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August 12, 2018


Amy Franks

Hydrangeas are one of my favourites, it'll be nice when ours are blooming here.

Su-sieee! Mac

Rose of Sharon! I'd love to have that growing in our yard. I like how the colors pop in your flower collage, Sallie. If we ever were to be city dwellers again, I'd want to live in a city like Eugene.


Your downtown looks so colourful. I rather like the fishy mural. Not to sure about a piano that anyone can have a go at - not too many musicians around here but lots who might think they are! Enjoy your camping trip Sallies, and no, I can't blog from a tablet either.


Beautiful flower photos, Sallie! I like when communities welcome all people and also work together to beautify an area.
Denver also has painted pianos out for all to play on their pedestrian mall on 16th Street. It's nice to hear them being played.
Enjoy your camping trip!


Have a nice Mosaic Monday

much love...

Bob Bushell

Crazy artists at beautiful painting, I love it.


Very interesting places to walk and the flowers are beautiful - especially the white hydrangeas - enjoy your camping trip!


Morning Sallie, not sure why but most of your photos aren't showing for me, I can see the piano painting mosaic though, what a fun thing to do.
Happy Mosaic Monday, have a great trip!

Penelope Puddlisms

Camping sounds like fun, Sallie … although I’ve been wishing for rain, I hope it holds off for you where you’re going. The painted piano is quite a showpiece. I love hearing outdoor music when I’m out and about. A good melodic tune brings something wonderful to the atmosphere. Also like the signage but it's a little odd we have to spell out the welcomes nowadays because it’s in doubt.

Lavender Dreamer

The murals are just beautiful and I love that bright blue sky! Beauty everywhere you look! We had some rain overnight so everything is so clean and fresh this morning...and the grass so green! Hugs from Florida!


I love that the city is having artists paint murals. It really does "beautify" the city and provides an interesting backdrop for everyday life. Lovely collection of flowers too!

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie! Beautiful flowers. I love hydrangeas. The murals are great, I like the piano. It looks like a colorful and pretty place to visit. Enjoy your day and new week ahead! PS, thanks for visiting my blog.


Your family gardeners have done a wonderful job! Beautiful blooms. I love murals. I think it takes a special talent. Have a fun filled week!

Tamar A Strauss-Benjamin

Such a cool mural!

A ShutterBug Explores

Colorful and creative photos! Beautiful florals!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Forest Dream Weaver

I love the mural, it goes so perfectly with the dazzling blue sky.
The lacy white hydrangea is lovely. Enjoy the camping Sallie...Happy Mosaic Monday!


Your family has grown some beautiful flowers. I love hydrangeas, too, and they last so long in the garden. The mural is interesting and brightly coloured. I hope you're enjoying your camping trip. There's not much chance of rain!


Beautiful family flowers. At my son's wedding in June, the aisle was decorated with white hydrangeas and i have a couple of them still in pots. Will plant them in the garden soon and pray they don't die on me. I think that sign is one we should all display. Your town looks full of character and colour. Enjoy your camping trip.


A fun post with the flowers, murals, and public piano. You are making me want to move there.


Love the painted piano! Many thanks for linking to All Seasons -sorry the link didn't pan out - if you like you can try again! You mentioned you were both in education fields? Oh, that is why we have so much in common! Once you love learning, you never lose that!
Thank you so much for your concern about the fires. After my post last week, some bloggers told me about the South Calif. fires I didn't even know about! You could say "California is burning" - hopefully they won't last too long. Last night I saw for the first time in two weeks a blue patch of sky (without smoke) - so excite, I took a pic:)
Have a marvelous week, Sallie!

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

Love the flowers you share. And it is great to be able to work with those family brought up :)

Cool murals!

Btw. I think you take better shots then you give yourself credit for :) You know how to chose best angle and light :)

Photo Cache

I love the mural. Happy camping!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

This is great.


It looks like a beautiful summer.

Lady Fi

Wonderful flowers and murals - and I just love that sign!

Linda in Virginia

Excellent images! We have the neighbors signs here in Virginia too.

nancy chan

Beautiful flowers always brighten up my day! My hydrangeas died due to the extremely hot weather and lack of care. I like the painting on the piano!

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