagine that lichen established itself and started fixing nitrogen and a few wind blown seeds from conifers landed in crevices able to support growth - and the result is what you see.


That is an amazing thing about the trees growing and the fact there is such a thing as lava fields, that is so cool. I suppose not so much if you've seen lava balls flying past your face in which case I can see where you'd be anti lava.
I'm getting mixed messages from the Superman Supergirl (still girl is it?) changing station. I think it's the British phone booth throwing me off.


Sure, a beautiful trip. Lavenders grow here in fields like the one you showed. Every year Chinese tourists come to the plateau of Valensole to take pictures, buy products and sometimes to marry. I love lavender fragance. It's peaceful and make me thing to clean house and linen.


I hope things have cooled down since this post and the fires aren't affecting you too much. Just wanted to add I love those sunflowers and went to a makeshift Sunflower Days yesterday and even though it was Day 1, the petals looked kind of wilted.

Patrick Tillett

As soon as I'm done here, I'm going to go find some berries! Thank you for that. Yum! I never really thought of Eugene being urban. It seems like a small town to me.


Beautiful scenery and I'm salivating after looking at the gorgeous fresh produce.

Joe Todd

Can't beat a good farmers market. Love your travels

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